The Wuhan Virus – A Lesson in Hysteria

From where I sit in Taiwan, ground zero for the Wuhan Virus is 1028 kilometers away – or 639 miles. And, with all the businessmen and tourists going back and forth between here and China, we’re at the front lines of this issue. And, we are NOT running around with our hair on fire.

Unfortunately, some people have chosen hysteria over logic.

This presents us with a great opportunity to learn how to be rational, when everyone else is losing their mind.

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Stupid Greed Plus Something Else

On Monday, I said something mysterious and enigmatic: Well, let me ask you this: Why are we experiencing so much calamity? Why is our world falling apart? Why have our governments become so monstrous? Why has our media become just another voice for the entrenched elite? Why does blatant corruption go unpunished? How (and why) did our monetary system to become so broken? And, how are they getting away with it!? The answer to all those questions can be completely explained by ‘stupid greed plus something else’. So, what is this ‘something else’? Yes? Yes, you, in the back row… … Click here to read the rest…