The Wuhan Coronavirus – Truth vs the Clickbait Kabuki Theater

Navigating the media dumpster fire surrounding this coronavirus epidemic is a challenge. Clickbait websites scream that the sky is falling, while incompetent governments run around DOING SOMETHING. The truth itself has been left at the side of the road, waiting for the next bus out of town.

What a depressing state of affairs.

When will we start demanding integrity and accountability from those who style themselves as ‘watchmen’?

We’re supposed to be Christians, while some of us seem to be more interested in foolish theories and clickbait lies that scratch their itching ears. And, while our attention is elsewhere, greater threats grow.

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Prepare While You Can – Gog and Magog Is Coming

Lucifer’s plan is in action. It has been active for a long time, but this is the end-game. Or, maybe I should say that this is the prelude to the end-game. This end-game prelude kicks off with Syria, takes us through the Battle of Gog and Magog, and creates global devastation – all within the next few years (or worse, months). God is going to allow Lucifer (aka, Satan) to run his plan until it hits the prophecy contained in the four chapters of Ezekiel 36-39. That’s where Satan’s plan begins to unravel. The massive army of Gog and Magog … Click here to read the rest…