As I write this, the leading edges of tropical storm Fung-Wong are just starting to appear in the sky. We were thinking that it might turn into a typhoon, but apparently this storm has decided that being merely severe was more than enough. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for a different kind of storm that is already beginning to make itself felt.

The Illuminati, New World Order Elites really do want to impoverish you, before they kill you. They want everything that you have, before moving in to take your life and the lives of those that you love.

These Luciferians are the truest expression of Satan and his plans that the world has ever known. And, if we are to overcome this vile menace, it will take true faith and a willingness to sacrifice our lives, for our Lord and Savior.

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The Weekend Vigilante With Sheila Zilinsky

None of us have very much time. Work and family take almost every moment that we have, leaving us very little time to even sleep. Most of you probably don’t even have the time to read through what I’m writing here. But, with an average commute time of 25.4 minutes, you might have the time to listen. That’s why I launched the ShockCast. But, I rarely talk for more than a few minutes. (And, I’m still struggling to get the audio up on the day that I write my articles.) And, you also would like to listen to something on … Click here to read the rest…

James Wesley Rawles

When you’re sick, you need a doctor. When you’re REALLY sick, you need a specialist. After what I posted on Friday, it should be clear to you that we’re REALLY sick, and that we REALLY need a specialist. And, I think that James Wesley Rawles might be a specialist that you’re looking for. James is a veteran of Army Intelligence with experience in field operations, which means that he wasn’t just commanding a desk and shuffling papers (although, he probably did THAT, too). And, he’s not a hysterical alarmist. He’s a very calm, cool and collected guy who knows exactly … Click here to read the rest…

Steve Quayle

It’s hard to find people who are honest. It’s harder to find people who are honest and understand what’s coming. It’s almost impossible to find people who are honest, understand what’s coming and take the time to tell you what you need to know about the future. One of those people is Steve Quayle, and his site, www.stevequayle.com, is one of the first sites that I go to every day. Steve Quayle is a voracious researcher, a true believer in Christ as his Lord and Savior, and a man who has dedicated his life to saving  yours. Every day, he … Click here to read the rest…

Gary Kah

I just heard a recent broadcast, and it features someone that I know and have a tremendous amount of respect for – Gary Kah. He has a website here:  www.garykah.org And, he produces a newsletter, Hope For The World, that he issues six times a year. He is an exceptional man with exceptional information resources that I do not have access to. I highly recommend that you subscribe to his newsletter. And, in light of my post yesterday, I also strongly recommend that you go to Gary Kah’s website and listen to the interviews featured there. www.garykah.org

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