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Omega Shock!We have never faced bigger threats to our survival than we are facing right now. It has been five thousand years since we seen anything like the challenges that threaten our future. Any one of them would destroy us, and they are coming down upon us all at once, in one last big shock – an Omega Shock.

And, we are ignoring it.


The Rise And Fall Of The Parasites

The Second Industrial Revolution that began in 1870, brought the techniques and innovations of the past and married them to the steam power created by coal. Manufactured goods became cheaper. Transportation improved. Wealth increased. And, wherever there is wealth, there will be parasites to feed off of that wealth.

We sometimes call them ‘the elites’, but parasite is a better term.

Then came oil and the tractor. With this new innovation in agriculture, farmers didn’t need the extra manpower – which flooded into the cities where the factories were located. Wealth exploded, and it needed to secured and invested. And, this is where the great banks and investment houses took off.

The oil barons had the greatest wealth, and they were the driving force behind America’s banking system and stock exchanges. And, the parasites became more numerous, larger and voracious. But, there was so much wealth for everyone, that the average person didn’t notice the parasites.

Wealth created universities, scientific discoveries, literature, art and bigger government. And, there are few institutions that have more parasites than government. And, when government gets big enough, it goes to war. And, there are plenty of parasites in the Military Industrial Complex.

Again, no one noticed the parasites, since the average person was prosperous. Each generation was wealthier than the previous. But, there were cracks in the economic foundation. The world went off the gold standard in 1971 and replaced it with the petrodollar. Hot money blew up and burst one financial bubble after another, and then came 2008.

It was the big crash. And, the parasites knew that they were in trouble unless ‘someone’ did something. The banking system that most of the parasites had been feeding off of was about to collapse, so the blood suckers threw some of their own ‘under the bus’ and forced the government to step in and flood the system with cash. That flood hasn’t fixed the problem, and the parasites know it.

Collapse is coming, and the parasites know it – at least, some of them. That’s why the Deep State has come out into the open, fighting hard to defend their power. It’s why the banking system has supported ridiculously low interest rates. It’s why the military industrial complex has pushed harder and harder for more and more expensive weapons systems. The list of parasites is long, but when the collapse happens, a large number of those parasites will die – but not before they do their best to take you with them.

Don’t let the parasites take you down.


The Great Financial Collapse

We’ve held off ‘The Great Collapse’ by flooding the system with cheaper and cheaper money. And, by doing that, we’ve made the eventual demise of our financial system ever more catastrophic with each year that we keep it from happening. And we are now a the point where the dam that has been holding it all back is about to burst.

I thought that this dam would have burst a long time ago, but my timing has been off – by years. But, there is one man who is unequaled in his track record for timing financial markets.

That man is Martin Armstrong, and I knew about him back in the ’90s when I was in finance. He was right then, and he’s been continuously right for all the years that I’ve been writing Omega Shock. I thought that the markets would crash, while he said that they would go up. But now, there has been an ominous turn in his predictions.

The financial markets will be fine through 2021. And, he says that this crash will happen in 2022, and I was surprised at how bleak his view of the world has become. Life after the crash will be bad.

Part of the reason will be the parasites that have grown fat off of a corrupt government and financial system. Those parasites will do their best to grab as much money as they can from the average person, to keep their power and wealth. And, as they begin to fail in their attempt, the stronger parasites will throw the weaker bloodsuckers ‘under the bus’.

Eventually, the strongest of the elites – I mean, parasites – will survive to rule what is left. Unfortunately, for them and for us, this collapse will reveal something that has been hidden for more than a decade.

I call it Resource Collapse.


Natural Resource Collapse

The discovery of fossil fuels enabled us to harvest ever greater amounts of natural resources. This cornucopia revolutionized our civilization and ushered in a golden age of communication, education, art, travel, science and incredible technologies.

In fact, it went on for so long that we came to believe that this growth would go on forever. Each generation expected that the next would be bigger and better. We came to believe that any dream was possible.

