When Did World War III Begin?

Whether we like it or not, a third world war has begun, and it is being fought for all the same reasons that previous world wars have been fought. The question is…

When did World War III begin?

Remember that wars are started by people who want something and consider mass murder to be an acceptable way of getting it. If the world did not have leaders willing to engage in mass murder, there would be no wars.

However, God has turned our evil towards His purposes. God used World War I and World War II.

How is God using World War III?


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When Did World War III Begin?

People treat wars as if they are inevitable – like the change of seasons or some particularly bad weather event. There is truth to this, but only in the same way that crimes are inevitable when there are enough people in one place to commit them. Because we are evil, there will always be criminals and war.

Germany, Austria and the Ottoman Empire, were the criminals that brought us World War I. Germany and Austria wanted more power, having missed out on the colonial imperialism enjoyed by Britain, France and Spain. They also wanted more access to the oil in central Asia and the Middle East. The Ottomans wanted to rejuvenate their failing empire. The Turks had been losing ground since the height of their empire in 1595, and nothing that they did seemed to work. They had put their hopes on the central powers of Europe, and it was a disaster.

World War II started for much the same reasons. Germany, Italy and Japan had imperial ambitions, and wanted oil. China was fractured and weak. Russia only looked strong on paper. The British Empire was failing. And, an isolationist America seemed indifferent to what was going on in Europe. Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito saw an opportunity and launched their own worldwide mass murder. It too was a disaster.

How did God use those two vile wars?

The creation of the State of Israel.

Just as God used the evil of Pharoah to bring the Children of Israel into their land, God also used Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan and the Ottoman Empire to bring about His purpose towards Israel. Countless books have been written that cover the details of how this happened, and I’ve done my own share of writing on this. Suffice it to say that the result was a tiny patch of ground the size of Taiwan, on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Oh, and the fulfillment of prophecy.

Now, as World War III has begun, I’m wondering how this will fulfill prophecy yet again. In fact, I’m certain of it. But wait…

How do I know that World War III has begun?

When DID it begin?

My thoughts gathered around this topic because of a video that I saw just today:

MacroVoices #320 Mike Green: Investment Strategies for World War III

Mike Green says that World War III began two years ago, and depending on how you define such things, he’s right. And also wrong. Wars are begun by placing the people willing to start them, into positions of power. In the case of this war, it was Vladimir Putin in 1999, Dick Cheney in 2001, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2003 and Xi Jinping in 2012. The people that preceded them were venal and corrupt, but not particularly interested in expanding their empires.

The world changed when those four men took the stage. And, everything that has happened since then has been entirely due to what they and their supporters have done.

Most of you already know what I think of Putin’s bloody massacres in Chechnya, Syria, Ukraine and even Africa. His corruption and thirst for power has been growing steadily for decades.

Xi Jinping

But, what about Xi Jinping?

I had been in Taiwan for a couple years, when Xi took the top spot in China. His predecessor, Hu Jintao, had seemed like a harmless nobody, and Xi (pronounced exactly like ‘she’) looked to be more of the same. And, before Hu (pronounced exactly like ‘who’), there was Jiang Zemin, who wasn’t much to write home about, either.

Unfortunately, Xi might look soft and cuddly, but he isn’t. He’s cut from the same cloth as Stalin, Hitler and Mao, but far more thoughtful and sophisticated in his grab for power. The ruling members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) thought that he was a safe member of the ‘Shanghai Gang’ and would follow in the footsteps of Jiang and Hu. Xi had other ideas.

Xi had been quietly forming his own base of power that is now referred to as the Tsinghua Clique.

“Based out of Beijing, the Tsinghua Clique has as its core a cadre of students and teachers from Tsinghua University. Tsinghua is a member of the C9 League (the Chinese equivalent to the Ivy League) and a Double First-Class University (a designation of the university’s priority in terms of funding to ensure it is able to compete academically on the world stage).”

That’s from this article:

The Coming Removal of the Mandate of Heaven, Part 3: Political Infighting

That whole series on General Crisis Watch is fascinating. And, it spells doom for the Chinese Communist Party. Unless something changes China and Xi’s ambitions are toast, and they might take us down with them.

Enter this rather interesting video:

China is Heading for Disaster… On Purpose

That video engages in some speculations. His third theory is awfully theoretical. BUT, there is truth in there that we all need to pay attention to. Xi Jinping is a truly gigantic threat to all of us, if China’s problems don’t take him down first.

