America in Prophecy – The Wounded Head

Growing up, I’d always assumed that the heads of The Beast were modern-day individuals. And, like so many, every time that I would read The seven heads are seven mountains (Revelation 17:9), I’d just mentally wave it away and concentrate on what was easier to get my head around – verse 10.

Ignoring the difficult – and concentrating on the ‘easy’ – is normal. But, in this dangerous age, it’s a deadly habit. It is hard to understand what is coming, but that shouldn’t keep us from focusing on it.


Because the seventh head gets a deadly wound, and you do NOT want to be nearby when that wound happens.

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Luciferianism? Really? Have I gone insane? (don’t answer that!) Well, I might be insane, but not for THAT reason. And yes, I really do mean Luciferianism. And yes, as I imply in my previous article, there is more than one kind. One kind of Luciferian is the outright Satan worshiper. They call their god Satan, and they are in your face about it. In fact, that’s probably the whole point – the shock effect. But, people who self-identify as worshiping Satan… well, they’re only a small part of that much-larger group of people we call Luciferian. But, I think that … Click here to read the rest…