But, we forgot that there were limits.

We have overshot those limits without realizing it, and history shows us that war is always the result. And, because this challenge is truly global, the wars that have already begun will also be truly global.

Every geologist knows that there are limits to the resources that we are harvesting. The only thing that we are arguing about is when we hit those limits. But, because the world is awash in cheap debt, the true cost of resource extraction has been hidden.

Eventually, the coming financial collapse will unveil this hidden problem, causing what could have been a minor problem into a civilization destroying catastrophe.

For a long time, we have been in ecstasy over the ‘Fracking Revolution’ – a technology invented in 1947 by Floyd Farris and Joseph Clark. And petroleum geologists have pushed off their prediction of Peak Oil to 2030 because fracking seems to have turned our predictions upside-down. Unfortunately, this proves that geologists are lousy accountants.

The problem is that fracking is so expensive that no one is actually making any money doing it. If you sat down and carefully combed through the balance sheets of those companies directly engaged in hydraulic fracturing, you would find that they were all losing money. And, the only reason why they are still in that business is due to cheap interest rates.

If interest rates were higher, fracking companies would no longer be able to pay the interest on their loans, and they would all go bust. Even now, the only reason why institutional investors are buying the bonds issued by such oil companies, is that they are desperate for better interest rates.

My point is that an economic crash will collapse the bond markets, and a collapse in bond markets will destroy the companies involved in fracking. This means that oil production will begin to rapidly decline, because fracked oil wells run dry very quickly.

And conventional oil?

That began to decline in 2005 – which was part of the reason for the ‘Great Recession’ in 2008.

Few seem to remember the price of gasoline before the housing market imploded. When the price of gas got too high, home owners had to choose to either drive to work or pay their mortgage. This meant a rapid rise in housing foreclosures and the almost-death of the banking system.

Did the banking system almost die?

It could have. Lots of the parasite class certainly thought so. But, I think that it would have been a far better thing than is about to happen.

Our world demands an ever increasing supply of transportation fuel and electricity. If that supply stops growing, people get upset and governments fall. And, if the supply begins to shrink, there will be war.

Remember also that all the other natural resources that we depend on, require lots of petroleum to extract. Farmers can’t plant and harvest your food without it. Without petroleum, much of our metals, coal, uranium and rare earths can’t be mined and transported. The windmills and electric cars require lots of petroleum and coal to produce, so we couldn’t have them, either.

Now, it doesn’t mean that all of these natural resources will disappear. It just means that there will be less of it for everyone. And, when we say ‘less’, we also means ‘expensive’. Everything will become more expensive.

Take food. We have calculated that for every one calorie of food that we eat, we are consuming nine calories of petroleum. That’s what it takes to plant, fertilize, harvest and transport your food. So, even a small increase in the cost of petroleum will mean a large increase in the cost of food.

Even without the problem with petroleum, we are predicted to hit the peak the production of a lot of other resources. Coal has already peaked in production and Copper hit its peak in the 2030s. Phosphates peak in the 2030s, also. And, let’s not forget the decline in underground aquifers and the decline in topsoil.

Does anyone see a problem here?

Here’s a bit more on the subject:

There’s No Tomorrow (peak oil, energy, growth & the future)
Video by Incubate Pictures


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Rejecting God

As we increased in wealth, we turned away from God. We turned towards easy belief and easy wealth. Size became important.

And, The Bible?

Well, you didn’t want to read too much of it. It was confusing. It was difficult. It told you things that you didn’t want to hear. It said things like size and wealth were dangerous.

The Bible talked about persecution and difficulty in life, so we turned to people that preached a prosperity doctrine and a pretribulation rapture.

We went on to become indistinguishable from the rest of the world. The divorce rate among Christians is about the same. The abortion rate among Christians is about the same. Most of our pastors have a problem with pornography and adultery – just like the rest of the world. And, our churches have become fixated on money, entertainment and the comfort and size of our church buildings.



Is it any wonder that we are unready for what is coming upon us?