Think of Xi’s China as a more modern version of the Ottoman Empire.

They have nukes, and aren’t all that afraid to use them.

Vlad ‘The Bad’ Putin

The other guy with nukes is our boy Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin, and talk from Moscow about using them is getting louder and louder. And, Russian state media are making it clear about what will happen, if Russia feels an existential threat:




And, this article from Julia Davis kinda hits home in unsettling ways:

Putin’s Stooges: He May Nuke Us All but We Are Ready to Die – ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS’

Just when you thought Russian airwaves could not get any stranger, Putin’s puppets have now surrendered to the idea of nuclear apocalypse, because at least they’ll “go to heaven.”

There is a dark fatalism that runs through Russian society, and Putin is tapping into it. If Russia loses in Ukraine – and it looks like they will – Putin might start using tactical nukes and then ICBMs. At that point, it would depend on whether there are good Russians willing to put a stop to that. And yes, there are lots of good Russians who do not like what’s happening.

Are there enough good Russians to stop nuclear war?

I don’t know. No one does.

Russian Mistakes

The problem for Russia is that they are losing. They are making mistakes that no modern military should be making. And, they don’t seem to be learning from them. Logistics are terrible. They suffer a 30%+ dud rate on their munitions, because they are past their sell-by date. Vehicles have not been maintained and are failing. They do not have ‘air burst’ artillery shells and missiles. Morale is abysmal and fights are breaking out between units. Air superiority does not exist. Pro-Russian Ukrainians have become fiercely anti-Russian.

Here’s a good analysis:

Has Ukraine already won?

Those are insane blunders. And, they show that Russia did not understand Ukraine. Worse, Russia greatly strengthened something in Ukraine that had been very weak – national identity. National identity is often forged in war, and Putin can now say that he’s done that, while also digging Russia’s grave.

There is a rather horrifying video that you might not want to watch, but explains some of what is happening:

Interview from Hell: Rubizhne, Donbas

The price that Ukraine and the Ukrainians are paying, is beyond belief for most English speakers. Those of us who have lived in war zones, understand this better. But, the price is heart breaking. Thankfully, my own experience is minor by comparison.

The Ukrainians Are NOT Nazis

And, since we’re talking about the Ukrainians, let’s look at them:



Putin wants to de-Nazify Ukraine — that’s ludicrous, say the country’s Jews
Jewish Ukrainians give short shrift to Putin’s claim he is out to save them from Nazis.

My Ukrainian friends aren’t Nazis. And, what few Nazis there are in Ukraine are barely countable. Every society has their share of morons who believe in ‘national socialism’. This is literally everywhere. We humans are evil, so there will always be Nazis.

If you want to find some real Nazis, go to the Kremlin. Moscow is literally run by ‘national socialism’. Putin is literally the walking, talking definition of Nazi. The Nazi Party was called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (or, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei), and Putin’s ‘United Russia Party’ is a mirror image of Nazism.

Cheney And Erdogan

Dick Cheney and Recep Erdogan have more obscure roles. Cheney was the author of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and may have been a part of something far worse that we are not sure about. And Erdogan is directly responsible for collapse Syria and the mass murder of Syrian civilians.

Dick Cheney might actually be the most evil American still alive. What he helped orchestrate in Iraq and Afghanistan was beyond evil. If anyone can be said to have fired the first shot of World War III, it’s probably him. He’s the one person most responsible for destroying Iraq and handing the Middle East over to Iran. And, his foul legacy lives on in the US State Department.

Erdogan is vying for his own place in the history of mass murder. He funneled weapons and aid to ISIS and Al Qaeda, murdered Syrian civilians by the truckload and flooded Europe with Muslim refugees. And, he’s still adding to the blood on his hands by doing his best to massacre the Kurds.

Oh, and the war in Syria was all about oil and natural gas.

Just like the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Where This Is Headed

Depending on how you define what world war means, it started with the election/appointment of vile people willing to engage in mass murder. And, we have a lot of dates to choose from. And, there are parts of this war that are unknown.

But, we do know where this is headed:

When Gog Comes


Other Links Of Note

I have never heard Doomberg be this audibly distraught over what is coming:

Lead-Lag Live: AMC Is As Crazy As Soaring Food Prices With Doomberg

That is an unsettling video for those who understand what famine and starvation means.

