System Crash

Your life depends upon a system more complex than any other, in human history. It is an astonishing feat of human ingenuity. This truly massive machine was built over the course of just two centuries – a ‘machine’ that eight billion people depend upon for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And, we now get to watch it die.

It will be the biggest system crash in human history, and every English speaker has a front row seat for the greatest implosion ever seen. And, very few seem to understand any of this.


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The audio version of When Gog Comes is complete and has been posted here:

Total listen time is nine and a half hours. If you only have time to listen to just the first half hour, do that.


System Crash

I did a system update for the server where this website is located. And, I know some of the effort that goes into the creation and maintenance of each file that allows me to communicate with you. Uncountable thousands of man-years went into the designing, creating and building the system that allows my words to reach you. Each computer. Each operating system. The Internet protocols. The fiber optic lines under the Pacific. The massive amount of education each engineer needed, to create each piece of the Internet. The electricity that needed to be generated. The fuel needed for transporting all of that. And the food needed to be grown by someone, so that we could eat while we built it.

And, it’s all about to die.

I was hoping that it would take longer to fall apart, but I also knew that there were rats in the system, chewing on all those pieces that were vital for our way of life. Bankers stealing from clients. Politicians lying to voters. Petty bureaucrats gumming up the gears. Frivolous lawsuits. Hysterical climate change. Stolen elections. Corrupted education. Shallow morality among inch-deep Christians. Dictators with too much power grabbing for even more.

That last one caught me by surprise, as it did everyone. We might have been able to limp along as the world got worse and worse, but we should have known that someone was going to roll the dice and make a big grab. I even predicted it, but I wasn’t really expecting it.

I wrote about Putin’s Great Energy Heist, last week, and everything this week confirms his intentions. In fact, his goals have become impossible to ignore – even though some persist in trying.

Putin’s attempted grab of Ukraine on February 24th, struck at the very heart of what keeps our system together – food and energy. Worse, he did it on the doorstep of Europe, a place where war was a pastime for thousands of years.

Remember that it was the threat of war that convinced the Germans to hand their sovereignty over to bureaucrats living in Belgium. The French had the biggest army in Europe, but didn’t want to see it used. The Dutch, the Italians, the Danes… they all wanted peace. So, they joined the EU.

In Death Ground – The Breakup Of Russia

If Putin is allowed to succeed, the fragile peace that tied Europe together will fall apart. So, he will be forced to lose. The Europeans don’t have any other choice. Putin put himself ‘in death ground’ and so has Europe.

The phrase “In Death Ground” is taken from a passage in Chapter 11 of Sun Tzu‘s The Art of War: “In difficult ground, press on; On hemmed-in ground, use subterfuge; In death ground, fight.” The original text is ”圮地則行;圍地則謀;死地則戰“.

Those words are 2500 years old, and they are as true today, as they were then. If you are caught in a position where you face certain death, you fight.

Unfortunately, Putin has always been something of a risk taker. His favorite phrase is, “He who does not take risks, never drinks champagne.” The problem is that he took one risk too many, and now he’s In Death Ground, and it is not certain that he will survive.

This guy thinks that Russia will break apart:

Sergej Sumlenny: “Get ready for the break up of Russia”

He’s a little too thrilled by this prospect. I’m not. I’m dreading what will happen when Russia falls into pieces.

System Crash

Ultimately, the system is going to crash. Anyone who understands what’s coming doesn’t want this. But, far too many seem interested in all of it collapsing.

Contrary to what many conspiracy theorists claim, the Elites do not want the system to crash. The problem is that they aren’t smart enough to keep it from crashing, and they’re getting desperate. And, their desperation is writ large in their response to COVID, the hysteria over Climate Change and their willingness to grasp at blockchain technology.

There is literally nothing that these people won’t do to keep the machinery of our hyper-complex civilization together. To keep it running just one more day. Those running the system are some of the least capable people.

Doomberg made this point later in a video that was recorded a little over a week ago:

#149 Doomberg – YouTube

You can tell that the hosts of that show are into the idea that there is some kind of conspiracy behind the madness. And, I understand how that would give some of us comfort, but it’s just not true.

Yes, there are conspiracies.

But no, they are not what you think.

And, if you believe otherwise, consider how easy it is for someone to make you think like that:

Public hysteria: Read this brilliant thread showing how a quack French medical fad from the 1800s predicted the modern transgender crisis | Not the Bee

I wish that was a joke, but it isn’t. We are easy to manipulate into believing all kinds of nonsense. And, we need to stop. And, one of the ways is to push back against people like this:

Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the one man willing to say the quiet part out loud. The thing that all journalists believe, but would never admit:🧵(1/4)” / Twitter

However, listen to all of that Doomberg video. That green chicken is very smart, very thoughtful and uses vocabulary that indicates some kind of Christian background.

And, here are a couple more links that I picked up over the past week, that you should pay attention to:

Omega Shock (Apocalypse Now?) on Twitter: “For those who don’t understand why the Roman empire was so successful: Seaborne transport is many times more efficient that hauling cargo over land. h/t: @PeterZeihan” / Twitter

The Dollar Milkshake Theory Explained – YouTube

The bottom line is that the fragile system that runs our world and that provides us with what we need to live, is collapsing. We are in the midst of a system crash, and I don’t think that we understand what it means to reboot the system.

When Gog Comes – Audio Version

This is all leading us to the coming of Gog and Magog and Ezekiel’s Fire. And, if you prefer listening to an audiobook, instead reading from a screen, I just finished and posted the audio version of When Gog Comes, here:

Total listen time is nine and a half hours. If you only have time to listen to just the first half hour, do that.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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7 thoughts on “System Crash”

  1. John
    Thank you for taking the time to put when gog comes in audio as I struggle these days with reading but do enjoy listening to books whilst I can still hear. so I am looking forward to listening to the book over the coming days/weeks.

    The more things are happening in the world around us at the present time, the more inclined I am to think that this may indeed be the beginning of the end of days & not just a hiatus or Braxton hicks contractions.
    Blessings to you & Mrs Little in Taiwan this Passover/Easter season.

  2. Howdy John,
    Do you think we will see an Arab Spring 2.0 on steroids due to the wheat supply disruption? The reports or speculation about Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, and etc look very dark although Turkey claims they can make up for wheat shortages domestically.
    The reason I am asking is because when governments face a crisis, they historically fight either their own people with an iron fist or rally them to fight another country. I personally think we will see both. And if we do, this will lead to more shortages and fighting.
    In the next 6 months I expect more Saber rattling if not sometype of conflict between PRC/ROC, North/South Korea, the Baltic region, and etc while somehow blaming Israel for part of the world’s problems to justify attacking them.
    If I’m way off base, my apologies. I just see this spreading like a virus (second and third order of consequences).

    Thank you for that you do!

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