We often to see and hear things that don’t exist. Not always, and we usually catch such mistakes before they hurt us. But, WAY too often.

This ‘ability’ comes from the way God created us. And, we need this capacity to see patterns in the midst of chaos. Learning to speak, avoiding traffic accidents and reading body language are all a part of this God-given skill.

Unfortunately, when we want a certain thing to be true badly enough, we’ll distort our ability to see patterns into something closer to mental illness. It’s what our society is doing, and we call it apophenia.

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When Gog Comes And An Omega Shock Update

The past few weeks have been deeply disturbing, and my concern for the well-being of our brothers and sisters has grown. The danger that we are all in boggles the mind. It is almost incomprehensible. But, only almost.

That’s why I have redoubled my efforts to finish this book project, in the hope of explaining what the prophets have been warning about for more than two thousand years. When Gog comes, billions will die, and you do not want to be caught by that.

And, with all of my heart…

…I wish that I was wrong.

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Moving To A New Server

Hi Everyone, [EDIT: The move was successful, praise God. – JL] I’m shifting Omega Shock to a third server, starting in about 12 hours. I’m hoping to improve the uptime for the site, as well as protect it from the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that happen all too often. The site will go down a little after midnight, EST, and be back up again (LORD willing) a few hours later. Unfortunately, comments and email will be a problem as the new IP address propagates. Each and every one of you are important to me, and I don’t want … Click here to read the rest…

We Knew That This Was Coming (But, It’s Not All Bad)

The Left have finally done the one thing that they’ve wanted to do for years and years:

Shut down Christians.

This isn’t about Left vs. Right, Conservative vs Liberal. It’s about Christian vs Not-Christian. And, what the Left did over the previous weekend has laid bare all of their plans for those who follow Christ.

It’s also their very own ‘crossing the Rubicon’. They cried “the die has been cast” and went WAY past the point of no return. They have committed themselves to suppressing your ability to speak. And, they can’t reverse it.

The question is… what do we do about this?

(and yes, there are things that you can do)

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Technical Issues Resolved – I Think

Hi Everyone,

I missed my weekend deadline ‘cuz I was moving from one server to two. And, I’m not completely certain that everything transferred properly. Nor am I completely sure that I set all the settings properly. I will need to do some tests to make sure that everything works the way that it should.

One of these days, I’ll hafta write a book of lamentations over the trials and tribulations of web server management.

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