Storm Warning

The biggest socio-economic and political storm that the world has ever seen barrels down upon us – yet, almost everything seems to be fine. But, that is how storms behave. There is always a wonderful calm before the storm hits, but that calm will only last for a few more weeks. Already we can see the clouds of this storm on the horizon.

However, this is more than just a ‘storm’. It’s a typhoon, just like the one that is about to hit Taiwan – where I currently live. I pray that God will spare you in the midst of what is coming upon us.

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Another Poke at the Bear

There are moments when you are forced to sit back and think, “Wow, these guys are shameless.” This is one of those times, and I can hardly believe it. When the CIA and the US State Department fomented the revolt that we are now calling the Euromaidan, you could have made the excuse that someone in the labyrinthine corridors of power made a mistake – overreached himself (or herself). You could have reasoned that America was suffering from a momentary fit of irrational exuberance. But, subsequent actions by the US have indicated that this is NOT the case. America really … Click here to read the rest…

Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, Part 3 – Good Open-Source Intelligence

Intelligence is such a cool word. Telling someone that you have ‘intelligence’ that a certain thing is going to happen at a specific place makes your bit of rumor sound so much more important. And, there are a lot of people out there handing out garbage and calling it ‘intelligence’ when it’s worth less than what your neighbor’s dog dumps in your yard. And, there are times when I’ve been fooled into thinking that what I had was good intelligence, when it wasn’t. It can be so very hard to tell. All that I can say in my defense is … Click here to read the rest…

Financial Instability for Dummies

Zero Hedge produces a TON of material every day, and trying to read it all is like sipping from a fire hose. But, it’s my job to do that so you don’t have to. Well, here’s another ‘sip’ from the Zero Hedge torrent of information. Here’s a quote from the article: In a little under eight minutes, a plethora of today’s more outspoken realists, economists, and journalists provide a simple yet clear path through the financial crisis to critically explain how the so-called equilibrium that so many mainstream analysts and economists trusted as fact has been proven as simple fiction. … Click here to read the rest…

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