The Jesuits have Arrived

Pope Francis has been racing around the world, gathering influence and power as he makes his way to his ultimate destination:

His speech before the UN General Assembly at 8:30 a.m.


In that speech, he will proclaim himself to be the heart and conscience of the New World Order. He will demonstrate to the elites that they cannot succeed without the Vatican. And, they will grudgingly agree.

After centuries of hard, diabolical effort, the Jesuits will have arrived. They will have placed themselves firmly in the saddle of power, and they will ride the New World Order to its apocalyptic conclusion.

Yes my friends, the Jesuits have arrived.

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Legends of the Black Pope

What comes next is a little more difficult to see. We have very few defectors from within the Illuminati, and none of them have been very high within the organization itself. There are some who claim to have been in the leadership of the Illuminati, but those individuals appear to be highly fraudulent. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that there is a connection between the Vatican and the Illuminati. Just as it is with so many Luciferian organizations, lower level members have little or no idea what is happening at the upper levels. That is why the Vatican can … Click here to read the rest…