Here are a bunch of other unsettling links:

Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “I don’t think that I’ve heard this much dismay from @DoombergT. We have ignored the warning signs, and here we are. Brace for impact. I yelled about some of this for a decade. But, #Doomberg does it better. Soaring Food Prices With Doomberg https://t.co/qZ9EHCAllM” / Twitter

Thomas C. Theiner on Twitter: “Timeline of 🇩🇪’s @OlafScholz’s many lies: 1) At the end of February Germany’s defense industry sends Scholz a long list of all available weapons. 2) Scholz doesn’t share the list with Ukraine. 3) Scholz says that there are no more weapons left in Germany to give to Ukraine. 1/7” / Twitter

Yaroslav Trofimov on Twitter: “Russian attitudes to Ukraine’s desire for freedom in the past century resemble Russian attitudes to Poland’s desire for freedom in the 1800s. “Varsovia delenda est,” Pushkin wrote. Both he and Lermontov passionately supported the special operation to crush the Polish uprising.” / Twitter

Russia’s Long Disdain for Ukrainian Nationhood – WSJ


Yaroslav Trofimov on Twitter: “The TV host then goes on to say that the “terrorist” Ukrainian state must be conquered and dismantled in its entirety, and its surviving residents “cured” of their zombie-like disease. This genocide propaganda day in, day out, makes it harder and harder for Putin to stop the war.” / Twitter

Patrick Reevell on Twitter: “Remarkable clip of Russian state TV propaganda show where one guest gently brings up Russia’s retreat from Kyiv and suggests it may need to negotiate to keep territory it holds now. Everyone looks uneasy. One guest goes hysterical. Host: “But that would be victory for Ukraine”… https://t.co/JarxFapQqG” / Twitter

A Ukrainian father’s terrifying journey to a Russian prison and back – BBC News

Julia Davis on Twitter: “Earlier today, experts and lawmakers on Russian state TV were advocating the need to strike the Ukrainian railways and cities when foreign leaders come to visit, which is exactly what Russia did by carrying out strikes on Kyiv while @AntonioGuterres and @KirilPetkov were there. https://t.co/l3MHI2BmnF” / Twitter

UkraineWorld on Twitter: “‼️Russia officially authorizes robbing Ukrainian farmers. Krasnoyarsk legislators permit “expropriation of the surpluss of last year’s and this year’s harvests of Kherson oblast farmers”. — very similar to during Stalin’s “requisitions” of food which caused 1932-33 Holodomor https://t.co/92XAmZqgSj” / Twitter

Mr Ghostly on Twitter: “It took Russia just two months to go from “special military operation to demilitarize Ukraine” to: • mass execution of civilians • mass rapes against women and children • trafficking Ukrainians including children into Russia • Holodomor v2 https://t.co/eI3EGtRe1P” / Twitter

Yaroslav Trofimov on Twitter: “Legislature of the Krasnoyarsk region in Russia votes to “expropriate excess harvest” from farmers in occupied parts of Ukraine. https://t.co/xq6dzBd45N https://t.co/T1bU9o3XCd” / Twitter

Yaroslav Trofimov on Twitter: “The Russians occupied the village of Velykyi Bobryk for only ten days. Now, as in many places across Ukraine, local men are missing, taken across the border. “We have no idea where he is, what happened to him, is he alive, is he dead. Nothing.” Our latest. https://t.co/0ZmWf2VahL” / Twitter

In Liberated Ukrainian Villages, Fears Grow for Men Taken to Russia – WSJ

Julia Davis on Twitter: “More genocidal talk on Russian state TV: political scientist Sergey Mikheyev claims that no one speaks the Ukrainian language & it doesn’t even exist. No one in the studio contradicts him or stops him. Every pundit is aboard Putin’s train to destroy everything Ukrainian for good. https://t.co/UmO3NS93wm” / Twitter

‘You can’t imagine the conditions’ – Mariupol refugees share trauma of Russia-run detention camps – BBC News

Caroline Davies on Twitter: “The first footage of 3 month old Kira Glodan, laughing with her mother Her father, Yuriy Glodan who also lost his wife and mother in law in Saturday’s attack on Odesa told us “My world died, killed by a Russian missile” Producer @OLaceEvans Camera @manuelfocus For @BBCNews https://t.co/TVFQLE5zST” / Twitter

Caroline Davies on Twitter: “Yesterday he lost his 3 month old daughter, wife and mother in law in a Russian missile strike We found Yuriy Glodan trying to salvage his memories from the rubble of the building He wanted the world to hear about his family Producer: @OLaceEvans https://t.co/xkxTsbWwcf https://t.co/YKa8DyvKi5” / Twitter

