Earthquake in the Middle East

I want to pack in a few more cheeseburgers before a financial Armageddon descends upon us, so I was relieved when Greece surrendered to Europe and when China put a draconian halt to financial losses in the Chinese stock market. I feel sorry for the Greeks and the Chinese, but I like my cheeseburgers.

Unfortunately, something happened this week that has dampened my appetite and catastrophically reorganized a region that I like to call home:

The Middle East

Obama’s surrender to Iran has unleashed the dogs of war. This geopolitical earthquake will change the face of the Middle East forever. And, it has brought us a huge leap closer to Ezekiel’s Fire.

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Tipping Points

We human beings aren’t very good at understanding cause and effect. When something happens that we don’t like, we rarely look further than the immediately preceding event to explain why it happened. We blame the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand for World War I. We blame World War I on the rise of the Soviet Union. We blame the Soviet Union for the Cold War. We blame the Cold War for Vietnam. We blame everything on the Jews. And none of that is true. Having said that, there ARE moments in time in which single events play a more significant … Click here to read the rest…

Game Over: Total Collapse is Imminent – Dave Hodges

When I listened to Dave Hodges on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, I realized that we had something in common. We both were abruptly awakened to the certainty of imminent, apocalyptic disaster – as well as the deep responsibility to warn as many people as possible, even if it made us look like ‘loony tunes’. Dave has written an excellent article that lays out exactly why and how we have arrived at the financial disaster that lies at our doorstep. It’s almost as if we had done everything possible to faithfully recreate the Great Depression, but this time make it … Click here to read the rest…

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