When Gog Comes Is Complete – And A New Direction

Today, I uploaded the final version of:


It’s 30 years of experience packed into nine hours of reading – or listening (if you prefer). It’s the most important thing that I’ve ever written, and it cracks open two centuries of bad theories.

Unfortunately, if what I wrote is true, it must become the most hated book on eschatology ever written. That’s how truth spreads. It’s hated first. Tolerated second. And finally, after the hatred dies off – accepted.

So, share that link, and let the hate begin.

And, keep reading for that new change in direction, as well as the important news that I’ve accumulated this week.


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The audio version of When Gog Comes is complete and has been posted here:


You can also download and listen via an m3u playlist, here:


Total listen time is nine and a half hours. If you only have time to listen to just the first half hour, do that.


When Gog Comes Is Complete – And A New Direction

I wish that there was a different book that I could point you to – one that points out the flaws of our current eschatology and shares with us what the Bible actually says about where we are headed. When Gog Comes is a painful message of a grim future, and I would have preferred that someone else write it. But, I didn’t see anyone doing that, so here we are.

Why is this such a grim book?

Because we are nowhere near the time of the Antichrist.

That’s right, the Antichrist is not even close. And, that’s a grim statement because the collapse of our civilization has already begun, and it will be the one thing that paves the way for the Man of Sin.

I had been hoping that this collapse would not begin for a few more years. I still thought that, in early February, when I finished the rewrite and began preparing for the audio version of When Gog Comes.

Then, the invasion of Ukraine happened, and all my hopes of just a few more years were dashed. Putin had thrown a wrench into the complicated machinery of our planet, and a cascade of violence and famine were going to sweep the globe.

Eleven years ago, when I began writing about how our world would collapse, I knew that energy scarcity would lead to war. But, I wasn’t expecting the energy wars to have their beginning in Ukraine. In fact, I was looking in a completely different direction, with Russia going after central Asia, or maybe a Chinese invasion somewhere.

But, Ukraine?


Yeah. Really.

They have the second largest natural gas reserves in Europe and the sixth largest coal reserves in the world. Russia wants those reserves because their own are failing, and I had not realized that.

Yes, I knew that Russia was having some trouble. Everybody knew that. You don’t drill for oil and natural gas in the Arctic, if you have better options. My miscalculation was in what Russia would do about that. I had been hoping that Russia had turned its back on centuries of violent history.

I was wrong.

I’m not alone in failing to see this coming. The vast majority of clear thinking geopolitical analysts thought of Putin as rational, and that he would continue his nudge-nudge approach to Ukraine and elsewhere. But, those of us who spoke Russian knew what was coming.

How ironic that I once thought about learning Russian, while pursuing a degree in Physics. But, when I called up the professor, to find out what the course would be like, her enthusiasm over how much work we were going to do made me run screaming in the other direction. And no, I didn’t finish the Physics degree, either. I got something more fitting – political science, with a focus on geopolitics and history.

I also have an MBA, but that’s only good for impressing people who don’t have one.

The fact is that history didn’t end with the fall of the Soviet Union. The bad old days of war, repression and genocidal massacre never ended. They just took on different names and different identities. Russia today, is the same Russia that led the Soviet Union.

Hitler, Stalin and Mao would have understood exactly what Putin is doing. They all worked from the same play book. In fact, if you pay attention to Russian state media, you will hear all the genocidal mania that you could ever want. And, it’s a replay of the Nazi rise to power.

Same slogans.

Different language.

Proof that we humans never, ever learn.

Revelation Six

That’s all about now, and I’ll talk about all that a bit later. What I need to communicate now, is the new direction that I’m turning towards:


Eleven years ago, I knew that this day was coming, so I sat down to write as loudly as I could about that future. That wasn’t the only thing that I was writing, but the core was ride of the four horsemen and the collapse of our civilization. Now that these horsemen are riding, it’s time to turn my attention to what they are doing.

Should the Lord give me time, a third book will probably pop out. We’ll see.

