Remembering Our Lord in the Midst of Evil

As the darkness closes in around us, it is natural for our thoughts to turn towards the prospect of a grim future. And, in the short-term, it IS grim. But, as John The Apostle contemplated these things, he embraced these events, for they pointed to the return of our God and King, Jesus Christ.

I must keep reminding myself of this, as I look upon the evil that is happening around us, and within us.

I am grateful to all who have chosen to make a stand for Christ. For the Truth. For Righteousness. For an eternity with God. It is a struggle, and it will take everything you have. But, it is worth far more than anything that we can give.

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Last Sunday, we celebrated victory for a war that has been fought in the hearts of men and women for 2000 years. It was won, as it began, by a poor, landless peasant who was truly God, while being truly man. While He lived, He spoke peace to those who wanted war. He fixed the broken and broke those who were whole. He showed the poverty of the rich and showered true riches upon those who were poor. He then went to the cross and died for those who hated Him. And, we were the ones who put Him there. … Click here to read the rest…