Fear God

With the unusual events of this past week and an impromptu family reunion in central Taiwan, I find myself on a different topic than what I wanted to talk about.

However, it is so much more important than the destruction of our civilization that it’s like the difference between night and day. And, I find that our churches have destroyed themselves because they do not do the one thing that would keep them safe:

Fear God.

We serve God and follow God, because we love Him. But, we keep ourselves pure and holy because we fear Him.

And yes, we need both.

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Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, Part 2 – Who Can You Trust?

When engaging in Truth Discovery (i.e., Intelligence Gathering and Analysis), you are ultimately forced to trust someone that you don’t know very well. And, for a cynical and suspicious guy like me, that is a very, very difficult thing to do. But, I am forced to engage in a certain amount of trust, because the alternative is to learn nothing – and THAT is not acceptable. When Jesus used the word ‘watch’ in Luke 21:36, He meant more than reading your Bible and looking out the window. He meant that you need to see and understand what is happening in … Click here to read the rest…