The World Falls Apart – But, I Feel Fine

As I crawl out from under the after-effects of an awful case of influenza, I continue to marvel at how the world continues to fall apart. For most of us, a bad case of the flu is temporary, but the world has cancer. And, it’s terminal.

What will it take for people to shake free of their deadly illusions about our cancerous world?

We can see yet another war rushing towards us, and our friends and neighbors are completely oblivious to what is coming. And, should America avoid a shooting-war with Russia, we still face a financial collapse that threatens to destroy our technocratic civilization.

How very insane, it all is.

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The Dollar Will Fail

Chris Martenson really knows his stuff. So, when I see anything of his posted somewhere, I stop what I’m doing and pay attention. As he tracks the continued failure of the US financial system, he’s also been tracking what he calls the ‘national narrative’. We have become a country where we say one thing and do something completely different. And, he says that there is a price to pay for doing that: I wish this was just some idle rumination, but I see more and more examples validating the importance of alignment of narrative and behavior. Because when there is … Click here to read the rest…

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