Putin’s Great Energy Heist

I finished writing When Gog Comes two weeks before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In that book, I asked:

What happens when a strong nation needs what a weak nation has?

Ukraine looked weak, and they had what Putin wanted. So, he chose to invade.

What was it that Ukraine had, that Putin wanted?

The second largest natural gas reserves in Europe. The sixth largest coal reserves in the world. Plenty of oil.

Russia wants what Ukraine has, so they went to war to get it. Unfortunately, this will not be the last energy war.

The ride of the Red Horse, was never going to be very fun.


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Putin’s Great Energy Heist

When Russia started drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic, we saw it as a sign that Russia was having difficulty finding new energy reserves. The cost of extracting oil and gas under such difficult conditions would normally keep you from even trying that far up north, so we wondered what Russia would do next.

We weren’t expecting a war.

For those who don’t know, energy reserves have been declining for decades. And, conventional oil production peaked in 2005. Our answer to that was expensive and unconventional. But, we have gotten a little better at unconventional oil and gas extraction, so we’ve kept doing it.

The problem is that Europe stopped trying. They got a bad case of climate hysteria and decided to not develop any of the unconventional energy reserves that they had. They thought that Russian supplies were good enough.

In fact, there’s talk that Russia encouraged the global warming hysteria, ‘cuz that meant more Russian natural gas would be sold to feckless Europeans. And, when Fukushima happened in 2011, the ‘no nukes’ crowd forced the closure of nuclear plants in Germany and elsewhere. Even more good times for Putin.

Unhinged By COVID?

However, COVID-19 wasn’t a fun time for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. In fact, it was terrifying.

Did you notice those looooong tables at which Putin would meet Macron and other presidents?

The security council meetings with him on one side of large rooms and everyone else on the other?

Rumors have floated around that Putin had isolated himself in some bunker and made everyone go through two weeks of isolation before seeing him. It’s hard to know how true that is, but it could explain a little of what’s happening – if he sat alone, in isolation, with too much time to think.

Did Putin cook up the invasion of Ukraine because he and his oligarchs had too much time on their hands and too little to do?

Why Russia Invaded Ukraine

I don’t know. But, there is one thing that we do know, and it’s something that we should not forget:

Russia is a petrochemical state.

Forty-three percent of all exports from Russia are hydrocarbons. And Putin, along with his pet oligarchs, control all of it. They get a big slice of more than $200 billion a year, and the threat of any decline would have motivated them to serious thought.

Enter Ukraine:

Is The Ukraine War Actually An Energy Heist By Russia?

In that video, you will learn a few things:

Ukraine has the second largest natural gas reserves in Europe.

Ukraine has the sixth largest coal reserves on planet Earth.

That’s a lot, and Russia clearly wants it. By the way, the above video was the result of this article:

What if Putin didn’t miscalculate?

Canadian energy expert David Knight Legg was quoted as saying:

“Under the guise of an invasion, Putin is executing an enormous heist”

Putin wanted more than just Ukraine’s coal, oil and natural gas. And, he did miscalculate when he thought that the Ukrainians would give up without much of a fight. To him, Ukraine was the easiest of the easy targets. He didn’t realize that his intended victims had other ideas and even better training.

Just remember that the era of violence was always going to have psychopaths leading the way.

Why Ukraine Hasn’t Lost… Yet.

Retired General Mark Hertling (Commanding Gen. US Army Europe) had this to say, on the day when Russia invaded Ukraine:

That thread shows what some knew, but the rest of us didn’t. Ukrainian soldiers were going to chew this Russian invasion apart. And Putin did not understand what was in store for his army, when he chose to do what he did.

