When Foundations are Destroyed

I started Omega Shock more than ten years ago, because I saw that we were in a lot of trouble. Suffering, violence and death were coming, and I didn’t want any of you to be caught by it.

Unfortunately, what I warned about, is now here.

Of course, my track record on timing is terrible, so I’m hoping that what I see now will be pushed back a bit. I really don’t want to live through what’s coming, but it’s not like any of us have a choice.

The foundations are crumbling.

Brace for impact.


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When Foundations are Destroyed

Look around you.

No, really. Stop reading and literally look up at everything around you.

Depending on where you are, who you are and what you are doing, almost nothing that you see was built with your own hands. Unless you cut the wood or poured the concrete, very little in your home or place of work was of your own making. You didn’t create the car that you drive or build the bus or train that you ride in. Unless you are a part of the 2% that are farmers, you almost certainly didn’t grow the food that you eat. But, you did contribute something to the society that provides those things to you.

Whether now, or in the past, you invested time, effort and thoughtfulness into something that has value, and civilization rewarded you with tokens (money) that you exchanged for what you needed and wanted. And, there are billions of people, doing this every day. And, they do it, because they trust the system in which they live and work.

Civilization Vs. The Barbarians

Confidence and trust are the foundation of that system we all work in. There literally cannot be a civilization without that foundation. It’s one of many reasons why I have paid attention to Martin Armstrong. He understands all of that.

Unfortunately, the system and its foundation has a lot of enemies. The Greeks called them βάρβαρος (barbaros) or barbarian. They were the opposite of the πολίτης (politis) or citizen. And, for thousands of years, there has been an unceasing war between barbarism and civilization.

Up to this point, civilization was winning its fight against the barbarians within and the barbarians without. Unfortunately, that long list of victories is about to end. Oh, I’m sure that we’ll get a few more wins in before it’s all over, but the barbarians among us and the barbarians outside have gotten too strong.

We stopped defending the idea of ‘The Rule of Law’. We corrupted the idea of morality. We redefined democracy to be what the rich and powerful want. We debased our education. We created too many parasites and not enough symbionts. Too many takers and not enough builders.

The Christian Foundation

Of course, as Christians, we know how this works. It’s called sin. And sin is the ultimate destroyer of civilization and the core of barbarism. Those who are immoral are the barbarians in our midst. They are the ones who have destroyed education, culture, entertainment, finance, banking, manufacturing, the Rule of Law, medicine and even the food that we eat and the water that we drink.

They are all infected with a terminal case of barbarians.

When a judge says that she can’t tell you what a woman is, because she isn’t a biologist, that’s a barbarian. When a teacher teaches Critical Race Theory, that’s a barbarian. When a movie star promotes sex without consequences, that’s a barbarian. When a banker makes risky bets with your money, that’s a barbarian. When a company moves manufacturing overseas, that’s a barbarian. When governments crush peaceful opposition to unlawful decrees, those are barbarians. When chemical companies claim to own the DNA of the wheat and corn farmers plant, or take the water under your feet and sell it to you – those are barbarians.

Every one of the sins that horrify you is an act of barbarism.

Unfortunately, most of the countries and peoples of this world aren’t very far from barbarism themselves. South America, Africa and most of Asia have all been just one step away from societal collapse for centuries. For them, civilization is a recent phenomenon.

Even here in Taiwan, a country that produces some of the best technology in the world, has enjoyed only a very few decades of democracy and the rule of law. China, which makes the computers and cell phones that allow you to read this, has never experienced anything like what Taiwan has.

I’ve spent half my life wandering bits of Asia and Europe. And, I can tell you with complete and utter certainty that true civilization is truly rare. And with our own hands, we are tearing down what little we have left. To put it another way:

You cannot have civilization without morality.

You cannot have morality without God.

All of that reminded me of this verse from Psalms:

If the foundations are destroyed,
What can the righteous do?

 – Psalm 11:3 (NKJV)

People have tried to claim that morality is possible without a belief in God, but they’ve been about as successful as those who claim that the definition of the words ‘man’ and ‘woman’ are anything that you want it to mean. And now that we face civilization-crushing challenges, we lack the morality and faith in God that will see us through.

