No Crisis Wasted

Crisis after crisis is rolling down upon us. We knew that this was going to happen, because our Lord and Savior told us that they would. Unfortunately, our political leaders haven’t been reading the Bible, and they are following what they consider to be their own script.

However, their script is a part of God’s plan. Even Satan is playing his own role, in his own destruction. And no, I am not talking about predestination versus free will.

Sun Tzu said that you will win every battle when you know your enemy and yourself. God knows how this ends, and all the points in between. Only a fool would side with a losing side.

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America Destroyed – Part 1 – The Game of Princes

It is one thing to know that a certain event WILL happen. It is something else to know why and how. And then, when you see it in action… well, it brings a level of certainty that leaves nothing left for doubt.

That’s why, after our apocalyptic discussion last week, I dug deeper into the possibility of a nuclear attack on the United States – secretly hoping that I would find some other explanation for the ‘wounded head’ of Revelation 13:3. Unfortunately, I found far more verification than I wanted to see.

There is a nuclear bullseye painted over the US, which means that YOU are in harm’s way.

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Alien Deception – John Podesta and UFO Sightings

When I wrote that first rather incredulous article, entitled Space Aliens?, I was focusing on the Vatican’s interest in such things. Tom Horn and Cris Putnam laid out the case extremely well in their book Exovaticana, and I will be getting back to this diabolical interest by the Jesuits in ‘space aliens’. Furthermore, I find it interesting that the Jesuits have stepped up their efforts to talk about aliens and, at the same time, attempt to draw as many Protestants back into the Catholic fold as possible. The timing is NOT an accident. I also see two other non-accidents that … Click here to read the rest…

Soros Makes His Move

I really, REALLY want more time, but it looks increasingly likely that George Soros is about to make his move to topple the US – and that I (and you) will be out of that precious and limited resource that we never seem to have enough of – time. Now, the good news is that he may not succeed. He has already done this on many, many occasions and knows how to calculate his chances of success. After looking at all the factors under his command, George may choose to balk at the last minute. He may decide that the … Click here to read the rest…


I’m not a real fan of conspiracy theories. No, actually, I loathe them. They are the last refuge of the nutters, the fruitcakes and the UFO freaks. But, it’s hard to ignore a theory when it slaps you across the face and screams fact at you. No, the idea that George Soros is manipulating currencies and assets to further his dreams of some kind of personal empire has become an all-to-obvious fact. The next big question involves icebergs. We can see George Soros. How many more are there who are exactly like George Soros, if not worse? How big IS … Click here to read the rest…

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