The Weekend Shock Letter for May 23rd, 2020

There is a lot to talk about this week. And, I have not been able to do justice to all of the issues that popped up.

The Democrats are attempting to steal the 2020 election.

The economy continues to lurch towards complete disaster.

YouTube censorship is on the rise, and it even caught Omega Shock.

We have yet another view of what it will take for the Antichrist to take power.

We have more proof that the pretribulation rapture is false.

And, we have some awesome reader input on The Church Coronacrisis, dealing with problems within the Body of Christ AND the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

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Care For a Brain Wash?

Well, your kids are getting one every day in school. When you erase fact from history, what kind of future are you building? I guess that you’d be building the kind of future that’s staring us in the face right now. Amazing. WND EXCLUSIVE What the? Now facts erased from schoolbooks You won’t believe what’s intentionally left out from key U.S. date by Drew Zahn, WND. Who perpetrated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 – a group of men merely fighting “for a cause,” or a band of radical Muslims bent on violent jihad? According to a new, comprehensive … Click here to read the rest…

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