Yaroslav Trofimov on Twitter: “Russia is inflicting on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, some of the worst devastation Europe has seen since WWII, pounding its northern neighborhoods into pre-industrial age. Shelling is getting worse every day. Our p1 piece in @WSJ https://t.co/5oz13rBp9d https://t.co/aMr5tFsHXz” / Twitter

Julia Davis on Twitter: “What their comments also reveal is that since Russia’s relations with the West are ruined for the foreseeable future, they no longer feel the need to pretend that they share (or ever shared) any of our democratic values. The mask fell off with a thud. https://t.co/eg2xFxiOMy” / Twitter

Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter: “”I lived in #Mariupol for 35 years, my husband worked at #Azovstal for 28 years. And now I’m left with nothing, nothing, I’m just a beggar, whose fault was it? Because of one crazy person who came to protect me, from whom?”, – sadly, a very typical story for a Mariupol resident. https://t.co/ZwvDh87eQ4″ / Twitter

Julia Davis on Twitter: “Russia descends even deeper into medieval barbarism, as a pundit argues on state TV that the exits at Azovstal should be sealed off with concrete. Host prefers the idea of capturing Ukrainians and showing them at public markets, allowing anyone to do “whatever they want” to them. https://t.co/lAGjJWwiMW” / Twitter

Allan Mustard on Twitter: “I own a 1938 German world atlas. It includes maps of all European countries but one, Poland, which a year later Germany helped erase until 1945. #Russia’s erasing of #Ukraine echoes the Nazi tactic of erasing Poland. There, I said it.” / Twitter

Rob Lee on Twitter: “In addition to attempting to assassinate Anatoly Chubais, Kvachkov was also the primary driver for the creation of SSO, Russia’s equivalent to JSOC.” / Twitter

Garry Kasparov on Twitter: “They started removing my name from Russian record books years ago. I’m in good company! But erasing a nation or nationality is preparation for further atrocities. https://t.co/nS0nSi7Yn8” / Twitter

Odesa missile attack: ‘My world was destroyed by a Russian missile’ – BBC News

David Patrikarakos on Twitter: “THREAD: I’ve arrived in Dnipro to begin covering the battle for eastern #Ukraine. Dima has been fighting since early March. “It’s like WWII but with modern technology. 2014 was a playground compared to this.” * I have permission to tweet his photo & all comments. https://t.co/dy5s5D2zB0” / Twitter

In Ukraine’s Mariupol, a website for the missing reveals the toll of Russia’s war – The Washington Post

Julia Davis on Twitter: “Military expert on state TV talks about “filtration camps” for POWs, with just one facility “set up to accept 100,000.” With such large numbers, they’re obviously talking not just about POWs, but Ukrainians at large who don’t welcome Putin’s invasion. How many camps are there? https://t.co/X8IE7ob2oD” / Twitter

Jack Detsch on Twitter: “The U.S. underestimated Putin’s penchant for brutality in Ukraine, Kirby said. “I don’t think we fully appreciated the degree to which he would visit that kind of violence and cruelty and … depravity on innocent people … with such utter disregard for the lives he was taking.” https://t.co/suwYIGo7iN” / Twitter


Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “So, this is a big reason why #Russia is doing so poorly against prepared #Ukrainian positions: Little-to-no air burst capability for their #artillery One wonders if there was some corruption in the procurement process of the Russian military.” / Twitter

ISW on Twitter: “April 28 Assessment Highlight: If confirmed, the appointment of #Russia’s Valery Gerasimov to personally command tactical operations in the #Izyum drive indicates both the importance of the Izyum drive to Russia and the breakdown in the chain of command. https://t.co/pMrnrNf7CO https://t.co/NuDxZZ8xFg” / Twitter

Dmitri 🇺🇦 on Twitter: “28 April morning doom-update from Igor Strelkov-Girkin regarding the Battle of Donbas. In short, the offensive is too slow, the Ukrainian defences and resistance are too strong. https://t.co/Gl9785ShEi” / Twitter

Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “#Putin’s Soviet tactics and bungling strategy has forged a new #Ukraine that will seek the destruction of Russia as we know it. #Russia could have avoided this with a better strategy, but chose otherwise. #UkraineRussiaWar Has Ukraine already won? https://t.co/PEwwhz8l3V” / Twitter

Konstantin Kisin on Twitter: “Mindblowing conversation with an old friend in Ukraine. He was always pro-Russian to the point that when I spoke to him on the day of the invasion he said “Finally – everything is happening as it should”. His house is in an area that was close to being occupied in the early…” / Twitter

(1) Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “Putin successfully unites Ukraine in a way never seen before. I mean, unity is good, right? #UkraineRussiaWar” / Twitter

Why has the Russian military performed worse than expected?

