A New Hitler Rises

When a spy comes in from the cold, he’s usually in a state of shock during the first few days, especially if he only had 48 hours notice before the President of the United States blew his cover. Add 45 years of experience in field operations, and the shock would have to be something amazing. But, let us go further and have our agent lose more than a $100 million of his own hard-earned savings, and you can only guess what state a person like that would be in. Let’s see… yes, as long as we’re being ‘hypothetical’… we should … Click here to read the rest…

Gary Kah

I just heard a recent broadcast, and it features someone that I know and have a tremendous amount of respect for – Gary Kah. He has a website here:  www.garykah.org And, he produces a newsletter, Hope For The World, that he issues six times a year. He is an exceptional man with exceptional information resources that I do not have access to. I highly recommend that you subscribe to his newsletter. And, in light of my post yesterday, I also strongly recommend that you go to Gary Kah’s website and listen to the interviews featured there. www.garykah.org