Doomberg Clarifies The Danger

One of the most dangerous of these challenges was communicated eloquently by Doomberg:

“Energy is Life” w/ Doomberg

You can’t have food without energy, and that has meant a dramatic increase in the cost of everything that farmers need to produce food. Worse, it’s a disaster that the West is unprepared for. And, as I was writing all the above, Doomberg posted this article on his Substack:

Farmers on the Brink

That article starts out with a memorable quote:

Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

Doomberg and his team are exceptional thinkers and writers. And, their sense of irony is cosmic. Furthermore, their scientific foundation is impeccable, and their forecasting is profound. This is why you must pay attention to what he is saying here. And, I want to take the liberty of sharing three important paragraphs from this article:

While the concept of a perfect storm is often too casually assigned in popular culture, it is difficult to find a more apt description of what has been unfolding in the global agriculture markets over these past several months. The tempest caused by the European energy disaster has merged with the hurricane of consequences flowing from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, forming the genesis of a generational crisis in food that will leave few unaffected. While we’ve been warning about just such a scenario for some time, after spending the past two weeks traveling across the US Midwest and conferring with our contacts in the agricultural sector, even we are a little spooked by what we’ve learned. In a financial crash, the correlation between all asset classes converges to one. The coming crash in global food supply will be driven by a similar phenomenon across virtually every input into farming – they are all spiking to historic highs simultaneously, supply availability is diminishing across the spectrum, and the time to reverse the worst of the upcoming consequences is rapidly running short.

Then later:

We believe we are at the onset of a global famine of historic proportions. In a staggering defiance of logic, many US politicians are still attacking the lifeblood of our own energy production infrastructure, looking to score political points against “the other team,” blaming price-taking producers of global commodities for gouging, threatening producers of energy with windfall profits taxes, resisting calls to remove bureaucratic hurdles to new production, and refusing to open an introductory physics textbook to help guide them through the suite of policy choices that require true leadership to get right. They remain stuck in an endless loop of platitudes, blamestorming, corruption, and ignorance.

And finally:

At Doomberg, we pride ourselves on seeing patterns early and being months ahead of the news flow. We are consistently human-centric. Never have we been more certain in our beliefs while fervently wishing that we are wrong. A global famine is no joke, and correctly forecasting one would bring no joy.

Revelation Six

I feel bad about sharing so much of that article, but those paragraphs describe one of the things that I’ve been yelling about for a decade:

The Ride of the Black Horse

This will be a truly terrible event that will kill millions. But, if you read all of Revelation 6, you’ll see the ride of the horse that comes before it:

3 When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come and see.” 4 Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.

 – Revelation 6:3-4 (NKJV)

That ride of the Red Horse is all about the barbarians who will tear their own societies apart, and the societies around them. They will be the first to take peace from the earth and kill one another, because their grasp of civilization and the rule of law was always weak, at best.

This means that Africa and Asia will consume itself in an orgy of violence and bloodshed.

Those countries most willing to fight, will be the ones to start. And, this article from 2017 caught my attention this week:

Percentage of Europeans Who Are Willing To Fight A War For Their Country

The top four are these:

  • 74% – Finland
  • 73% – Turkey
  • 62% – Ukraine
  • 59% – Russia

Yes, Even More Russia

Except for Finland, that list should not be a surprise to anyone, and Ukraine is only there because they – like Finland – are afraid of Russia. And, our focus has been riveted on Russia because of their invasion of Ukraine. Here is how I responded to an excellent question by DRG from last week’s article:

The [US] neocons are intent on expanding the American Imperium. There is no dirty trick that they will not use. The number of civilians they kill is meaningless to them. Suffering peasants is unimportant. They are demonic.

The problem is that they are not the only demonic entities playing on the world stage. Russia, China, India, Africa – they all have their share of psychopaths who seek power, no matter who suffers, even if it means the destruction of their own country.

This is literally a universal problem. In fact, any organization over about 100 to 150 people usually gets taken over by psychopaths. This includes churches, by the way. It’s a very big reason why large religious institutions should avoided. It’s also a core reason why ‘small government conservatives’ are right. If you wish for peace, freedom and prosperity, keep your government small and make morality a core demand for who you vote for.

Then, we have Russia. We forget that the concept of ‘Rule of Law’ is foreign to Asia. Even the most modern Asian countries, like Taiwan, don’t really believe in it. This has been especially true about Russia.

