Why Our System Must Die – The Sacrifice of Our Children

In the hysterical rush to shut down and destroy our economy because of a virus, no one stopped to think about our children and grandchildren. They will be hit hardest by what we are doing, and it’s just plain evil.

Our job is to protect and sacrifice for the next generation. But, over the past century, we have done the exact opposite. We spent the future and left our offspring with unpayable debt and moral collapse. And now, to protect our own worthless lives, we are sacrificing theirs.

In this pandemic, we are sacrificing our children, and it’s Satanic.

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Why Our System Must Die – The Self-Inflicted Wound

Our current system must die, because Revelation 13 said that it would. But, it is ironic that our system would perish because we shot ourselves in the head. Yes, it was already dying, but did we stop to think through the consequences before we pulled the trigger?

Of course, I say ‘we’, when I should include the ‘Elites’. They helped us pull the trigger, instead of trying to turn us away from self-destruction. How ironic that our dear leaders will have helped destroy the very system that they wanted enslave us with.

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Game Over: Total Collapse is Imminent – Dave Hodges

When I listened to Dave Hodges on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, I realized that we had something in common. We both were abruptly awakened to the certainty of imminent, apocalyptic disaster – as well as the deep responsibility to warn as many people as possible, even if it made us look like ‘loony tunes’. Dave has written an excellent article that lays out exactly why and how we have arrived at the financial disaster that lies at our doorstep. It’s almost as if we had done everything possible to faithfully recreate the Great Depression, but this time make it … Click here to read the rest…