What’s Wrong with You?!

The disasters that we are going to experience over the coming days, weeks and months are the direct result of our having turned our back on God. We were grateful that He sent His only begotten Son to suffer for us, on the cross. But, requiring us to be obedient was just too much.

It’s as if God was just too demanding and unreasonable. So, we wrapped up God and put Him on our Sunday shelf, and lived for ourselves for the rest of the week. We quickly became indistinguishable from the rest of the world.

So, the Hand of God that protected us from Satan was taken out of the way.

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Interviewed on the Curtner and Kerr Radio Show

Hi Everyone, I’m afraid that I’m going to need to let what I said on the Curtner and Kerr Radio Show stand in for my article for today. I’m pretty wrung-out. I hope that what I said will have helped someone, somewhere take the steps that they need to take, so that they can obey God and serve Him the way that they are supposed to. It’s what we are here for. Here’s a link to the broadcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/curtner-and-kerr/2014/09/08/john-little-from-omegashockcom–speaking-on-current-events-and-trends I listened to it a second time, and it is an example of why I’m a better writer than talker. Well, … Click here to read the rest…

SHOCK UPDATE: I will be on the Curtner and Kerr Radio Show – Monday

Hi Everyone, I have never been interviewed on any radio show, anywhere – ever. So, I was more than a little unnerved when Thomas Curtner reached out and asked me to come on their show. But, if this is what the Lord wants me to do, I’ll do it. This means, Lord willing, I will be interviewed by Thomas, on Monday morning – September 8th, 2014. It will be your chance to hear me fall flat on my face. Of course, being flat-on-your-face is a great way to glorify God, so it will be a good thing. The interview will … Click here to read the rest…

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