The Turning Point

They declared war this week. War on Jerusalem. War on humanity. War on terrorism. War on Syria. War on God. War on you.

Of course, they didn’t call it war. They called it other things like ‘recognition’ and ‘a flag raising’. They called it ‘support’. But, it doesn’t matter what they call it.

It’s still war.

And, they made their declaration right at the point when Martin Armstrong said was the turning point. And, I believe that this turning point will see all of us lose something.

My hope is that you won’t be losing your life.

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Satan Hates Israel

By now, you know something about who the ‘bad guys’ are. Everyone has their own personal experience with evil and probably knows something about what an evil organization looks like. I’ve spent a lot of time on this website describing evil organizations and what they look like. Have you noticed that every single one of those organizations hates Israel? No. I do NOT mean dislike. I mean HATE. Every organization created by the Illuminati hates Israel. The CFR hates Israel. The United Nations hates Israel. Every left wing political group on the planet hates Israel. Every right wing political group … Click here to read the rest…