Part of the reason why Russia is losing, is due to their battle plan. It was essentially a rehash of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. Kamil Galeev says this:

Both in 1968 and in 2022 soldiers didn’t know where they’re going. Even their commanders didn’t know. Immediately before the invasion commanders received a radio command “Vltava-666” which meant they should unpack a sealed mail with a secret order and execute it immediately

The entire Soviet invasion plan of Czechoslovakia fits exactly with what the Russians attempted in February, and you can see the rest of Kamil’s Twitter thread on this subject, here:

Unfortunately, Russia might have learned something from their failures in Ukraine. Instead of three different commands operating independent of each other, they have unified their strategy under a single man:

General Alexander Dvornikov

He’s already flattened Syrian cities, and he’s now ready to do the same in Ukraine. I don’t know how good he is, or even if he can rescue some kind of victory from the jaws of defeat. Here is where I saw the news of his appointment:

That might mark a change in how this war progresses. What it doesn’t change is how badly damaged Russia already is. With 75% of their combat ready troops committed to this invasion, they don’t have a lot of strategic depth for any kind of meaningful change in strategy.

However, if this ‘new’ commander can slow the bleeding, the war might be prolonged. Given enough time, Russia will throw more conscripts into the meat grinder. There can be no doubt about his willingness to do this. And the Russian military has a proven capacity for taking casualties, as long as they win.

A Russian Thirst For Successful Violence

Tolstoy spoke about this, more than a hundred years ago, just as Russia chose to invade Japanese held Manchuria in the ill-fated Russo-Japanese war:

Same Russia, Different War

Here’s the article that Tolstory wrote in 1904:

“Bethink Yourselves!” by graf Leo Tolstoy

He could have written the same thing today. Instead of the Russian Tsar/Czar waging a ‘Short Victorious War’ against Japan, it could have been Putin and his ‘Special Military Operation’ against Ukraine. However, Russia’s unprovoked aggression against the Japanese over a century ago, ended in disaster and the eventual collapse of Moscow.

Will Putin’s government also collapse?

In Russia, failure on the battlefield always results in the fall of the government.

This thirst for successful violence on the part of the Russian people is reflected in something that Chris in Poland shared with us a couple weeks ago. He reads and understands Russian and has been tracking what has been happening in Russia. This song has become wildly popular, right now:

“Священная война” – Soviet Patriotic Song (The Sacred War)

Read the subtitles. That should tell you everything that you need to know about how the Russians feel about invading someone else – for the glory of Russia. This is a very bad sign of things to come, if they have any kind of victory in Ukraine.

Worse, they will not stop at Ukraine, as this next video indicates:

Russian Political Scientist: We Will Launch Nuclear Strike If NATO Peacekeeping Contingent Is Formed

In that video, they openly call for the invasion of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. And, their readiness to launch a nuclear attack is astonishing. Very little provocation is necessary in their eyes. And, the brutality of what those countries will face – and Ukraine already faces – should grab your attention.

Does anyone remember the ‘cleansing operations’ conducted by the Russians in Chechnya, in the late ’90s and early ’00s?

Not many of you do. I was in Israel, when they destroyed Grozny and massacred the Chechens. But, all of that came back to me as I was reading this:

Bodies of mutilated children among horrors the Russians left behind

We got reports of this from the first days of the invasion, but didn’t believe it. Here’s this from two days after Russia started their war of conquest:

Notice the date. We didn’t believe it. It was too awful. But now, we find it to be true. And like those ‘cleansing operations’ in Chechnya, if Russia doesn’t win this time, they’ll be back. They didn’t win the first Chechen war, but they won the second.

And, the average Russian is being primed for the genocide of Ukraine:

Russia’s Ukraine Propaganda Has Turned Fully Genocidal

Russia’s genocide handbook

By Russian definition, if you believe that Ukraine should be a free and independent country, unfettered by Russian control, you are a Nazi. To Putin, this means that I’m a Nazi – that we are all Nazis.

And, for those of you who insist that Ukraine is a racist, Nazi country, take a load of this tweet:

That thread illustrates her life as the child of an immigrant family from Afghanistan, living in Ukraine. She should have suffered a tremendous amount of racism, if the rumors of Ukrainian Nazism were true. She didn’t. The rumors aren’t.

Ukraine is no more Nazi than the United States, New Zealand, Australia or the UK. Every society has Nazis, and I’ve had to chase off more than a few from the comment section of this website. They are one of the many reasons why I am forced to moderate all comments. And, I hate having to do that.