It was the Protestant Reformation that brought us the concept of ‘Rule of Law’ to the world. That’s a long story all by itself, but suffice it to say that it overthrew the ‘divine right of kings’ in Europe. Unfortunately, it didn’t spread to Russia fast enough to beat the Marxists (paid for by the Kaiser’s gold) who overthrew the Czars, plunging Russia into a long night of Communism.

When Communism collapsed, Russia still didn’t have a concept of the ‘Rule of Law’. It does not exist in Russian society. (Look up why Russia imports baseball bats.) So, it has always been natural for them to elect presidents-for-life. It’s why Putin has ruled for more than 20 years. And, he got his start in the gangster politics of Saint Petersburg. (Yes, gangsters. I kid you not.)

Putin reined in the gangsters that rose under Yeltsin, and substituted them with his own. (Look up siloviki) That has its own story that I don’t mind telling, but don’t have the time. All of Putin’s inner circle are corrupt. A great example is the head of the military – Sergei Shoigu. Classic corruption and the #1 reason why Russia is currently having trouble.

So, why did Putin invade Ukraine?

Literally domestic politics – with a sprinkling of other issues. It’s why countries have gone to war in the past, and this one is no different. And, you will notice the language that he uses when speaking to Russians – de-Nazification and the Russian Orthodox Church. That speaks to his power base – aging Russians who remember World War II and who are compatible with Orthodox ideology. Not theology. Ideology.

Furthermore, Putin has had a lot of success with ‘Short Victorious Wars’. And yes, that’s a thing. America does it all the time – especially when there is a political crisis at home. There’s nothing like a few good air strikes to divert attention from a juicy scandal. And, Putin used the ‘terrorist attacks’ in Moscow and the Chechen war to aid his political aspirations.

I also wonder about Belarus. Putin has worked hard to keep Lukashenko dependent on Russia. The same for Kazakhstan. And, they have a saying in China – kill a chicken to scare the monkey (殺雞儆猴). Engaging in a Short Victorious War in Ukraine, would intimidate Belarus and the ‘Stans in central Asia.

Notice also when Putin chose to go to war: September/October. Some Russia watchers saw the Battalion Tactical Groups move out of their bases across Russia in December, but I didn’t – which is why I was surprised at this invasion. That was 75% of Russia’s combat-ready forces. And, I completely missed it.

When did the Afghan debacle happen?

August 2021.

It demonstrated NATO weakness, and a big political opportunity. Also, Europe was completely and utterly dependent upon Russian energy, so he calculated that any blow-back would be temporary. He was very nearly right.

It should be clear that Putin miscalculated. He thought that he could get Ukraine cheaply. A few days of war. Rattle the Ukrainian government. Get political concessions. Go home. Victory parade.

But, the Russian military had not been maintaining its equipment, and their training was technical and not tactical. This allowed well-trained and motivated Ukrainians to ambush Russian columns and destroy billions of dollars of equipment. It was a disaster. An avoidable disaster.

So, Russia has changed tactics and gone back to its tried and true methods of bombing cities flat – just like Grozny. And right now, we are hearing reports of Belarus joining Russia in its invasion of Ukraine. This will be a brutal massacre of the Ukrainian people.

And, it’s all about politics. It always is.

The best that you can do is to keep praying. Stock up on what you normally eat. Make friends with a farmer who has either a well with a hand pump – or free standing water. God provides, and He doesn’t expect more than our best. My greatest concern right now is the suffering in Ukraine and what’s coming in the Third World.

(Thanks for such thoughtful questions, DRG!)

Another writer in the energy sector, Irina Slav, tweeted something today that I have to agree with:

She lived through ’90s Bulgaria, and now we will too. And, I also thought that we’d have another 4-5 years before we saw all this.

Kids, it’s time to brace for impact.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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37 thoughts on “When Foundations are Destroyed”

  1. On the domestic energy front, my gas and electric bill is set to increase from £115 to £260 per month from May. Everyone I know is in the same boat.

    The government doesn’t have to ask us to cut our energy consumption as it’s pretty much being enforced through the price rise!

  2. Hi John

    The question I would pose is, are we civilised…. or are we just better dressed barbarians who drink from china cups and conduct more savage and bloody warfare using lawyers.