Michael Idov 🌻 on Twitter: “Holy moly, now that’s how you quit a job: top Gazprom manager goes to Ukraine, joins army, takes up arms against Russia, blows whistle on alleged murder of another exec” / Twitter

Alex Hazanov on Twitter: “For Russian speakers, a Russian (or DNR) soldier’s account of battles for Rubezhne, a small town in Donetsk which the Russians were trying to take since March. https://t.co/tcZFebFKN0” / Twitter

Liz Sly on Twitter: “When Russian troops surged into Ukraine, a clandestine network of brave Belarusians set about sabotaging the railway lines on which Russia relied for its supplies. They may have played in a bigger role in the Russian failure around Kyiv than is realized https://t.co/QRkl1dM2NC” / Twitter

Belarusian railway saboteurs helped thwart Russia’s assault on Kyiv – The Washington Post

Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “In response to this question: What did you get wrong about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? —- This lack of preparation did serious damage to Russia’s hopes to win this war. Russian troops and logistics were not ready, and it shows.” / Twitter

Rob Lee on Twitter: “I thought Russian soldiers would have been given more than a few hours notice they were going to war.” / Twitter

Peter Zeihan on Twitter: “#Russia is becoming more public with its #UkraineWar plans, bit by bit. Yesterday a Russian general made clear an interim goal was to push to #Moldova. 1/ https://t.co/5kJQ5Tl6Bh” / Twitter

Rob Lee on why attrition will be a critical factor in the battle for Donbas | The Economist

Yaroslav Trofimov on Twitter: “Everyone focused on Russian intelligence assets in Ukraine before the war. Given the remarkable unity of Ukrainian society now and the intense opposition to the invasion among some Russians, I am wondering whether Kyiv is creating a far better network within Russia.” / Twitter

Scott Rose on Twitter: “Russian state TV on the explosions in Bryansk: First was a civilian facility with about 10k tons of fuel, second fire was 10 to 15 minutes later at a military depot with ~5k tons of fuel No word on cause or casualties https://t.co/jTkqeZ7gCC” / Twitter

Rob Lee on Twitter: “It sounds like this was an air or missile strike. Most likely, a Tochka-U tactical ballistic missile, which has the range to reach both targets if they are deployed close to the Ukrainian-Russian border.” / Twitter

Russian Military’s Next Front Line: Replacing Battlefield Equipment Destroyed in Ukraine – WSJ

Nathan Carson on Twitter: “Russia doesn’t have the manpower and it doesn’t have the industry for a prolonged war with Ukraine. Keep this in mind as the slugfest continues in the East.” / Twitter

Dmitri 🇺🇦 on Twitter: “Russian soldiers marauding each other. In this intercepted call, father of a Russian son asks him to bring him some pistols, the son instead suggests he can only bring an ATGM. https://t.co/5zQSzaaOh2” / Twitter

Dmitri 🇺🇦 on Twitter: “How does it feel being on the frontlines as an LPR soldier storming #Rubizhne? Making rounds in the 🇷🇺 internet today is a volunteer’s account sharing the nightmares of the Battle for Donbas in March and April, with infantry assaulting fortified 🇺🇦positions. My translation. 1/2 https://t.co/DxzF7C9OOu” / Twitter

Ukrainians Flood Village of Demydiv to Keep Russians at Bay – The New York Times

Ukrainian Forces Get Crash Course on Javelin Missiles from U.S. Volunteers – WSJ

Shashank Joshi on Twitter: “🧵 Western officials on the Russia-Ukraine war, afternoon of April 29th:” / Twitter

Peter Zeihan on Twitter: “As Putin is the guy who personally signed off on the leveling of Grozny, this is not a great sign from humanitarian point of view.” / Twitter


UK on verge of food security concerns ‘not seen since WWII’ – FarmingUK News

Brazil’s Top Farmer To Slash Fertilizer Usage By 25% Amid Shortage | ZeroHedge


On Ukraine, Turkey Walks Fine Line Between NATO, Russia

Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “While everyone was distracted by Russian atrocities in Ukraine, Turkey decided to launch their own against the Kurds. If you thought that Russia was bad, try looking a little harder at #Turkey. They still don’t see anything wrong with murdering over a million Armenians.” / Twitter

