The End of a Nation

We are so broken that, as I sit here, I’m not sure where to begin. We have Nazis murdering Jews, in the worst antisemitic atrocity in the history of America. Our children are fleeing Christ in record numbers. We face the prospect of having to vote for someone evil in the elections, because someone MORE evil is the alternative. And then, the one person who sees the future the most clearly said that this month marks the beginning of something major – and not in a good way.

When Martin Armstrong says ‘Buckle Up!’, it might be time to head for the hills.

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Our Great Leader

Are we on the road to a complete loss of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Yeah. I think so. Oh, I’m sure that some vestige of the rights our parents used to enjoy will remain. But, our rights as they are enshrined in the US Constitution? We don’t even have THOSE rights anymore. Welcome to the world of tomorrow. Judge says Obama approaching totalitarianism Napolitano says White House now ‘dangerously close’ WND Then he stated he is confident that the Supreme Court would not choose to overturn his health care law, through which the government … Click here to read the rest…

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