Going The Wrong Direction

Christians have gotten so caught up in the world, that they’ve lost sight of Christ. It’s easy to do, and I’ve gotten caught doing it myself. So, I’m not blaming anyone. But, if you are seeking worldly solutions to spiritual problems, you need to stop and do a little reevaluation.

When Jesus told us to watch, it wasn’t a call to arms. We aren’t going to stop the NWO, Soros, the WEF or really bad movie sequels. You don’t defeat sin by using the tools forged by Satan. You do it by following Christ.

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Going The Wrong Direction

I’ve been engaged in some reevaluation. Now that some of what I predicted is happening right now, I need to take a closer look at the stuff that I got wrong.

Here’s a rough scorecard:

Israel Outlook:

611 posts – 475 worth keeping

First published article in Israel Outlook – March 22, 2006

Last article on Israel Outlook: November 19th, 2012.

Omega Shock:

975 posts – 593 worth keeping, 93 so bad they need a public mea culpa

First article published: August 22, 2011

Part of the reason for the above ‘scorecard’ is that I need to reduce the server load for my websites, so that I can put up something new – revelationsix.com. I built Israel Outlook for the purpose of neutralizing the antisemitism creeping into our churches. When I heard that Iran was hoping to attack the US with nuclear EMP weapons and that energy production would decline, I launched Omega Shock. My research into the effects of EMP led to the first edition of Ezekiel’s Fire in 2012.

I am now prepping Ezekiel’s Fire for a final draft and audio recording.

Unfortunately, I took a wrong turn in 2013. That’s when I ran into Steve Quayle and his demented circle of friends. He claimed to be a Christian, and I took his claim at face value. Big mistake. Quayle and his buddies led a lot of us into talking about The Illuminati, The Luciferians, The Jesuits, The Black Awakening, The Deep State, Geoengineering, Currency Collapse, Tales of the Antichrist, Hyperinflation in 2014, V, W, Dr. S, and a whole lot more that was complete rubbish. Utter, hysterical madness.

However, by the end of 2014, I was starting to realize that something was wrong. That book that he published in January 2015 – Empire Beneath the Ice – pretty much finished any respect that I had for him.

Nazis under the ice?


I felt stupid for ever paying attention to that guy and his demented friends. Wow.

Then, Steve Quayle, David Lankford and Doug Hagmann decided to crucify Nathan Leal for not towing the line. Nathan had the audacity to cancel an appearance at one of their foolish conventions, and they went berserk.

What a mess.

The bad part about all of this, is not just about the hysterical rubbish that Quayle spews all over the Internet. It also represents the wrong direction for our thoughts.

It is not our job to defeat the New World Order.

To my credit, I never thought that we should even try, but others haven’t been so lucky. Too many of us think that we can fight the evil running our governments. And, in the process we have forgotten what it means to follow Christ.

We forgot the need to be honest, decent and compassionate. We forgot the need to be faithful and to guard our hearts and minds from the sin of this world. We forgot how important love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control is – the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5.

We’ve lost our way, and I don’t know if very many of us are going to make it back in time. The days of Revelation Six have begun, and they require a level of devotion to God that few of us seem to have anymore.

Where is our compassion for those who are suffering?

Sri Lanka is collapsing in an orgy of violence as the hungry take to the streets. The Ukrainians are suffering terribly, experiencing unimaginable horrors. And, as the ride of the Red Horse picks up speed, the violence and suffering will reach our own doors.

On top of that, I keep getting more and more reports of pastors committing adultery, abusing their churches and teaching a shallow faith. And those who seem to have the truth are cold and dead inside. We’ve gotten distracted by the world, and it needs to stop.

You can’t follow Christ if you are holding hands with the Devil.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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13 thoughts on “Going The Wrong Direction”

  1. John, That was a walk back through time…
    I connected up with Nathan Leal & followed him, still keep him & his second wife Alison loosely in my prayers but I am afraid that Nathan has also gone astray in his prognosis since covid started but then he is in the US & I live in Australia & see things differently.

    I have really appreciated you reading your book & have been listening to the updates each day on youtube so it was with great joy I read this morning that you are going to read your other book for me!! Sorry I haven’t been able to support the ministry cash wise but do keep you & Mrs Little in my prayers as well as follow the weather & earthquakes etc hitting your tiny island home.

    I have asked the Lord to take you back home to Israel before the Chinese decide to attack Taiwan if that be at all possible as I know that you would rather be there in times of trouble. I am also not decided that the horsemen have started indeed started riding because as bad as it is some days, I have a feeling that it is going to get far, far worse & we will look back on these days & realise that we were much too premature in our thinking, however having said that, if the Lord confirms to me that we are indeed in the times of the horsemen, then I won’t argue with Him. I just don’t want to jump the gun!!

    Please keep up with your balanced newsletter as I gain a lot of insight from what you see going on around the world & it sure helps me to realise that outside of my world there is a lot more going on like Sri Lanka which I hadn’t heard about until today. I also keep up with John Haller’s weekly update as well. Are there any others you would recommend I follow on a weekly basis? Any time I see a Martin Armstrong video come up on youtube I listen to it as he gives a very good insight into what is going on as well.

    As far as I can see, most Christians in my sphere have no idea of what is going on outside of Australia & even then I am not sure that we are kept up with what is going on with our government & the rest of the world. I am also not computer savvy so that too probably hampers my knowledge of outside affairs.
    Blessings from my little corner of the world. Louise B.