Turkey Tries To Remain Neutral As Russia’s War Persists | OilPrice.com


Liquefied natural wind – Irina Slav on energy

Rory Johnston on Twitter: “🇺🇸🛢️😱📉💥 OH BOY Whole lotta hope resting on US oil supply growth assumptions this year. The EIA just released its [far more accurate] monthly US crude oil production estimates for February and… 😬 WE’RE DOWN! Check out the details for yourself: https://t.co/kjBsOzI5p7 https://t.co/hGmK709GEW” / Twitter


Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “Three theories. Can confirm the first one. Maybe even the second. But, that third one… I live in #Taiwan. None of us want to see that third theory proven true. #XiJinping #XiJinpingNewMao #China is Heading for Disaster… On Purpose https://t.co/imcElhHDX5” / Twitter

The Coming Removal of the Mandate of Heaven, Part 3: Political Infighting

China Coal Import Tariffs Cut to Zero to Increase Supply – Bloomberg

General Crisis Watch | Eric Mertz | Substack

Nikkei Asia on Twitter: “BREAKING | Beijing seals off homes, shuts venues over COVID-19 outbreak https://t.co/4CjcD7CeMW” / Twitter


“Ministry of Truth” trends for multiple days on Twitter after Biden sets up his “Disinformation Governance Board” | Not the Bee

Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “Why does it feel like the US is following the path of Nazi Germany? The #Left always does this, and then wonders why they keep getting Hitler. At least they are out in the open with what they have been doing to us.” / Twitter

Allie Beth Stuckey on Twitter: “What’s remarkable is that one of the most stunning turns in the history of public discourse occurred because a satire account said a man is not a woman.” / Twitter

INVESTIGATION: Hospitals Ignoring Price Transparency Rule Rack Up Billion-Dollar Profits

Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “American hospitals are corrupt. In fact, as I sit here in Taiwan… I wonder about what isn’t corrupt. I doubt that I can afford to go back. INVESTIGATION: Hospitals Ignoring Price Transparency Rule Rack Up Billion-Dollar Profits, by @open_the_books https://t.co/sEEz1JXB8t” / Twitter

Queen of CRINGE Heads Biden Ministry of Truth – YouTube


Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “The interesting story of how the Belarus tail wags the Russian dog. When #Russia collapses, will #Belarus take over? Or, will Navalny become the next #Putin?” / Twitter

Kamil Galeev on Twitter: “On April 21 the official channel of Belarus border control complained that Poland & Lithuania hamper the truck flows from the EU to Belarus. The question is – why would Poland and Lithuania allow any traffic at all? Belarus is *the* main Russian smuggling channel and trade proxy https://t.co/eyy2pJnY9X” / Twitter


Igor Sushko on Twitter: “🧵 RELIGION: Here’s more of Kremlin’s image altering. Kiril, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, is a key member of Putin’s Mafia and is a billionaire himself. Kremlin photoshopped this photo to remove his ~$30,000 wristwatch but forgot to remove the watch reflection. https://t.co/dCd6WBA7P5” / Twitter


Wall Street Silver on Twitter: “Something big is coming in my opinion. One in five container ships is now stuck at ports worldwide, with 30% of the backlog coming from China 🚨 https://t.co/FZU7L9kHhE” / Twitter

Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “Holy Garbage Dump, Batman! Can anyone say ‘Margin Call’? #Commodities #Barclays” / Twitter

Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “Kids, I think that we’re in trouble. (h/t: @DoombergT )” / Twitter


John MacArthur/Masters Seminary | The Roys Report

EXCLUSIVE: MacArthur Shamed, Excommunicated Wife of Child Abuser


Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “Holy garbage dump, Batman! I wish that watching stupid policy decisions wasn’t so painful. God help us, but we’re no smarter than those sheep. h/t: @DoombergT” / Twitter


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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14 thoughts on “When Did World War III Begin?”

  1. So I am hearing about the flechettes. What horrors are emerging. Yes this is evil and becoming more so. Another headline says Putin will be having cancer surgery soon. Maybe true, maybe disinformation. I think from here on out, though, things will do nothing but get worse. But the followers of this blog have pretty much concluded that already …..