The Ride Of The Red Horse

All of this – and more – is part of why I believe that this marks the beginning of the ride of the Red Horse of Revelation 6. I talk about it in my book, When Gog Comes. I’ve been talking about it for years. And now, it seems like it’s here.

We will all get intimately familiar with this quote in the coming months and years:

“There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.”

– Alfred Henry Lewis (1906)

It will strike first in Third World countries that must import grain to survive. And then, the violence and mayhem will spread. We are already seeing it in Peru, Iraq and Sri Lanka. We’ll see it soon in Egypt, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and even China.

In fact, we’re already seeing it in Shanghai for different reasons:

Food is at the core of the social contract that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) made with the Chinese people. Future prosperity is the other leg of that contract. Take either of those away, and the CCP falls. And, there will be blood in the streets.

This is no joke. The Chinese have an emotional, blood-soaked history that is full of violence. Even placid Taiwan is not immune to the threat of such social upheaval.

When will the Red Horse ride through your neighborhood?

Europe and America have already suffered riots in their inner cities. It’s only a matter of time before food shortage drives more rioters into the streets, burning down their neighborhoods before coming after yours.

Remember that the psychopath will lead the way in this era of violence.

When Gog Comes

All of this is a part of the lead-up to the coming of Gog and Magog. I have completed the initial recording of the audio version of When Gog Comes, and hope to have the final version up in the coming days.

Writing that book, and then recording it, was one of the most painful experiences that I have ever endured. And, I devoutly wish that what I wrote and recorded was wrong. It’s straight out of my worst nightmares, but it’s also straight out of prophecy.

God said that it would happen, so we need to be ready for…

When Gog Comes


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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25 thoughts on “Putin’s Great Energy Heist”


    All such comments will go straight to trash. This is not a forum for evil. If you wish to say that Putin was right to invade Ukraine, you will need to do that somewhere else. Russia isn’t just murdering innocent civilians, he’s also killing brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Yours in Christ,

    John Little

      • Curious, give us one good reason for him to start a war and to be killing civilians. If you are a Christian, then you should already be able to know that.

        I had to spend a lot of money in sending my family and friends in Ukraine to either evacuate them or for them to get the food they need.

        So, a man worth $200 Billion is costing many lives as well costing others their homes, their jobs and the future of their children. It may actually cost me and my wife our property that we own in Kyiv. If you so believe in this war, are you willing to reimburse me for my losses???

        If you believe in this, then go to Russia, volunteer for the army and pick up a rifle.

    • John:Please check out “Ukraine on Fire”by Oliver Stone or via Martin Armstrongs website.Regarding the above question who if anyone tried to intervene and negotiate a solution to the problem as it had been brewing for years answer NO ONE,the evil state actors wanted war to destroy the old system and establish the beast system.It’s much bigger than Putin or Zelensky in my view.On another note do you see Netanyahu returning to power in Israel per new developments there???

      • Hi John Murray,

        I watched that video, and if you look all that I’ve written on Ukraine, you’ll find my criticism of the US government and my disgust at the Ukrainian fascists that did some of the killing.

        In fact, my deep antipathy towards Victoria Nuland comes from her vile activities in Ukraine. She’s a snake, and I have six articles that point out how awful she is. You can see them here:


        But, as bad as all that is, it doesn’t change one very important point that many refuse to see:

        The invasion of Ukraine was not necessary.

        Like many, I mocked the US State Department’s prediction that Russia was going to invade Ukraine. But, I was wrong. Badly wrong. And, my error was based upon the assumption that Russia had been doing its best to become a modern country willing to live in peace with her neighbors. We thought of Putin as being a pragmatic leader who was doing his best for the well-being of the average Russian.

        I was wrong. We were wrong. Now, there’s war.

        Again, I watched that Oliver Stone video. There is literally nothing in there that gives a good and ethical reason for why Russia needed to invade Ukraine. Not a single thing.

        Canada has behaved badly towards Christians and truckers. Does that give the United States the right to invade Canada, murder Canadians by the tens of thousand and destroy the lives of millions?

        Of course not.

