[EDIT: NOT] Our Last Good Summer

I am amazed and appalled at how quickly and resolutely we are moving towards utter financial catastrophe. The global economy sailed past its sell-by date long ago, and the rot has just about reached the surface. In fact, some of us can already see it – and smell it – from where we stand.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the US has a government that is out of control. Corporations write policy and bureaucrats enforce it to the letter. Children are being stolen from parents.

I hope that you’ll be ready for what comes afterwards.

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Ever since posting the piece 72 Hours On Steroids, I’ve been thinking about ‘good places to be’ when catastrophe happens. Well, yesterday, I ran across a news item indicating that Men’s Health magazine rate Fargo, North Dakota as the third happiest city in the US. Fargo? North Dakota? Apparently so. And, when I looked at the map of ‘safe zones’, here: I noticed that Fargo, North Dakota isn’t ANYWHERE in those red danger zones. Fargo? Really? I mean. It’s COLD up there! On the other hand, when I looked at the area with Google Maps, View Larger Map I noticed … Click here to read the rest…