Dragons, Deception and Depression

I’ve got three separate things on my mind, and it all needs to fit in one article. Hopefully, I won’t make this too long.

There are two seven-headed beasts in Revelation, and we always focus on the one that we refer to as ‘The Beast’. But, what about that dragon?

I’m getting more comments and email about deception, and it seems to center around the growth of cult activity. And, it’s as bizarre as it is horrifying.

Ray Comfort came out with a new video, ‘Exit’. A reader sent me a link, and it seems like this is a good time to talk about this.

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Hitler, God and the Bible

I ran into this just an hour or so ago and was deeply impressed by the message. One of the reasons why we are approaching the ‘OmegaShock’ is due to the fact that people no longer put facts together. They don’t understand how ideas are linked, and those ideas that they do put together… well, they don’t make sense. What Ray Comfort has done here is to illustrate all of this by talking about Hitler, God, and the Bible. The video is 33 minutes long. Watch every bit of it. (You can watch it in 720p by clicking the 360p … Click here to read the rest…