Destroyed by the Well Crafted Story

They lied to us. But, they weren’t just simple lies spoken against simple truths. They wrapped themselves in the flag and told us well-crafted stories that lured us away from our ideals, inch by precious inch.

They told us about suffering and woe. They cried out against imagined evils. They enticed us with visions of peace and prosperity. They promoted themselves as honest, benevolent and humane. And, within their beautiful tales they carefully insinuated their lies.

With the power of words, they slipped past our defenses and destroyed us. They sapped our strength and stole our will, until there was no one left to guard the gates of freedom.

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Days of Anguish and Obedience

These are the days that will try your soul. We have crested the hill and now stare into the abyss. The question is whether you will surrender your will to the Lord and obey, in the midst of your anguish – or, whether you will choke and fail. Once the pain starts, it will be hard to choose.

So, choose now.

You will not make it through what is coming without the Lord and His Wisdom. The wisdom of man got you into this mess. It will take the Lord to get you out.

But, He will not ‘get you out’ if you do not choose to obey Him.

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SHOCKCAST: The Second American Revolution and the Globalist Plan to Defeat It You can find the YouTube version, here: The YouTube link is here: The text is here:

The Second American Revolution and the Globalist Plan to Defeat It

We are on the verge of another American revolution, and some have predicted that it will start this year. At all levels, the US government is perpetrating crimes that cry out for people to rise up and take down the corrupt oligarchy that we have, and replace it with something more honest. The problem is that the globalists understand this, especially since they are the authors of the corruption we wish to eliminate. In fact, they may even be the ones who are managing the revolution that so many wish to start. Can you see the wheels within wheels, here? … Click here to read the rest…