What I Saw This Week (And Wish I Hadn’t)

I’ve got six videos and a book for you to consider, before looking at a host of links that won’t brighten your day very much.


Let’s start with Putin’s henchmen.

Meet the Russian Siloviki – Putin’s inner circle

I’ve known about the Siloviki for a long time. They’re the guys who actually own Russia. And yes, ownership is the operative word here.

Russia Threatens to Put Nukes Near Finland, Sweden

It’s as if Putin WANTED Finland and Sweden in NATO. If NATO had a ‘salesman of the year award’, Putin would win that one, hands down.

Then, as Biden keeps blaming Putin for all the woes of the world, here’s what is actually true:

It’s All Putin’s Fault !!! Inflation, Gas, Everything !!! – Doomberg

That’s my favorite green chicken putting energy and food in proper perspective. And, he continues sharing some serious thoughts, here:

Global Food Shortages & the Need for Energy Security | Doomberg

If you prefer iTunes, that conversation can be found here

Oh, and if you are thinking about investing in ‘crypto’, watch this first. The amount of fraud in the ‘crypto’ space is beyond phenomenal:


Seriously kids, don’t do crypto.

Just in case you forgot what China is trying to do in my neck of the woods, in the western part of the Pacific:

#161 The US Battles China in the Pacific | Cleo Paskal

The small islands of the Pacific are being gobbled up by China, and it’s not a good thing. Not good at all.

Oh, and this other YouTube video from China Uncensored was deleted:

Massive Food Shortages Coming from China’s Covid Lockdowns – YouTube

Were they pushed? Or, did they jump?

Possible Book Recommendation – The End Of The World – Peter Zeihan

This is what’s coming before When Gog Comes:

The End of the World is Just the Beginning – Mapping The Collapse Of Globalization

Consider it a prequel, although I haven’t read it yet. Here is the description:

2019 was the last great year for the world economy.

For generations, everything has been getting faster, better, and cheaper. Finally, we reached the point that almost anything you could ever want could be sent to your home within days – even hours – of when you decided you wanted it.

America made that happen, but now America has lost interest in keeping it going.

Globe-spanning supply chains are only possible with the protection of the U.S. Navy. The American dollar underpins internationalized energy and financial markets. Complex, innovative industries were created to satisfy American consumers. American security policy forced warring nations to lay down their arms. Billions of people have been fed and educated as the American-led trade system spread across the globe.

All of this was artificial. All this was temporary. All this is ending.

In The End of the World is Just the Beginning, author and geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan maps out the next world: a world where countries or regions will have no choice but to make their own goods, grow their own food, secure their own energy, fight their own battles, and do it all with populations that are both shrinking and aging.

The list of countries that make it all work is smaller than you think. Which means everything about our interconnected world – from how we manufacture products, to how we grow food, to how we keep the lights on, to how we shuttle stuff about, to how we pay for it all – is about to change.

A world ending. A world beginning. Zeihan brings readers along for an illuminating (and a bit terrifying) ride packed with foresight, wit, and his trademark irreverence.

I have been paying attention to Peter for a little while, and there are a lot of things that he says that I’ve been saying for years – but in a way that might make more sense to you. Again, think of Peter’s book as a prelude to mine.

Other Links

I would love to dig deep into the next batch of links, but I’m already out of time, and this post is 3000+ words already. So, I hafta stop. But, let me point out a few crucial ones:

The reason why Russia is what it is today, is because of Pushkin. If you spend any amount of time looking at Russia, you will hear that name. He is THE cultural icon of Russia, everything devolves from his influence.

For America and the West, our cultural icons were the King James Bible and Shakespeare. That’s why the West is what it is today. Yes, there are other ‘icons’ in the mix, but they are not the ones who did the most to shape our language and our culture.

This next tweet will help you understand what Pushkin’s influence has on our future, should Russia succeed:

Everything that I’m hearing about in Russian is straight out of the Hitler/Stalin/Mao playbook. It is a grotesque level of violence and inhumanity that is beyond astounding. And, if Russia wins this war in Ukraine, the world as we know it is over.

