Egypt, Oil and the Future

If you understand the origins of Egypt’s current turmoil, then you should understand that millions upon millions of people in Egypt are going to die. There is no escape from this. None.

Understand the reason why Egyptians are killing each other. They do not have enough to eat. Over half of their daily calorie intake is imported, and we are already seeing Egyptian children with stunted growth and stunted mental development. Both the quantity and the quality of the Egyptian diet has declined rapidly.

Egyptian Peak Oil

The reason for that decline should alarm us all, because Egypt is a microcosm of a global problem – our problem. Egyptian oil production peaked in 1993. Twenty years later, two thirds of their oil reserves are gone and they are a net importer of both oil and natural gas. They have a trade deficit of between two and three billion dollars. They have cash reserves of almost 19 billion dollars, only because Persian Gulf nations started dumping money on them.

Part of the problem is corruption.

Part of the problem is food.

All of the problem is math.

Add it up. We have about 85.5 million Egyptians and insufficient resources. We have a corrupt government. We have a subversive element in society, the Muslim Brotherhood, that wants to take over the government.

All of that adds up to civil war.

But, there’s more math.

Notice that Egypt stopped exporting oil in 2009. Do you think that it is a coincidence that the Egyptian uprising happened two years later, in 2011? Or that Egypt is now an importer of natural gas?

The future for Egypt is civil war. There is no way to save Egypt from that. And, there is no escape for those Egyptians caught in the middle of it. However, those smart Egyptians who saw the ‘handwriting on the wall’ would have had a chance to escape.

Our Future

War and death are in your future for the same reasons that they are in the future of the Egyptians – too many people, too few resources, a corrupt government and a subversive element that wants to take over.

That’s the ‘handwriting on the wall’ for our civilization. Like the aforementioned ‘smart Egyptians’, you have a chance to escape if you read the ‘handwriting on the wall’.

Are you ready for this?