Twisting the Bible – Part 2 – The Holy Spirit Has Left the Building

Someone wrote to agree with what I talked about yesterday and said:

But the tech itself is not bad; it’s the leverage

Well said, Steve – very well said. Technology isn’t the problem. WE are the problem.

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All that technology has done is act as a lever to magnify the efforts of our sinful nature. Technology is the lever, and it is our hand wielding this lever.

Furthermore, I see that this lever has been used to pry us away from the Holy Spirit. We have quenched the Spirit, and that has left us vulnerable to foolish doctrines that have led some pastors to preach damnable heresy.

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Why Israel Is Important

I just spent the last four days telling you that the State of Israel is NOT part of some Illuminati plot to dominate the world. Why would I do that? Because Israel is at the center of Prophecy. If you read through the Bible, you will find that an amazing amount of space in the Bible is reserved for Israel in the Last Days. From Isaiah to Zechariah, almost every prophet speaks of how the children of Israel will return to the Land of Israel. And then, there are those portions of the Bible that talk about the Last Days … Click here to read the rest…