America in Prophecy – The Wounded Head

Growing up, I’d always assumed that the heads of The Beast were modern-day individuals. And, like so many, every time that I would read The seven heads are seven mountains (Revelation 17:9), I’d just mentally wave it away and concentrate on what was easier to get my head around – verse 10.

Ignoring the difficult – and concentrating on the ‘easy’ – is normal. But, in this dangerous age, it’s a deadly habit. It is hard to understand what is coming, but that shouldn’t keep us from focusing on it.


Because the seventh head gets a deadly wound, and you do NOT want to be nearby when that wound happens.

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Bankster Cult Beliefs

So, what is it that this bankster cult believes? Well, it’s hard to know exactly what the Illuminati believes, but we have a few clues. First of all, they do NOT believe in Jesus Christ. Period. In fact, we have reports that if you should even mention His name at a meeting… you could get yourself horribly killed. Now, they agree that there was a person named Jesus Christ. But, apparently He was a Luciferian, DIDN’T raise from the dead, and is chained to a rock in Hell because He betrayed Lucifer. Right. Pull the other one. They also do … Click here to read the rest…

Bankster Cult

So, the big bankers needed a religion. They could have picked one of the brand names available at the time, but they either wanted too big a piece of the pie. Or, they came with too many strings attached. THE brand name in European religion at the time was the Roman Catholic church. She was the donna of dons. If you wanted something done, you talked to the Papa, and it was all fixeda. And, quite a few bankers went with the Pope. In fact, one group of bankers pretty much took over the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. … Click here to read the rest…

Rise of the Cult of Death

This is disturbing. I just got this from Pajamas Media, and I think that you’ll like this just as much as I did: Her shrines can be found in the lairs of the most violent criminal gangs, her worshipers are known to have committed verified human sacrifices, and her cult has spread from secret temples in rural Mexico to almost every large city in America. Santa Muerte — the death goddess of Mexican narco-cults — has arrived in America and established a foothold in our communities that will be impossible to dislodge. While many are rightfully concerned about jihadists crossing … Click here to read the rest…

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