    I wonder if the Russians and their baseball bats are so much more civilised than we… It’s cleaner, resolved quicker and doesn’t leave you wondering years down the road as your still paying off the bill if it was really all worth it. I know the reality of that last one all too well.

    The rule of law as a concept is worthy and just, the idea that all men are governed by a set of ideals and rules that show no favour to anyone is as you say the foundation for civilisation. But is our perception of the rule of law reality, or is it an illusion?

    Natural law states that from chaos arises order, and order devolves into chaos.
    Why? Because nature has been corrupted by sin.
    God created man, gave man one simple law to live by. Do not eat of the fruit…..
    Well we all know what happened there, and chaos has reigned on the earth since.
    From that chaos has arisen order, and from that order has come chaos… and the cycle has repeated over and over. Civilisations have arisen, instituted the rule of law based on their ‘gods’ and have fallen again and again to corruption. Even societies based on Gods law have risen, and fallen into chaos.

    The question there in then, is can the rule of law overcome the law of sin?
    Answer, no… because sin inevitably corrupts the law. Sin is corruption of the spirit, law is intellectual. The spirit reigns over the intellect, so law can never overcome a corrupt spirit no matter how benevolent its intent. Thus even Gods people Israel corrupted Gods law.

    There is a lot of talk today about the ‘rule of law’, ‘international law’ and the ‘world order’.
    But the reality is that it is an order of ‘one rule for thee, and one rule for me’.
    The ‘civilised’ society we live in is ‘one rule for thee, and one rule for me’.
    The pandemic has repeatedly exposed the brutal reality of society for all too see.
    “You must stay in your home, you must wear a mask, you must do as your told for the good of civilisation! …. Now if you will excuse me I have a party to go too.”
    “You stole that chicken from the store? Off to prison you go…. oh just a minute, I need to buy stock in this company before I vote on this new law that will push its stock price through the roof.”


    What is a barbarian – one who enforces his will and rule by use of force.
    A Russian gangster wielding a baseball bat is a barbarian.
    But think for a minute, put a uniform on him, give him an official badge and he’s called a policeman.
    But a different uniform on him, give him a bigger baseball bat and send him over a border and he’s called a soldier.
    He may be better dressed, but he’s still a barbarian.
    It’s still one rule for me, one rule for thee.

    Why did Christ not command us to go into all the world and institute Gods law and enforce it upon all mankind? Because He understood that a law over a sinful spirit is inevitably corrupted. Matthew 5.17 “Do not think I have come to destroy the law, or the prophets but to fulfil it”. Paul : Romans 6:14 “For Sin hall not have dominion over you, for you are not under the law, but under grace.”

    The joy of Christs mission, to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature is not to bring Gods law upon the world, but to redeem the human heart from sin. Sin corrupts the law, where sin has been destroyed Gods law cannot be corrupted.

    Then, truly, we will have the rule of law. Gods law written on the hearts of man.
    Peace will once and for all finally reign.
    Bless you brother.

    • Hi Peter Makin,

      This is where we get into the ‘nitty gritty’ as Americans say.

      As you intimate, we are all barbarians. Only those who are in Christ can be said to be free of it – (mostly). And, it is easy for Christians to be lured back into barbarism. Something that I’m working against.

      One of the reasons why I got out of the investment business in the ’90s, was the pressure to become one of the barbarians. Being pressured to make immoral decisions forced me out. I’ve even had to fight back on immoral pressure in my writing career – but far, far less often.

      From a secular point of view, moral decisions by followers of Christ are valuable to any society that desires the ‘Rule of Law’. These words of Jesus from Matthew 5 illustrate what I’m saying:

      13 “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.

      14 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

      Because of who we are, Christians are the preservation of society. We are the ‘shock absorbers’, and we provide moral direction. We are not reluctant to speak the truth and give guidance on what is right and what is wrong.

      So yes, everyone who is not a Christian is pretty much a barbarian. However, that does not change our duty to call out sin and give it a name. And, that duty is more important, when we are talking to other Christians – which is what Omega Shock is all about.

      Everything that I write, is for Christians, to help them see right from wrong, and to prepare for the time when scarcity, violence and death come for us. I believe that this time has begun, although I hope that I’m wrong. But, as we move deeper into the awful years ahead, we must never lose sight of good and evil. We must always have compassion for those who suffer. We must love our enemies and help those who do not deserve it.