        The invasion of Ukraine was pure evil. Putin knew what he was doing. His motivation was greed and a lust for power. He has murdered tens of thousands of Ukrainians in cold blood. He has destroyed the lives of millions and will be responsible for starvation across Africa and Asia.

        As Christians, one of our responsibilities is discernment. We need to be able to tell the difference between good and evil. If we cannot, then it means that our spiritual growth has been stunted, and that we have a serious problem.

        Even greater evil than this is coming. It is required that we understand it, so that we can prepare and persevere.

        As for Netanyahu, anything is possible. I’m not a fan of Bibi, never have been, but I despise what they did to him.

        Dark days have come, John. May the Lord give us peace as we go through them.

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

  2. I frequent a few other end time blogs and websites and I hope what I’m seeing isn’t reflective of how Orthodox and Catholics view each other.

    One view is that Ukrainian fascists are in fact Eastern Rite Catholics and are therefore shutting down Orthodox Churches due to the position of the Moscow Patriarchate.

    This stuff is absolutely mind boggling, but the worst is the religious voodoo argued by both sides to justify their respective positions.

    • There is no such thing as ‘Ukrainian fascists’ shutting down Orthodox churches. I haven’t seen even a hint that this is true, and I would have. Ukraine is no more fascist than Britain or the United States. But yes, religious voodoo is a thing. – JL

      • Neither have I, but this is what is being pushed out there on the web as justification for all sorts of reprehensible views.

        FWIW, Putin is evil and Ukraine does not deserve any of this. Never did I think I would see 5 million refugees spill out of a European country – it’s heartbreaking.

        I’m in agreement with you 🙂

  3. Hi John,
    yes. Yes. Just a small observation – the Red Horse is not “taking away peace” from some country, region, or any particular entity. His target is “the Earth”. The planet. And, while we start to understand how his Black brother works, we should be warned. It is real.

    After polluting the comment section with old Russian music, let me paste something Polish. There is a very short song, full of language games and absurd humor. But, someone just managed to add subtitles. And, that song has a history. It was written 104 years ago, in 1918, when newly born Soviet Union tried, and utterly failed, to turn Poland into people’s republic. I’ve learned it from my grandfathers, and in communist Poland you could be arrested for singing it. What you are about to see was recorded in 2010, four years before the war in Ukraine started. My message is that what the world now discovers as “shocking” and “terrible” is “common knowledge” in my part of Europe. The bad part is that what we see now, is only the beginning…
    Here it is (title: “The Soviets”):
    Yours in Christ

  4. Good work John keep it up, be ready for Psalm 83 before Gog comes, I’m amazed at how much influence the Qanon movement is having on even professing Christians.

    • We always love a good story. It’s how we are manipulated. Just remember that the ‘Psalm 83 War’ is also a ‘good story’ that has been manipulating Christians. There isn’t a single word in Psalm 83 that indicates that it’s a prophecy. Not one. But, I’m open to being proven wrong, John. – JL

  5. Were (USA) doing business with the enemy. The USA should not do business with Russia and China. Never trust a Commie.

    • Unfortunately, communism isn’t the problem. Neither Russia or China are communist. They are authoritarian dictatorships that run their countries like a Mafia crime family. But yes, doing business with the enemy is a very bad idea. – JL

    • Hi DRG,

      We don’t have a lot of personal connections within Shanghai. Most are from further out. But, there are a few things that we are getting.

      China has been badly mismanaging their COVID response and exposing the failures of highly centralized governance. Their vaccines don’t work and the Chinese are beginning to distrust COVID tests. On top of that, those needing treatment for other serious illness are not getting treated – and dying.

      Oh, and one of the reasons why Shanghai has such a serious food problem is affluence. The Shanghainese have long turned up their nose at canned and frozen food. So, their entire supply chain is based upon just-in-time delivery of fresh food. They also don’t keep very much extra rice at home. So, they were completely unprepared for a breakdown of food availability.

      At the same time, there is still a lot of fear over COVID – even though Omicron is not very dangerous. Our contact in the medical community is Wuhan is still terrified of COVID, and here in Taiwan they are about to close down schools again.

      I’m not sure what it will take for people to stop being so afraid, but something’s gotta give.

