The Turning Point

They declared war this week. War on Jerusalem. War on humanity. War on terrorism. War on Syria. War on God. War on you.

Of course, they didn’t call it war. They called it other things like ‘recognition’ and ‘a flag raising’. They called it ‘support’. But, it doesn’t matter what they call it.

It’s still war.

And, they made their declaration right at the point when Martin Armstrong said was the turning point. And, I believe that this turning point will see all of us lose something.

My hope is that you won’t be losing your life.

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Blinded by the Past

What a turbulent week. Chinese stock markets collapsed. The Dow Jones Industrial Index flash-crashed. Fires consumed forests and homes in the American Northwest. North Korea threatened South Korea. Another explosion rocked China – followed by two in Japan. More evil rose from the cesspool called Planned Parenthood. And then, to add insult to injury, a glitch took down Omega Shock and a bunch of other sites. What a happy week. It’s almost as if they decided that they couldn’t wait for the end of September to get everything started – whoever ‘they’ are. But, before I talk about all that, … Click here to read the rest…

A New World Religion

There has always been a movement to unite the world’s religions, either by stamping them out or co-opting into a ‘new world religion’. Mohammed tried to do it by mixing Christianity, Judaism and Arab tradition. Hitler tried to impose himself as the object of worship. The Soviets tried to get people to worship the state. The Romans worshiped Caesar. Well there’s this new movement out there that bothers me, and it tries to meld religions together. It’s called Faith Shared, and it’s a project of the Interfaith Alliance. Here’s a description of what they are trying to do: Faith Shared … Click here to read the rest…