2014 – The Beginning of the End – Currency Reset

I know that there is a controversy over when our Lord and Savior was born, but I rejoice in the fact that there are so many who sing songs that glorify God. One day, someone may pinpoint the exact day in which Jesus was born and lay to rest a minor schism over celebrating His birthday. But even so, I can think of no better birthday to remember, no matter how late we celebrate it, and I will continue to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy N-New… Ye… (I’m having trouble saying it, so hold on a second.) … Click here to read the rest…

Tony Robbins Gets It

And, you never would have expected this from such a guy who is so upbeat and positive. I mean, this guy IS Mr. Positive. He’s also Mr. Energetic and Mr. Cool, too. People like this just don’t ‘get it’ until it is far, far too late. Um… could this possibly be a sign that it IS too late? (a very unsettling thought.) Anyway, Tony has put together an excellent video that really deals with the implications of government debt. You can get more of Tony Robbins either on his YouTube channel, or at his website. Tony gets it. Do you?

The US Worse Than Europe

Europe is falling apart. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland… They’re all a bunch of basket cases that are crumbling. And, you aren’t crying much over all that, right? Well, guess who is worse off than ALL of those idiots. Okay, so maybe I gave it away in the title. Yes, the worst of Europe is actually in better financial condition than GodBlessAmerica. So, when you next think of sneering at the plight of those poor socialist fools on the other side of the Atlantic, remember who’s worse off than they are. Good job America! We’re #1! U.S. Gov’t Debt Is Worse … Click here to read the rest…

Punk Economics – Lesson 3

David McWilliams is a gifted economist and, even better, a gifted communicator. And, the latest product of those gifts is Lesson 3 in what he calls Punk Economics. How can you possibly pass up a lesson in Punk Economics? (And, if you perchance DID overlook lessons one and two, you can find them here.) Maybe this would be a really good time to buy gold and/or silver.