We Must Be Stopped

Our technocratic civilization has reached such dizzying heights, that even the boundaries of mortality are being challenged. We envision humanity spreading out into the solar system, and then into the rest of the Universe. We fiddle with the very code of life, with barely a thought about the consequences. We engage in the massacre of our precious children and plot the murder of billions.

This vile civilization of ours cannot be allowed to continue, so it won’t. God will shake the world and destroy our rebellion against Him.

The question is whether you will be ready, when God tears down our carefully crafted way of life.

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Building Our Next God

Men and women have always been trying to create something that can replace God. Up to a few hundred years ago, we built statues and temples and worshiped those. But, they didn’t satisfy. They weren’t really awe-inspiring. They weren’t smarter. They didn’t talk. They didn’t interact. They were nothing but bits of stone, wood and metal. A few hundred years ago we discovered the worship of ideas. “Isms” proliferated, Communism, Socialism, Nihilism, etc. Everyone built an ‘ism’ and behold, they thought it was good. However, a lot of our isms have fallen. They’ve become unsatisfactory. Behold, the coming of humankind’s … Click here to read the rest…