Always Ask WHY

The reasons why these Last Days are the way that they are… well …they’re complex, and the only publication that simplifies that complexity is the Bible. All others end up in deception when simplifying current events.

In fact, I worry about engaging in accidental deception, when I try to unravel the complexities for you. That’s why you should never take what I say ‘at face value’.

Always look deep. Always.

You will never understand what’s really happening if you don’t look below the surface. There are dark currents under that ice that you stand on, so I encourage you to understand those currents so that you can make your way to firmer ground.

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The Enemy Is Among Us

I just finished Frank Gaffney’s 10 lesson series on how deeply the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the US government, and even I am shocked at how far they have gotten. They are everywhere in the US government and have complete access to the highest levels of power. They are the most incredible ‘Fifth Column‘ that I have ever seen. No enemy of the United States has ever had this degree of penetration. And, we have BOTH George Bush and Barack Obama to thank for this. And yes, they are deeply involved in BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties. Very deeply. … Click here to read the rest…