Never before has God’s people been so weak and worldly – except, maybe during the time just before The Flood.

We have rejected God.

The consequences of that…

…are hard to imagine.

Here’s a bit more on the subject:

Paul Harvey: If I Were the Devil – 1965

And, here is another bit of corruption that infects most churches:

Corrie Ten Boom speaks about the Tribulation and the Rapture (Mirror)

Corrie said it all, and this woman with such a beautiful soul will meet us in heaven with her own crown, for all that she has done.

Will you listen to what she said?

Will you wake up to the truth of the Bible?

We spoke lies to the Chinese Christians and the African Christians, telling them that nothing could possibly happen to them – that the future was bright and glorious, that God would keep them from persecution.

So, when persecution came, they weren’t ready.



Ezekiel’s Fire

The largest solar flare in world history is coming, and it will destroy most of our civilization and kill hundreds of millions – if not billions – of people. And, the evidence for this great catastrophe comes from six prophets.

  • Isaiah
  • Zechariah
  • Ezekiel
  • Jeremiah
  • Micah
  • Zephaniah

Each of these great men of God adds a snapshot of that moment in time. And, when you put those ‘snapshots’ together, they form a body of evidence that gives us no room for any other interpretation.

So, read my book, Ezekiel’s Fire.

It’s free, and it may just save your life.

Here’s the website:


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14 thoughts on “About Omega Shock”

  1. John I got a Kindle for Christmas and came across John Price’s End of America and it confirmed what I’ve understood as a born again child of God for over 30 years. It is a shame that I just came across your site quite by accident (although I did ask the Lord to lead us.) I said shame, as like many Americans I’ve lost three jobs, then lost our house, we were almost destitute but the Lord supplied miraculously. Out of the blue a company hired me several hours away from where we lived and the last year and a half was spent relocating and merging our family with my parents who bought the new house while I pay the low mortgage. It has been a miracle all the way and we are now in an area where there is a huge Christian presence.
    We had prayed about relocating to TX or out west but job opptrys are not there and with our total loss we didn’t have many options. in the course of all this nightmarish stress we depended on the Lord and He has led us. In fact we feel certain He wants us to reach out to those who are desperately hurting from things we already went through.

    My rambling though is to question the idea of leaving the US. Many years ago the Lord led me to read Fox’s Book of Mrytrs and I felt a heavy leading this might be our end here in America. Little did I know. But if we leave America we are only postponing the inevitable as in John’s book muslims will grow bolder and aggressive going forward. While staying may mean misery for a time leaving would also have many problems, income, food, shelter, medicine, etc. Not sure how misery free that would be. I speak spanish and so Chile looks more attractive than El Salvador but online searches for work has yielded no results. Then I have my elderly folks to think about.

    It is sad especially as a former Marine to see things going south but, the scriptures say to be of good cheer for Jesus has overcome the world. We are convinced that God can provide no matter what. In fact in prayer post John’s book it seemed the Lord spoke to my heart and said, ” I can protect you through what is coming just as I’ve provided in what you’ve gone through.” At any rate I believe you are right if you can leave you should but there will be those whom the Lord will leave here to “call those things that are not as though they were” for the many will be suffering. I the very idea is daunting for some reason the Lord allowed us to go through great personal financial, physical, and emotional stress in which we were tried almost to desperation but he supplied nevertheless.
    You have my email let’s stay in touch if possible it may be that though the Lord brought us here after much prayer that another opprty may pop up just in time?

    In Christ,

    • God bless you Jim!

      I’m so sorry for what you’ve gone through, but thankful that you’re okay. Keep learning and asking the Lord to guide you.

      There are truly difficult times ahead.

      Yours in Christ,

      – John

  2. John, great information and truth on this site. I’m sharing it with my contacts. I’m watching the tribulation film you have posted. I’m even more convicted now regarding the tribulation and the fraud perpetrated about Pre trib. Thank you and may Yahweh, King of kings and Lord of lords provide and protect you and your family. GH

    • Hey Glen,

      I’m glad to see that you’re thinking.

