As Our World Collapses…

Finally, reality verifies my predictions. I started OmegaShock in 2011, and I’ve been writing about what we are seeing for more than four years.

It gives me no pleasure to say, “I told you so.”

The question that I am most concerned about is you. In fact, all of my articles were about you, and my hope is that you paid enough attention to them to prepare.

Yes, my timing was off.

I’m not a prophet, so timing was always going to be a problem. In fact, I’m sure that we’ll look back some day and point out where I was wrong. But… right now …disaster is at your door.

Are you ready?

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Gog and Magog Rise as the West Falls

The heat under the global pot is rapidly bringing us to a catastrophic boil. Russia is making allies in the Middle East. Little Greece is standing firm against EU pressure. Islam rears its ugly head. The American police state grips the US even more tightly. Oil is an even bigger problem than you may have realized. Our Muslim-in-Chief has set his sights on Israel.

And, all of this is bringing us closer and closer to a meeting that I’d rather avoid:

Gog and Magog

We are in more trouble than you can shake a stick at.

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The World Falls Apart – But, I Feel Fine

As I crawl out from under the after-effects of an awful case of influenza, I continue to marvel at how the world continues to fall apart. For most of us, a bad case of the flu is temporary, but the world has cancer. And, it’s terminal.

What will it take for people to shake free of their deadly illusions about our cancerous world?

We can see yet another war rushing towards us, and our friends and neighbors are completely oblivious to what is coming. And, should America avoid a shooting-war with Russia, we still face a financial collapse that threatens to destroy our technocratic civilization.

How very insane, it all is.

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