The Most Corrupt Election in American History

This election will go down in history as the most corrupt political event in the history of the United States. At no time in our history has there ever been this much corruption on a national scale. And, we knew that it would be bad, before it ever started.

In fact, it was already the most corrupt election before the first ballot was ever counted. So much so that it might even be a little difficult to point to the moment when it became the most corrupt in history. But, we know where the corruption started:

The hearts and minds of the American people.

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In the Footsteps of Jeremiah

Poor Jeremiah was a righteous man who did his very best to warn the people of God, to repent and escape the wrath that God was going to pour out upon Judah. Some listened and saved themselves, but most did not. And, Jeremiah had to watch the rebels among God’s people destroy themselves and everyone around them.

For those who are giving warning to the Body of Christ, to repent and escape the wrath of God, you are walking in the footsteps of Jeremiah. Some of our brothers and sisters will repent and escape. Most will not.

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Turn Off the Television and Read Your Bible

You watch about 5 hours of television a day – more on the weekends, less on the weekdays. And, you don’t read your Bible. You don’t even spend 15 minutes reading your Bible. You can spend hours sitting entranced as you gorge yourself on material produced by some of the most evil people on the planet, but you can’t find the 15-to-30 minutes every day that will take you through the one book that God uses to speak love and truth into your life. What an appalling testimony to how far we’ve fallen. I can count on one hand the … Click here to read the rest…