Unfortunately, if Russia loses this war in Ukraine, the world as we know it will also end. Russia will break apart and each Russian province will fight for it’s own piece of the carcass. It will be a horrifying mess.

There actually isn’t a third option. The machinery of our world started to break down in 2005, when conventional oil started to decline. Then, it broke down further with COVID lockdowns. Now, it cannot survive this invasion of Ukraine.

The world as you know it, is over.

You will not like what comes next.


When Gog Comes

What is coming is straight out of our worst nightmares. But, God said that it would happen, so we need to be ready for…

When Gog Comes


When Gog Comes – Audio Version

You can find the audio version here:


Or, download and listen via an m3u playlist, here:


Total listen time is nine and a half hours. If you only have time to listen to just the first half hour, do that.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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5 thoughts on “When Gog Comes Is Complete – And A New Direction”

  1. The following link, from somewhere in social media, shows Shanghai DUMPING perfectly good food that was donated and shipped in for the people literally starving in their apartments, with the preposterous excuse that it was spoiled, when it obviously wasn’t:


    This implies that something else I read, while not verifiable, was correct – that Xi had a Stalinesque plan to starve the people into submission.

    Combine that with this – I have no link for this but heard it read on a Christian news video: An April 14th announcement from CF Industries stated that Union Pacific RR is “halting the delivery of fertilizer shipments right in the middle of peak planting season”; something about RR-mandated shipping reductions; dropping shipments of both fertilizer and grain (??? interesting choices) shipments all across America. This was gleaned from several sources, according to the reader, including Brighteon and News Target. And don’t forget the millions of chickens, hogs, etc that had to be killed and dumped into landfills because cvd restrictions prevented them getting to market, or even processed.

    Connecting the dots ….. I have read extensively about the Holodomor and it is exactly the same. The same demonic spirit is behind all of this. I believe the PTB are deliberately trying to create a worldwide Holodomor. The lies and nonsensical mandates are the same … Stalin forbade the Ukrainians to feed their workhorses hay, they could only feed them straw. Which does not sustain life, so of course the horses eventually starved and died, and Russian soldiers were ordered to pour various chemicals over the carcasses to prevent the starving Ukrainians from eating them. Now, they can’t even wait for the sanctions against Russia to affect the fertilizer market in real time – they must STOP this abomination of growing food NOW!!!!

    There is no intelligent conspiracy going on among the human PTB, because almost all of them are idiots, and as you’ve said they are constantly fighting with each other and cannot keep anything completely secret. But the truly intelligent conspiracy going on is the enemy’s ….. his pawns are too stupid to see the whole picture but they are playing right into the enemy’s hand in all these different sectors, bringing about a perfect storm of death, starvation and destruction. I just read that plastic pollution is continuing to wreak havoc on male fertility to the point that by 2045, human males could be unable to create sperm. Or deliver it, as this is affecting genitalia structure as much as sperm production. Microplastic particles are now being found in the bottom of people’s lungs, and it had been thought that the cilia would be able to intercept and remove this before it got that deep into the lungs. Not so. I can’t help but think this also has to do with the increasing numbers of males, at least when they were born, feeling more like females and not being or feeling heterosexual. It’s only been recently that I even heard of the term pansexual, meaning someone who has no preference for either gender. How crazy is that? Hormones totally govern that kind of behavior, and the pthalates from plastic act like estrogens.

    My point being, Bill Gates’ goal of reducing population by 90% was going to happen anyway, actually more like complete extinction in a few more decades, WITHOUT the help of engineered famine, war and destruction, or even the covid kill shots. So much horror is coming out about that now, from honest scientists, that it’s unreal. Insurance companies and morticians have seen a 40% increase in deaths from all causes in 2021. Think about that. The only universally applicable trigger for that would be the vaccines. Many are looking at the published data, having dug to see the real as opposed to manipulated numbers, and are anticipating increasing massive die-off from this, which appears to be starting now, especially in New Zealand. They further opine that when the dull-witted sheep finally get it – that they have been poisoned – that there will be massive unrest and payback to the officials responsible for this. There probably will, if anyone left standing has the strength to fight, having myocarditis and veins and arteries filled with rubbery white sludge. Morticians are finding that, when they attempt to drain the blood to inject embalming fluid. I am serious. But for divine intervention, I don’t see how humanity as a race will be able to survive the effects of its own selfishness, corruption, and laziness – since recycling is essentially up to a person’s diligence and sense of integrity. As long as the junk is in someone else’s back yard, most do not care. Except now there is so much of it it’s everywhere in the wind, water, food, air. Everywhere.

