Ezekiel’s Fire, 6th Edition

After more than ten years of writing and rewriting, Ezekiel’s Fire has finally reached its final version. It spells doom for our way of life. Stars just like our own are flashing brightly with civilization-killing superflares, thousands of times bigger than anything we’ve ever seen from our own sun.

These observations confirm what the Bible has been saying. For a moment, our sun will brighten by seven times, and a vast cloud of dust will sweep by earth, obscuring the stars and destroying our civilization. Unfortunately, that confirmation means that billions will die as every city, around the world is crushed in the biggest earthquake since The Great Flood.


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Ezekiel’s Fire, 6th Edition

Since 2012, Dr. Kazunari Shibata has been sounding the alarm about a coming solar event that will destroy our civilization. How ironic, that after he published his first scientific paper, a massive coronal mass ejection missed Earth by just nine days – adding extra emphasis to what he was saying. Worse, we have begun to see stars brighten and then vanish behind a cloud of dust.

We even have evidence of all that in the glass that covers the moon.

Unfortunately, few are paying attention.

I started writing about this coming solar cataclysm in 2011. But, as I began to better understand the science and what the Bible said about it… my focus went from solar flare… to superflare… to micronova. And then, I realized that the biggest earthquake since the Great Flood would occur at the same time. All for very, very scientific reasons.

Worse, I realized that all of this had to happen long before the Antichrist.

I know that everyone is talking about the Beast System and the Antichrist. I get how everyone is horrified by what the Man of Fierce Countenance will do. I even understand why people are worried that all of this will come soon But, I have absolute and incontrovertible proof that our civilization will be crushed and billions killed, long before the Man of Sin rises.

How else does the Seventh Head of The Beast get its deadly wound?

The Seventh Head of The Beast in Revelation 13, is clearly our current civilization. When Ezekiel’s Fire turns the lights out, the Antichrist will eventually turn them back on. You’ll get everything back that you had lost, for the price of having a mark on your right hand or forehead.

My other book, When Gog Comes, proves that Ezekiel’s Fire will arrive long before the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation. And, you will die if you are in the wrong place, at the wrong time when the Sun brightens by seven times.

I wish that this was some tin-foil hat conspiracy theory. But, it isn’t. And, we aren’t paying attention. But, there’s hope, since physicists are starting to show us the way it will happen. This new knowledge will help some of us place what the Bible says in its proper context.

Jeremiah 30 says this in verse 24:

…in the latter days ye shall understand it.

You have two choices in how you will understand this:

Before it happens

 – or –


I strongly recommend that you work to understand and prepare for these events before they happen. Your chance of surviving to understand them afterwards, is very low.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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7 thoughts on “Ezekiel’s Fire, 6th Edition”

  1. Dear brother

    You are inmy thoughts and prayers because of Nancy Pelosi’s visit she knows very well what the aftermath would be
    first she didnt dare for her personal safety now manipulated to do it anyway other narcists manipulating narcists – law of the stronghest

    • Thank you, Nadine. However, may I suggest that China is the one who is evil here? Nancy Pelosi has not expressed a desire to kill me and my 23 million neighbors. But, China has. China has openly said that they wish to engage in mass murder and torture. I’m not a fan of Nancy, but we can safely ignore her. We can’t ignore China. – JL

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_78xZvB1Ew&feature=share&utm_source=EJGixIgBCJiu2KjB4oSJEQ
    Youtube ” jesusislord ” Christopher he predicted events beforehand which came true already in several videos not these about bitcoins although came true also but videos in the last two years i have listen to it wow seems a pretty good discover y whats your thought brother John about videos of this Christopher which are not to long to listen to

    I have a question you can answer by email my former gsm is broken i dont have the real name of allison leal anymore her former turkish name i have written to you in email in 2019 can you give me her real name again please ?

    Hope you do.well

    • Sorry to take so long to respond. I was focused too tightly on getting the books published. I will bookmark that link and try to see what he says. As for Alison Leal, I don’t have easy access to those emails, right now. However, in a week or so, I might. What is your interest in Alison? Thank you, Nadine. – JL

  3. In his telegram account jesusislord he Warned in august of brutal attack by China on Taiwan in future but you already are prepared i am still in process especially food i need now pray for financial blessings it helped me your prayers and i am in shortage of money need wisdom because i became too relaxed Christopher warned of relaxed time in restrictions and freedom but these will be short everything is coming back and more deadly virus so we have to keep preparing

    Thank you blessings from.Nadine
    You are right to be in preparations for your book to publisch etc instead of blogging here prepare your wife how to act in separation of you

  4. I told on thei social media what i experienced in delusion and suspicious things about her person i was rebuking Nathan on his blogging on facebook and i got a threathening and vile response on my messenger from his wife which i could read instantly on messenger without befriending her which is odd also so i disclosed her real name and her response on his youtube and the short story with my experience with this couple and i was then already blocked on facebook of Nathan ( this happens often very quick with other followers he cannot stand some sort of critisisme) and told there that was not a appropiate response to be given by a pastors wife (because Nathan became pastor of a church but now he doesnt post any videos of it anymore is he still a pastor ? I dont know that )but he became pastor because his wife had received a calling for him but a pastor must have a calling from God directly not his wife (she can only confirm it) and i was not rebuking her but its a while ago 2021 but i like to have her real name
    I could not take anymore the façade they use as so called christians and its always about money at the end and he was complaining again about not receiving enough money from listeners without considering the economic state the listeners are in (some may have lost their job etc in these end times). I also reported on that on his youtube of course these reactions are deleted
    its always ( thats the difference we are sometimes egocentric but not all the time) all about their problems not others never pray on youtube for the listeners never concerned about the believers its we and I and his wife
    i then finished to react in negative way to let it go but still want to know her real name so

    Its difficult to explain in detail here
    How many times i wishes i could grab my Phone to talk to you oh my

    So see you in the email and next posting be blessed brother and sister

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