    • Thank you, Louise! Caution is a good thing, so I commend you for not wanting to ‘jump the gun’. We won’t actually see the really big problems until 2023. However, if the fall harvest is good, maybe the worst can be avoided. But, I doubt it. God bless you sister. I will try to keep the audio coming. – JL

      • John, I see the harvest coming in but with no fuel to get it to market, it will rot on or in the ground. We are far too dependent on oil to get us about & there isn’t really any alternative resource to turn to. My grandmother’s generation were the last to live with horses & bullocks doing the hard work, although my mother was also used to a horse & buggy in her childhood as she lived in the country 4 hours west of Sydney, Australia & petrol stations were not part of the scene back then but we did have a larger railway system, however over the past 50 years they have pulled most of it up.
        As a wee child of the 1950s I remember a bowser outside the general store where my mother grew up but where she lived was just a name on the highway with half a dozen houses around the general store, the rest being sheep farming properties – her father owning one of them. At that time I was growing up in the outer suburbs of Sydney, an hours steam train ride from Sydney itself & our baker had a horse & cart as did the milkman but by the 1960s they had long gone being replaced by vans. By 1960 our suburb was being developed & today it is unrecognizable as the population growth spread west to the river where I now live on the divide between the Greater Sydney Basin & the mountains which is the gateway to the country. All our market gardens have disappeared with the encroachment of suburbia so we would have to depend on our now inadequate railway system to bring food to Sydney from both the north & the south of the country. At this present point in time we have a shortage of fresh fruit & veggies coming to market because of the back to back El Nino we are going through on the east coast of Australia so I am buying frozen.
        Our national elections are coming up on the 21 May so which ever party gets voted in to run this country – they are going to have to face this fuel shortage crisis that no one has talked about at all in the run up to this election. So I see a lot of angst coming because I don’t think the average man on the street knows about the oil shortage situation at all just the bureaucracy & they are keeping quiet – probably hoping it will sort itself out. So yes, your warning about hungry people resonates with me. I also see angry frustrated people when they have to go back to petrol rationing – it won’t be a pretty sight!! So yes, times are going to become brutal with anger being vented everywhere on a daily basis. Not a nice picture at all & that I think is when I see Christians becoming the scapegoats because we all have to blame someone for causing our troubles besides our governments & so it always comes back to God. So yes the horses will most probably be riding forth. I also think that the last two years have been a practice run for what is coming next… Blessings

  2. Hit the nail on the head with Steve Quayle. I listened to him, read his posts and reports for a long while. I wasn’t listening to God much at that point. But, I will say, if you want to understand misdirection, Steve Quayles website is fine for the observation.
    Oh, and many thanks. I can’t wait to download the audio version of Ezekiels Fire. And I agree with your research on in Gog and Magog. I’ve been trying to illuminate people that claim to be Christians ✝️ that the pretribulation rapture talk is pointless and destructive. Those people only listen to sermons and never open their Bible and read. God’s word is in the Bible and our holy spirit given to children of God by the sacrifice on the cross of Jesus!
    I hope the Lord shines his countenance and loving kindness upon you for sharing His word with everyone you could reach. Cheers. ~Ken

  3. Hello brother John
    I have just finished the book it took so long to long i was sick for two weeks i stitched curtains and while reading i translated in dutch i have 97 pages of notes included the bible passages
    Sometimes difficult to read it takes time to understand
    I feel so honoured to be a led to read that book God use the sometimes weak or not wordly important people instead of the wise people with all kind of decrees to shame them
    Wow brother what an awesome book most questions i have were answered while reading only few questions remain
    i discover i am not so fluent while speaking in vids i need the help of the Lord its like i only read my text and its like i have to study it before i can bring it normally public speaking was better with an audiënce but before your pc and micro which is not human or listening ha ha
    You must not hesitate thats coming from Gods Spirit this book
    Only when you speak about decades this process will take i feel not that way every time you say that i do not agree God is already shortening the days scientist discoverd that days since 2020 become shorter for few seconds already
    When you said you would be in Israel o thats one of my dream to help there

    Be blessed and your wife to

    Sister Nadine

    • Thank you, Nadine. I’m so sorry that you were sick, but glad that you were able to read the book. Things have accelerated, so I cannot be certain how long things will take. It seems that the horses of Revelation 6 have begun their ride. We’ll see if that is true. May the Lord, bless you, give you good health and see you through the days ahead. – JL

      • Hello Brother i am sick again with sort of virus in Belly please pray i was just recovered from other cold with cough no consult from doctor to afraid want to heal by myself and godgiven immuniteit sleep not good one of the reason i think

        Thank you very weak but faith i have

          • I felt the holy Spirit fallen on me a while ago and feel for now much better i looked and yes indeed you saw my post already !!
            Thank you brother for your concern
            God bless you and your health too ! Sister nadine

  4. I felt the holy Spirit fallen on me a while ago and feel for now much better i looked and yes indeed you saw my post already !!
    Thank you brother for your concern
    God bless you and your health too ! Sister nadine

  5. You can see the date of this post, some claim Taiwan is already under Chinese control. If so you are in serious jeopardy, but China is jerking Taiwan and Australia and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Godspeed my brother and the illustrious Mrs. Little as well.

    • No, China does NOT control Taiwan. Who is saying otherwise? Let me guess: Steve Quayle and his minions. Or, has some other purveyor of half-truths arisen to spew disinformation? (sigh) I get so tired of the liars. Thanks for letting me know that this is floating around out there, MM. – JL

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