      Now, let’s talk about the problems on the POST-trib side.

      Many post-tribbers are amillennialists, which means that they believe that we are in the millennium, ruling with Christ. You have a problem with math if you believe that we are in the millennium. The millennium is only 1000 years, which means that we CANNOT be in the millennium.

      Many post-tribbers are AGAINST Israel and AGAINST the idea that Ezekiel 36-39 is actually talking about the LAND of Israel and the PEOPLE of Israel, the Jews. In fact, there is one post-tribber who is a famous Christian talk-show host who told me personally that he is ANTI-Zionism.


      In fact, the two pastors in the tribulation film that you watched are that kind of post-tribber.

      The lesson is that you should seek the Lord as best you can, with humbleness of heart, and never allow yourself to be blinded by dogma. I’ve been there, and it never ends well.

      God bless you, Glen. Keep up the good work.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • John,

        I think the safest approach to Israel, is neutral. The question of who is a real Jew and what is actually going on in Israel is very complex. It is my belief that we are called to love all men equally, Jew, Palestinian or whomever. God will take care of the details regarding Israel and we need not be pro, nor against, since by default we are pro for each and every human soul. To take sides on the Zionist question is to fall into a trap.

        I just found your site today and am blessed by your understanding.

        • Hi Tom Sinclair,

          You are correct about the need to love all equally. However, if you have a neighbor that’s being threatened and regularly beaten, do you choose neutrality? Or, do you try to protect your neighbor and understand the situation.

          I lived in Israel for 15 years, and I understand the situation that Israel is in. She is being viciously attacked merely for existing. To stand by and be neutral, in my opinion, is a sin.

          I understand that you might be neutral out of ignorance, so I recommend that you read the articles that I have written on http://www.israeloutlook.com. There you will find all the information that you need to see that being neutral is wrong.

          Furthermore, God has promised His blessing and His salvation to the Jews. It is a very serious thing to be neutral towards those whom God loves.

          May God lead you in the way of truth.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  3. Thanks for your diligence. We all stand accountable, even for a “careless word spoken”. I pray the Spirit of the Lord would truly lead you in your efforts.

  4. Enjoying the comments and the level of respect therein. I felt compelled to add to the discussion in regards to all of our personal and national relationships with Israel, as born again believers. There are teachings out there that have revolutionized my husband and I’s understanding and allowed the Lord to reveal much more truth of these end times we are privileged to live in. The first was an article entitled ‘The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel’, by Steven M. Collins (stevenmcollins.com). This along with a teaching on YouTube by Jim Staley called “Identity Crisis” and the info on a site called 119ministries.com (along with the Lord’s leading of course), has led us to identify with Israel and understand the reconciliatory work of the Messiah on a much deeper level. We have dug deep into historical evidence and seen through some of the subversive teachings of the Church over the past centuries to grasp the truth – that is, if you are born again, you ARE Israel… grafted in like a wild root to the cultivated root that is the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and the Levites (the Southern Kingdom). These are not necessarily bloodlines, but spiritual lines. Understanding our Christian roots through the Hebrew roots gives us a better understanding of the Bible and our spiritual brotherhood with Israel (even understanding what connotation the word is used in is difficult at times!)…. And, it makes sense to have this understanding when Israel is so crucial to the end times we are embarking on. Just some thoughts… thanks for all your time and energy to produce all the great info John!

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for your warm regard. I deeply appreciate it.

      I am hoping that you do not believe that the church replaces Israel, in terms of the prophecies of the Bible. This is an error that I am finding in quit a few places. And, it is very distressing to see. (Romans 11 is VERY clear on this.)

      Also, be careful about some of the ‘Hebrew Roots’ ministries. Some of them incorporate Talmudic Judaism and that is NOT Biblical. In fact, I am sorry to say that we must consider Talmud as idolatry. So, please be careful.

      It great to see your love for the Jews. May God bless you!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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