    • I did not know about the cancer story. That might explain a few things. I’m afraid that these horrors are just the beginning. Food riots across Africa and Asia will add to the dead and dying. I had been hoping that we had more time before these things happened. Thank you for that update, DRG. – JL

  2. John I understand where your message was going but how you get there leads to more questions?For instance what I have learned of WW11 and Japan the U.S. sanctioned the Japanese so heavily they had no choice but to see oil and gas forcefully instigated by the USA to enter WW11.Now the part that really gets me:Our goverment is corrupt our monetary system is in shambles,our economy headed off a cliff,Our Constition our Bill of Rightsis being trashed,we have hordes of paupers _ _ _ _ting on our streets.Why exactly are we supposed to care about Ukraine instead just maybe thats what the DHS and the new Ministry of Truth is pumping everybody behind Ukraine ignore the real culprit the USA and its neocon warmongers because it is th US who will fight till last Ukrainian standing.

    • Hi John Murray,

      This piece was already several thousand words, which means there’s a limit to how much of the story I can tell at one time.

      Do you know WHY the US put sanctions on Japan before World War II?

      I remember being fed that line about how America lured Japan into attacking the US. How shameful that they failed to mention WHY these sanctions were placed upon Japan.

      Ready for the answer?

      All those years ago, they didn’t tell me why, either. So, I understand why you wouldn’t know. I had to look it up, myself. Unfortunately, those facts were inconvenient for those who paint the US as wanting a war with Japan. So, the answer might be new to many.

      So, why did the US government seize Japanese assets in July of 1941?

      Japan had already been raping and massacring its way across China. But then, they invaded what is now called Southeast Asia.

      Remember that America supplied Imperial Japan with 80% of its oil, so that it could do its mass rape and mass murder.

      How would you feel if you knew that America was making possible the mass rape, mass torture, mass enslavement and mass murder of innocent civilians in Asia?

      Do you think that it’s a good thing to sell cheap oil to those engaged in the worst atrocities in human history?

      Can ANYONE think that the Nanjing Massacre was a good thing? All the other massacres?

      Should America have supported Hirohito and Hitler?

      But of course, we did support them. Big business made lots and lots of money from them and were upset when their ‘gravy train’ was stopped. Standard Oil. IBM. Ford. They all made fabulous amounts of money from Hitler and Hirohito.

      So, forgive me for being less-than-enthusiastic about the claims that you are making here. I despise what FDR did in other areas. I despise the many evils that happened at that time. But, I do not despise the cutting off of American oil to Imperial Japan the mass murders of Asia.

      Those Christians who are against helping Ukraine survive against mass slaughter by Russia have lost sight of what it means to follow Christ.

      I hope that helps clear things up a bit, John.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Look up the interview on Fox where president nee comedian zelensky states that the Nazi Azov brigades have been “assimilated” into the regular army to dilute their influence.
      I’m not a Putin apologist, this whole mess is an orchestrated war intended to hurt Russia, the West, and everybody possible.
      Ukraine is a puppet Soros regime

      • Hi Bondo,

        It is true that there are neo-Nazis in the Azov battalion. It is also true that they’ve been assimilated into the regular Ukrainian army. What you did not see is that all these ‘battalions’ came out of volunteer groups that came together in 2014, when Russia invaded Ukraine. And yes, in 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine.

        Did you know that there’s a ‘Bob Marley’ battalion?

        Furthermore, neo-Nazi parties only got about 2% of the vote. Which is about normal for any country.

        As for Soros… does it really matter?

        Seriously, should America be invaded because Soros money backs certain groups in the US?

        Should Italians be massacred because Soros money funds ‘democracy groups’ there?

        Please think this through, Bondo.

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

  3. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/china/chinas-extreme-lockdown-measures/

    Look at the brief video there. I would find this hard to believe if I didn’t see it, and I don’t think it’s photoshopped. They are literally drilling into the concrete outside of people’s doors to install metal posts making it impossible for them to get out of their homes. Immurement. 25 million people in Shanghai, last I read, being entombed in their homes and their only hope of getting food and water is depending on government employees. How many of those would it take to actually feed 25 million people? More than there are, not to mention how competent and dependable and caring they will (not) be. This is too bizarre and horrific for words.

      • So what else are you and Mrs. Little hearing? is this not enough of an outrage to start a revolution? Isn’t that what the CCP is terrified of, losing control? So why would they be bringing this down upon their own heads?????

