You Can’t Fix Stupid – But, God Can

The evidence of impending doom increases every day. Every week, something unexpected hits the headlines, adding stress to an already over-stressed financial system. Soon, one of those headlines will be the last straw for the poor camel.

China devalued their Yuan. Freight transportation indexes have collapsed. Idiots in the EPA ‘accidentally’ released a mountain of poison into the Animas River. Syria has continued to collapse, and Islam rises in the West. And, as if that wasn’t enough, we have racist idiots fouling the efforts of those of us trying to get the truth into your hands.

And the worst is yet to come.

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Egypt, Oil and the Future

If you understand the origins of Egypt’s current turmoil, then you should understand that millions upon millions of people in Egypt are going to die. There is no escape from this. None. Understand the reason why Egyptians are killing each other. They do not have enough to eat. Over half of their daily calorie intake is imported, and we are already seeing Egyptian children with stunted growth and stunted mental development. Both the quantity and the quality of the Egyptian diet has declined rapidly. Egyptian Peak Oil The reason for that decline should alarm us all, because Egypt is a … Click here to read the rest…


Until… oh, six months ago… I would have placed Islam at the top of the threat list. Now, I find myself debating about whether to put it up at all. And, that’s very, very interesting. Of course, they ARE a threat, and they are even something of an existential threat. But, they wouldn’t be a problem for us, were it not for the organizations that I spoke of before. Everything that is happening right now, has been engineered to happen, right now. And, the Muslims are NOT doing the engineering. In one sense, they are as much a victim as … Click here to read the rest…

The Enemy Is Among Us

I just finished Frank Gaffney’s 10 lesson series on how deeply the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the US government, and even I am shocked at how far they have gotten. They are everywhere in the US government and have complete access to the highest levels of power. They are the most incredible ‘Fifth Column‘ that I have ever seen. No enemy of the United States has ever had this degree of penetration. And, we have BOTH George Bush and Barack Obama to thank for this. And yes, they are deeply involved in BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties. Very deeply. … Click here to read the rest…

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