Both Books Published On Amazon

Hi Everyone,

The wait is over!

I can finally announce that When Gog Comes and Ezekiel’s Fire have been published on Amazon, in paperback and on Kindle.

When Gog Comes: Correcting The Timeline Of The Last Days

Ezekiel’s Fire: The Great Solar Cataclysm Straight Out Of Prophecy

Those are links to the paperback version. You should be able to see the Kindle version from those links.

The prices for those books were the absolute minimum that Amazon would allow me to set. I will get nothing for the sale of the paperbacks, and some cents for the Kindle versions. May the Body of Christ be edified by what is written there, and may those who made those books possible be blessed by God for their generosity.

As always, you can find the same books for free here:

When Gog Comes

Ezekiel’s Fire

The audio version is free available from those links. Combined listening time for both books is 16 hours and 19 minutes.

Unfortunately, both books deal with events that come after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse trample our civilization. The shock and awe of what happens when those first four seals open will kill hundreds of millions and leave our way of life shattered forever. So, I will now be turning my efforts towards talking about the events described in Revelation 6, and why they appear to be happening as we speak.

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May the Lord God of heaven and earth, see us through the difficult days ahead.

Yours in Christ,

John Little

9 thoughts on “Both Books Published On Amazon”

  1. Still praying for you John. Please send updates on how you are doing. I’m sure many of us actually do care.
    Thanks for serving us so well.
    Blessings brother!

  2. Cancer Report

    I just got the results of my latest round of tests a few days ago, and I forgot to mention it. So thanks to Fred for the reminder. As always, I have both good news and bad news.

    Good News – Still breathing. Still have plenty of red blood cells and platelets. As long as those little guys are fine, I should be good.

    Bad News – In three months my cancer has increased by 22%. Total white blood cell count (WBC) went from 54.2 to 66.1. Worse, 88.5% of those white blood cells are cancer, up from 87.5%. My rather easy-going oncologist has become a wee bit concerned. The need for chemotherapy is raising its ugly head.

    Just as a point of reference, my cancer has more than doubled in the 21 months since my initial diagnosis.

    I am still handling this with far more savoir faire than I did in the past. But, appearances can still be deceiving.

    The Great News

    Since, both of my books are now in print and on Kindle at Amazon, life has gotten better. The compulsion to get these done has had me by the throat for more than two years. Writing books is hard. Writing books about something as terrible as Ezekiel’s Fire, is horrible.

    I do feel another compulsion to write attempting to gain my attention. But, I think that I shall go lay down until the feeling goes away.

    May God bless all of you. You are daily in my thoughts and prayers.

    Yours in Christ,

    John Little
    Revelation Six

  3. Hi John,
    congratulations on your fantastic job with the books, they are unique and, as I’m convinced, will save lives and souls. And, our prayers are with you!

    I’ll restrict myself from writing about everything falling apart around us, we all see it, and here in Europe it is clearly visible. I’ll just share something from Ben Davidson, I believe that’s important, and, probably, we should keep it in mind. Two videos:
    At some point, not far from now, it will become important. And, it will add up to all the incoming mess and destruction we already know of. But, I believe that there is a way to be save, by 1. knowing that it’s happening, and 2. trusting in and walking with our Lord. That’s ultimate solution and protection. Unfortunately, most of the people will not have a chance to learn about the first, and many will reject the second. Which is the reason I’m writing about this.

    Thank you John, once again, God bless you!
    Yours in Christ

    • Thank you, Chris! I will look at those videos. I’m glad to see your comment. I’m hoping that all is well, and that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine doesn’t turn into an invasion of Poland. I would assume that preparations for such a possibility have become a bit more… intense? May the Lord bless you and all of our brothers and sisters in harm’s way. – JL

      PS. If this site goes down, please go to

      • Hi John,

        oh yes, you can smell gunpowder here, the best example is the newest initiative from our Defense Ministry – “Train with the Army”; you can participate in one day training, learn to shoot, basics of survival, first aid etc. Everyone age 18-65 qualifies, free of charge, available in major cities. So, you can see the picture.
        My worry is that invasion of Poland (and any NATO country) is not necessary at this moment. Entire continent is commiting industrial suicide. Did you see this:
        Whatever was the case (and who did it) it means that German economy will die this winter. Not alone. Did you know that Poland has documented coal reserves to provide energy for the country for at least 200 years? But no, we are closing mines to “fight climate change”. Good luck. Russia just needs to wait, and use our stupidity as a weapon. Months from now the results will be comparable to using nukes (and, there still will be nukes to use, just in case).
        The morons in charge just do not understand that war is a mathematical (kind of) process and, at the end the amount of steel, oil, energy and blood is what matters. It makes me sad that many educated and intelligent people write a lot about Russia as a criminal, mafia-like state, point out the anomalies of “mobilization process”. It is all true. It is. But there is a problem. That pathological system works, with losses, and is not perfect, but it is active (never mind the waste of life and resources). The result is that, at the end, we will have to face that 300k armed men. People write about “poor Russian logistics”, it is also true, many things go awry, but at the same time I read from multiple sources that Russian artillery fires 50k 155mm rounds per day. This is thousands of tons of ammunition (just one type of it). It is delivered to the front line, daily. Russian army has 8 “logistics brigades” dealing only with this. And “railway troops”. Corruption? Crime? True. But this is a hot war, and we will face those shells coming, as Ukraine does. This is repeat of 1940s. Poland delivered to Ukraine a number of those:
        And we also produce 155mm shells. Yearly production is enough for 5 days of Russian consumption. We also delivered ~120 PT-91 tanks (upgraded T-72) to Ukraine. Replacement will take years. Summing up, my worry is that such a war needs an industrial capacity, and counting the numbers. Nobody counts, and European industry is being murdered. A single glass factory from Poland has monthly bills for electricity of 10M dollars, up from 1M. They are about to shut down. The same goes for the other industries. Death-by-stupidity. I have no idea if Russia invades, but, for now they don’t have to. They just need to wait a few months. Seems that they know. Sorry for that sad rant.
        Anyway, I’m working hard to convert my 4 acres of land into something that can sustain my life (and my family) here. It’s hard, prices of everything are going through the roof, but I do not worry. Jesus Christ decides, and I’m fine with that.
        Yours in Christ

        • When you went quiet in the comment section, I knew that you were busy. I pray that you and Mrs. Chris will be safe and prosper, that war will not reach Poland, and that somehow… disaster will be averted. However, I also see God’s Hand in the dismantling of our civilization. God is good, and He knows what’s best. Keep up the good work, and drop us a note on how you are doing, when you have the time. – JL

  4. Congratulations John on both your books being published! t makes my brain hurt just thinking about how much work went into accomplishing that. May your effort bring much praise, glory and honor to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for the update and I am keeping you in my prayers.

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