      In short, we must be like Christ in the difficult days ahead.

      I hope that we can all live up this challenge, Peter.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • John wrote, “Because of who we are, Christians are the preservation of society. We are the ‘shock absorbers’, and we provide moral direction. We are not reluctant to speak the truth and give guidance on what is right and what is wrong.”

        I got to do that yesterday, and for our kids (just turned 16 and 13). They went to the mall with neighborhood kids. The neighbors wanted to take our kids to a movie for their birthday. They were feeling real time pressure and so we said yes before knowing much about the movie, Lost City.

        It’s not fair to say that we didn’t know much about the movie. We saw literally 40 commercials for it during the Olympics. It looked like a normal romantic adventure, a little like “Romancing the Stone” from back in the day. But where the heroine of that movie was a romance writer, the modern woman is a pornography writer. And she read from her books in the movie. Yuck. And plenty of other yucks in the movie, too.

        Stunned that the commercials so misled us, we felt it was best to pull the kids out of the movie, despite the embarrassment and disappointment and chaos. Thankfully, they had their phones on and so we were able to reach them. And thankfully, they didn’t see the movie. And thankfully, they trust us enough that it isn’t catastrophic to do something like that. I couldn’t help but wonder if the other kids wished that their parents cared about them enough to do something like that.

        Prayers for you and Mrs. Little. Are there little Littles, too?

        • It’s good to see a good dad, Jeff. Well done. No little Littles in our home. God had other plans for us, but we love seeing good families. It’s hard, and it won’t always turn out the way that you expected. Just do your best and love your kids with all the heart that God gave you. – JL

      • Interesting to watch how the rule of law is collapsing due to the phoney war between Russia and the West.

        The West sanctions Russian banks, which leads to a technical default on Russia’s leases on aircraft. Aircraft leasing companies “Time to pay”, Russia “We can’t pay, our banks are sanctioned and bank accounts frozen”, Aircraft companies “Guess your in default then”, Russia “No we’re not, we have the money, we want to pay but your governments won’t let us. We’re not the ones defaulting here, you want our money feel free to take it, all you have to do is talk to your governments.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Acn_NsJDs_0

        Big business pulls out of Russia! McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Starbucks….. etc tell their businesses in Russia to close and cease trading. That’s what the media tells us anyhow. But the issue has been raised that those businesses are franchises – ergo they paid to use the brand but are independently owned. So technically McDonalds etc can’t order their Russian businesses to close, apparently there is no ‘war’ clause in those contracts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaNjK5VKmMQ

        Russia demands payment to be made in Rubles for gas – initially – and other commodities to be determined. G-7 has come out and said that is a breech of contract and we refuse. Russia has said pay up or we turn off the taps…

        There is a lot of screaming in the media around the rule of law in war time.
        ‘Russia uses illegal cluster bombs’… Sure, use against civilian targets is illegal; use of the weapons is not, Russia, China and the US have never signed that treaty.
        Unfortunately no one mentions Ukraine’s breech of the Geneva Convention, and technically the Western media is complicit in this, regarding the exposure of POW’s to the media. Ergo Ukraine parading supposed Russian POW’s before the media is illegal.

        Perhaps the most comedic issue around the rule of law is the Russian articles recognising the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk. The West declared those articles illegal, but reportedly Russia copied and pasted near verbatim sections of the Wests recognition of Kosovo.

        It just goes to prove that the idea of the international rule of law is a convenient fiction. What is war… resolving our legal disputes with weapons bigger than baseball bats.

        God bless you brother.

  3. Hi John,
    one hour after reading your post I saw this:
    and two hours later:
    (probably most of you already saw this)
    Biden said this in Warsaw, Poland. Let me put it in this way: I was 8 years old, and I was talking with my grandfather (it was ~40 years from now). Suddenly he had shivers, for no reason. I asked “what happened?”. He answered: “don’t worry, the death just touched me, it’s nothing”. Well, to comment on this I would just repeat my grandfather’s words.
    As for agriculture, it’s going to be really bad. Apart from my regular job I’m using 4 acres of fruit trees, which allows me to provide about 15 tons of fruits. But, once there is no fuel, equipment etc., it will just stop. There is no physical possibility of carrying this on. What about hundreds, thousands of acres of corn/wheat? Imagine.
    And, the most terrible thought. It’s bizarre but I’ll write it. Assuming all the public knowledge about science and weapon systems of all the players. If (IF) our Earth was computer game, and I was playing Russia, my conclusion would be that I order first strike, nuclear, against the USA. Sorry for what I just said, but I imagined what an immoral, technocrat, logical and ruthless player would do. Consider it as a product of sick imagination of random internet user…
    I hope and pray I’m wrong.
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      God help us, but I think that you’re right. A truly amoral leader like Putin will not hesitate to order a first strike, to try and level the playing field – if there is not ‘better’ option for personal survival.