    Enough ranting for today. I entirely agree with that guy’s blog name, Cluster**** Nation. Except it’s the whole world. This has all been inevitable. From the beginning. It does not matter what kind of government you have, who you vote for (voting is a farce) or even who manages to seize power: all tends inevitably to corruption and chaos because of the flawed human nature. The inevitable success of sociopaths. It would only be a matter of time until science and technology reached a point where they could actually ruin the entire earth and kill off all people.

    • Hi DRG,

      I’ve been watching those events pretty carefully also. There are reasons within reasons.

      Shanghai is Xi Jinping’s power base (he was mayor, there), and had been generally unaffected by the lockdowns that swept the country. The big difference is that the average Shanghainese are able to bridge the The Great Firewall and get video out. They also have higher expectations for better treatment than the rest of China, so their outrage is worse. (They’re a little spoiled.)

      Also, they didn’t do any preparation. Shanghai is the wealthiest city in China, and few had more than a week’s supply of rice (and little else) when lockdowns hit. You don’t see many canned or dried goods in Shanghai, because they like everything to be fresh – which makes for a far more fragile supply chain.

      Shanghai is turning into a disaster for the CCP, and we’re seeing a lot of desperate measures being implemented by Beijing to head it off. For more on what’s really happening, check out these three channels:




      Those two guys have deep contacts throughout China, and lived there for more than a decade. Of all my sources on China, they understand what’s going on the best.

      The fertilizer situation is pretty serious, and you should follow Nathan Carson for that:


      He’s deep inside the fertilizer supply chain, and a Christian. You’ll get honest info there.

      The Bottom Line

      This is the Hand of God, moving us towards our rendezvous with prophecy. If you remember that God puts hooks in the jaws of Gog and Magog, you should see the same kind of thing, here.

      God allowed us to build a Tower of Babel, and now He’s ‘jogging the elbow’ of people in power. And, each little blunder is leading to the destruction of our ‘New World Order’.

      Yes, there is evil behind all of it, but God is the one who is pushing them into making serious mistakes. It is easy to forget this as we look at the many conspiracies that threaten to turn our world upside down. But, God will see us through, even if the ride is a little rough.

      Thanks for bringing that up, DRG.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • UPDATE,

      I was missing a key piece of information. It is only partly true that Shanghai is a part of Xi Jinping’s power base. The group that backs him is called:

      The Tsinghua Clique

      Here’s a quote from a recent article that I was just reading:

      “Based out of Beijing, the Tsinghua Clique has as its core a cadre of students and teachers from Tsinghua University. Tsinghua is a member of the C9 League (the Chinese equivalent to the Ivy League) and a Double First-Class University (a designation of the university’s priority in terms of funding to ensure it is able to compete academically on the world stage).”

      That’s from this article:

      The Coming Removal of the Mandate of Heaven, Part 3: Political Infighting

      I can actually confirm enough of that article to believe the parts that are new to me. This is a diabolical movement to bring China ever more firmly into the grip of Xi Jinping.

      If he succeeds, a lot of us are in trouble. In fact, the whole world.

      – JL

  2. John you acknowledge that we are a long way from the Antichrist, are we talking maybe 40 or 50 years ? Keep up the good work. A brother in Christ John Lewandowski

    • I have ALWAYS said that we are nowhere near the time of the Antichrist. I’ve basically been saying that for 11 years. Everything that I’ve talked about has been about the coming of Gog and Magog – and what comes before it. Read my book, When Gog Comes. You’ll understand what I’m saying after you’ve done that. – JL

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