      As you say, DRG, it’s all very disturbing.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Thank you brorther for this eye-openening post i almost believed the lies again but its better taking no sides both parties are terrible wrong
    I am in process of studying your “when God comes” already questions and remarks when finished i will send you a report very exciting to read !
    Sister nadine

  7. John,

    Have you seen any of these videos?

    https://youtu.be/5VrKFX7DmQE (video right out of Mariupol Ukraine).

    I honestly don’t know what to think of it all. However, I am starting to believe (just my own “feeling”) that the alternative media will be playing into the hands of the coming Man of Sin. And I’ve been privately thinking for a while that Elon Musk could be such a man. I have never named a person before, and I’ve heard many named, that have come and gone, or just don’t qualify, that’ve been named. But the man does have a lot of companies that would benefit the Antichrist and his beast system. Neuralink (brain chips), Tesla (driverless tracked cars), owning and encouraging several digital currencies, the Boring Company (drilling tunnels under the earth), SpaceX (Dragon rockets/attempting to colonize the Red Planet/Mars and another company that manufactures solar shingles (the name escapes me). And not to forget his bizarre interest in the occult (w/ex-girlfriend), use of psychedelics.

    Some of these listed aren’t much at all, but when you add them up, and especially the brain chips and digital currencies; oh, and the hundreds of satellites he has launched and used in Ukraine, of all places! And on top of being the richest man in the world, and a very dutifully cult-like following doesn’t hurt either. I have a real sense that he, and current happenings have a lot to play in the very-near and somewhat distant future. And did you know that Ukraine became the first country to issue this:


    God bless,

    Dan B.

    • Hi Dan B.,

      First of all that video. That is NOT the center of Mariupol. So, that’s the first lie that this guy tells. The second lie is one of omission – insinuating that Ukrainians are killing their own people without providing proof.

      This is a Russian propaganda source. If you consume Russian propaganda, you will start believing it. And, here’s an example of what you will start to believe, if you keep doing this:

      There is no difference between Hitler and Putin in what they were attempting to accomplish. If that is the road that you wish to walk, there is a price to pay for that, an eternal one.

      Again, fix this in your mind:

      Putin started this war, and did not need to.

      This is mass murder.

      If you are okay with that, then there is nothing more that I can do for you. You will need to find some other forum to leave comments on.

      Second, Elon Musk is not – and cannot be – the Antichrist. Whoever told you that is deluded. Do not listen to such people.

      You need to understand what must come BEFORE the Antichrist arrives. Read it here:


      I just posted the audio version here:


      I do not envy the choices that you have to make. Choosing the truth is hard. I had to make that choice decades ago and understand the price that you need to pay. But, you need to choose, Dan.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. John,

    What frustrated me about you is that you go into attack mode when you perceive someone disagrees with you. You accused me once before of lying, when in fact, as like right now, you are misunderstanding what I’m saying. And maybe I should communicate what I am trying to communicate better.

    And no one told me Musk was the Antichrist, I was just sharing a thought, with what I thought was a friend. But since you seem to always want to assume the worst in people, and not share in kindly, genuine discussion, I will bid you goodbye. This makes me sad, since I have been coming here for many, many years; praying for a stranger I didn’t even know. And that quick jump to judge someone is the reason I left Indiana years ago. A lot of Churches filled with people wanting to be more Pharisee than Christ-like. You’ve been wrong before on this site and in your writings, the only difference is some of us didn’t hold it against you. I wish you the best in your continued recovery as well as safety in these times. Goodbye.

    • Hi Dan B.,

      It was not my intention to indicate that there was anything wrong with you in any way. I’m sorry that I didn’t write my response to more clearly indicate that. Treating seriously what some guy on YouTube claims, doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t even make you unintelligent. Even believing that Elon Musk is the Antichrist doesn’t do that.

      What I was trying to indicate, and will continue to do so, is the danger in taking some of the paths that our brothers and sisters in Christ are already on. They have harmed themselves greatly by being indifferent to moral questions (mass murder in Ukraine), and by chasing after stories of the Antichrist.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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