It Takes an Epiphany

I’ve seen a few things, just recently, that impress upon me that the hour is late. The signposts for the Last Days are flying by as our civilization races down this Highway to Hell.

And yes, that’s an awful song for an awful civilization.

The problem is that far too few have woken up. And, of those who are awake, too few have put all the pieces together.

I am puzzled by this ‘putting pieces together’ business. When I look back on my own eureka moments, I realize that ‘putting all the pieces together’…

… well …

…It takes an epiphany.

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So, Are You in Shock, Yet?

Three years ago, if I had read everything that I told you on Friday, I would have discounted a lot of it and been highly critical of those bits that I agreed with. In other words, I would have said that I ‘got it’, but it wouldn’t have sunk in. Then, two years later, I would have run across something that puts it all together for me, and I’d say “Ah HA! I get it!” Epiphany, right? That’s how it normally works for me, but I’m not sure that you have the luxury of spending two years getting used to … Click here to read the rest…

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