The Weekend Review and ShockCast 001

Okay, I’ve decided to launch into something a little new, since I don’t talk so much about the news during the week. Sometimes I will, but often I won’t. I also want to provide something of a compilation of the week’s news to help you stay on top of what is important.

The Weekend ShockCast won’t be all the news, but it will be the most important.

Lord willing, this will go out on Friday afternoons (EST). So, join me for the very first Weekend Review and ShockCast.

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This Will Happen Again

That is according to Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher just a few days ago. He also says that the US needs to break up the banks so that they’re no longer ‘Too Big To Fail’, and he accuses the government of mishandling America’s finances. And, to emphasize his point, he showed a video that I showcased in my post Congratulations, You Owe $683,000. Maybe he reads my stuff? Okay, probably not. But, it really is the funniest bit of humor about the US debt I have ever seen. But, don’t take my word for it. Watch it for yourself … Click here to read the rest…

Congratulations, You Owe $683,000

That’s a lot of money, and it’s your family’s share of the total debt supported by the US economy – assuming that you are in the US. Granted, there are more than just US citizens supporting the US economy, so maybe we could shave off a little here, and maybe a little there. But, still… if you add up all the debt in the United States, everywhere… it would come to about $56 TRILLION. And, you thought that GOVERNMENT debt was bad. The point is that debt in general is only sustainable if there is an economy that’s growing, and … Click here to read the rest…

Rise of the Flea Party

That’s right. The Flea Party – as in wingless, blood-sucking parasites. As economic devastation rolls down on us it’s always nice to know that useful idiots will always rise to any idiot occasion with a completely idiotic frequency. I’ve often said that liberalism is politics for those who can’t do math, and it’s well-known that idiots can’t do math. (I sense a connection) Is it therefore any wonder to mathematically-challenged idiots raging in the streets because there are people doing really, really good, while everyone else is doing just… well… …good. What else would you call the poor in America … Click here to read the rest…

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