America Destroyed Redux – Part 3 – Sabotage

There is more than one way for an assassin to destroy the United States. We talked about an EMP attack yesterday, and I believe that this still poses the single biggest threat to the US. But, there are others that might work just as well.

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We call it sabotage, and it is the ancient art of a different kind of assassin – the saboteur. It is an incredibly effective tactic, especially when the target country is strategically vulnerable at a single point.

Unfortunately, America is just such a country and wide open to just such an attack. The fact that foreigners are flowing in across the southern border… unchecked …well, it should add emphasis to this point.

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Wake up, Grow up, and Stand up

The article, Wake up, Grow up, and Stand up, caught my attention with its title. It kept my attention with this sentence: If you keep waiting for a moment of clarity before you shift gears and take appropriate action, it is going to be too late to take meaningful actions that you can feel good about. THAT is TRUTH. And, that sentence was a part of Durable Faith‘s opening statement for his/her article: WAKE UP Those who are asleep to the events transpiring around us are not physically, emotionally, or spiritually prepared for what is coming. I know you are … Click here to read the rest…