Standing with Poor Ezekiel

When I write these articles for, my goal is to point out the flaws in the picture – by showing you the truth. We all – myself included – have a flawed view of reality, and that false interpretation of what’s real cannot be shaken – unless someone applies the truth to our lives.

The One who did that first, was Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. He showed us who we really were, the ugliness of our sin, and loved us – in spite of that awful sin. He then went on to suffer an eternity’s worth of judgment for us.

It wasn’t an eternity for Him, but it would have been an eternity for us.

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Silver – Miracle Metal of the Apocalypse

Once I discovered the true value of silver, I quickly adopted this slogan:

Buy as much silver as you can carry, and as much gold as you can afford.

Basically, once you’ve completed your preparations, take any money left over and buy as much silver as you could carry in your bug-out bag. Then, buy as much gold as you can – with what’s left of your fake fiat dollars. And, if you don’t intend to ‘bug out’, forget the gold and just buy silver.

Silver is vital to industry, in incredibly short supply and tremendously undervalued. I can’t think of a better deal, right now, than silver.

Oh, and as I talked about yesterday, it may crash our financial system.

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The Shock Plan for Getting Ready – Putting It All Together

As I think about all that I have written in this series, I wonder if I have lost my mind. But, when I look out over the world and the insanity of everything that is happening, I am forced to agree with everything that I have written. Worse, there is much more to tell and write on this topic of preparation, but the author of that will need to be yourself. (Although, I will continue to write on this topic in the future.) You MUST prepare for what is coming, but no one can really tell you everything that you … Click here to read the rest…

The Shock Plan for Getting Ready – It’s Personal

As I finished writing yesterday’s piece, it seemed like the only thing left to do was the summary. But, some of you wrote and told me of the personal challenges that you face, and that made me realize that I had one more layer to dig through before I could finish this series… the personal aspect of all this. My biggest concern is for those of you who are limited by circumstance from taking the course of action that I’ve been talking about. It bothers me greatly, and I have been earnestly praying that the Lord would direct all of … Click here to read the rest…

Undeniable Facts

What I am about to say cannot be denied. This is not supposition. There are no conspiracy theories here. These are facts. You might argue that I talk about deniable facts in other posts, but this article contains the inarguable, inescapable and catastrophic truth. We can argue about the HOWs and WHYs of our current predicament. But, the WHATs… What is happening cannot be denied, and cannot be argued with. It’s reality, and acknowledging reality will help us get ready for what we have been denying for far too long. Undeniable Fact #1: The US is Completely and Utterly Bankrupt. … Click here to read the rest…