        • Hi DRG,

          This is the power of propaganda and deep censorship in China. Many Chinese believe the CCP and trust them. And, the CCP is careful to coddle those who actively support them. (Membership has benefits.) How many do not, is hard to say. And, they would have to be quiet about any disagreement.

          There is a kind of ‘underground’ that has formed. With connections outside of China that are getting the message out – and then, back in. One example is on Twitter:

          The Great Translation Movement

          There are also networks within China that work hard to get around the internal censorship and talk about what’s happening. The Falun Gong have their own network. So do Chinese Christians.

          Are these networks and movements big enough to bring down the CCP?

          Are the mistakes made by the CCP big enough to bring about their fall?

          Will the infighting within the CCP bring it down, as opposition to it rises?

          Mao and Stalin were clever in how they managed the death of millions by starvation. This time around, I’m not sure that they will be able to manage it. Killing the weak is harder with so many cell phones around.

          Remember that the road to starvation leads through violence.

          I hope that helps, DRG. Keep up the good work, and pray for our brothers and sisters in China.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  4. 26 food factories have burned down in about 3 weeks. PCR tests are being used to find Avian flu and destroying entire flocks. Millions of birds and eggs our of production. I have mentioned livestock shortages now the government is paying 1.5x what animals are worth to destroy herds. Time to start growing and acquiring livestock and feed. There is shelves sitting empty abd the prices are climbing fast.

  5. While we are depleting our armory aiding Ukraine, who is blasting through a months worth of weapons every four days, China is biding their time until we are so depleted we can’t do the same for Taiwan.
    I know what you read, so you know that there is about to be no food, nowhere.
    Ukraine, with their gay porn star puppet actor president, a successor of the 2014 color revolution funded by Soros, is the hook in the jaws of the West.
    Globalist puppet Biden is depleting our oil reserves, our armory, and our currency.
    I would get out of Taiwan now.

    • Hi Bondo,

      For years, I have admired and respected your desire to grasp the truth without compromise. You have done your very best to point out the terrible path that America is on. Your passion for righteousness and truth is why your site is on Omega Shock’s blogroll, and will remain so.

      However, there is a part that is missing, and I fear that I am partly responsible for this. By focusing so much on the vile actions of the US State Department – especially Victoria Nuland – I have not given you the bigger picture. I have not covered the events in Ukraine accurately. Nor have I demonstrated our need for compassion for those who suffer.

      Omega Shock is first and foremost a site dedicated to following Christ. I have operated under the assumption that this is clear, and that everyone understands what it means to be a Christian. I believe that I have made a serious error in not making these principles more clear. I will need to focus more on this in the future.

      As Christians, we cannot kill others for purposes of political gain. Nor are we allowed to support others in their attempts to kill others for political gain.

      As followers of Christ, we cannot stand idly by, while men, women and children are being murdered. If they seek help from us, we must give it. As followers of Christ, we do not apply a ‘morality standard’ to our help.

      If a homosexual asks us for food, we give it.

      If some unknown person needs help carrying groceries into their car, we don’t ask if their moral values conform to our own.

      We are followers of Christ. Just as Jesus defended the woman caught in adultery, we should do the same. We do not deserve the love, care and forgiveness that God gave to us, so we should not shrink from giving to others who also do not deserve it.

      The Ukrainians are in desperate need. They have been unfairly attacked in the most brutal way possible. To stand by and allow the Ukrainians to be destroyed would be a vile thing to do. And, they do not need to pass a ‘morality test’ to obtain our support.

      Furthermore, Zelensky is NOT a ‘gay porn star’. I have seen no proof of that, and I am in a position to have seen any such evidence. Having said that, I do not consider him to be a moral and upright man.

      As for any funding of the ‘color revolution’ by Soros in Ukraine, it doesn’t matter. It does not make it right for Russia to invade Ukraine. Ukraine was NOT threatening Russia in any way.

      Putin himself did not order the invasion of Ukraine because he perceived Ukraine to be a threat to Russia’s security. His statements. His actions. And his initial strategy for this war make that very clear.

      This was about the love of money. Full stop.

      The invasion of Taiwan is a different matter. I came here to serve God to the best of my feeble abilities, and if that means my death, then I am willing to die. Giving Ukraine $40 billion in weapons will not make my demise more certain. If anything, America’s determined support for Ukraine has made the invasion of Taiwan less likely.

      Again, you have my admiration and respect, Bondo. And, I sympathize with your position. But, we must not forget what it means to follow Christ. As the days grow ever more dark, we will need to hold this foundation even closer.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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