Free to Fornicate

The kerfuffle over Kavanaugh is about one thing, and one thing only:

Sex without consequences

That’s it.

Oh, I know that they claim this thing or that. In fact, they talk about everything except the one thing that they just can’t tolerate, the restriction on their ability to have as much sex as they want, with as many people as they want, whenever they want, however they want it, without consequence.

Please remember that this is the central argument behind ‘A Woman’s Right To Choose’. That’s right, abortion.


Because if you couldn’t murder your unborn child, you couldn’t have as much sex as you wanted.

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I am deeply offended. I’m also shocked, appalled, horrified and angry, but all of that is nothing compared to how offended I am. And, when I came to Taiwan, I became even more offended, much more offended. Was I offended by Taiwan? No. No, I was offended by how deeply American culture has penetrated the world and by what American culture has done (and is doing) to traditional cultures like Taiwan. I was finally realizing just how corrupting and infectious American culture had become. And the center of that culture? Sex. Is there ANYTHING that we do not put sex … Click here to read the rest…