      A few years ago, Putin said this when asked about his risky behavior, he said:

      “He who doesn’t take risks, never drinks champagne.”

      Putin has a history of completely amoral decisions of high risk, but even higher reward. It’s how he became president of Russia. It’s how he solidified his political base. But now, he has taken a calculated risk in Ukraine, and it blew up on him. The question is whether he believes that his line of retreat is blocked, and that he is in ‘death ground’.

      For those who don’t know, the term ‘death ground’ is from Sun Tzu – where there is no line of retreat and the only option is to fight to the death.

      Is Putin in ‘death ground’?

      It could turn out to be so. And, I shiver along with your grandfather.

      If we were to pinpoint the moment when we started along the path to World War III, we have a number of beginning points to choose from. The invasion of Iraq in 2003. The first artificial island developed by China in the South China Sea in 2013. The political battles between the US and Russia in Ukraine from the ’00s.

      But, we never got past the ‘point of no return’ in any of those decisions. I don’t see how we get back from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

      And yes, those 15 tons of fruits. Ouch.

      Ultimately, I believe that this is all directed by God, so I’m not sure that we can pray that it stops. But, we are called to pray for our leaders that they would be wise, that we would have peace. That our brothers and sisters in Christ would be blessed.

      Another great viewpoint, Chris. May the Lord God protect all of us in harm’s way.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Amen. Our Lord is in charge.

        Looking at slow speed of Russian operation, we already know that it is partially result of bad planning and sheer incompetence. But there is something that worries me. While this operation prolongs, it’s long enough to release other, invisible, “precise weapons”. Possibly deadly (for the West). We already know about Russian “gas for Rubles/gold only” new rule, starting from the 1st of April. And, today:
        (yes, translation is accurate to the letter).
        And, there is something else going on. We are not the only ones experiencing propaganda machine. The Russians have their own. And, it works. I listen/read to some of the the Russian media, TV shows, comments etc. Month ago there was uncertainty, shock, even some protests and arguments. As the weeks pass by, the sanctions, reports from the front, relations of Russian-speaking civilians, even movies with Ukrainian soldiers shooting Russian prisoners (yes, but I will not link them, and I have no illusions that the opposite is taking place as well) – all of that has effect. Extremely dangerous trend is starting; month ago we could suspect that the Russian government finds itself in the “death ground”. But weeks/months from now (not sure, but the time is short), we will have entire Russian nation feeling this. You may not be aware what that means. See this, it’s almost forgotten Soviet patriotic song from the 1940’s (it was an alternative national anthem at the time). Today its popularity in Russia suddenly jumps through the roof (and it’s only the beginning).
        Mind the words of that song, and be aware that today not “German fascists” are on the receiving end of this. We are. USA and Europe (by the way, the fact that Azov and Aidar regiments are officially parts of Ukrainian Armed Forces does not help at all, and, also, modern weapons allow to project destruction to the other side of the planet in minutes). Some (not long) time from now, we’ll see the Russian attitude from 1942 resurrected, and at this point we’ll face situation requiring annihilation of one side (or both) to end the conflict.
        So, Joe Biden and the team, congratulations. Well done. Yamamoto’s words “we have awaken the sleeping giant” are back. Awfully good job.
        Sorry for that grim assessment of things, but, well, I understand Russian and I’m located a mere 500km from Russia.
        Oh, today in Poland it was announced that a new course is introduced to the programme of elementary schools and colleges. Effective immediately, from April (which is unprecedented in the middle of school year). “Preparatory defense”. I had it, but once I finished college it was cancelled and disappeared for 30 years. Now it’s back. First aid, shooting, preparing shelter, “what to do in case of nuclear explosion”, you know…
        God bless you John, and all the Readers!
        Yours in Christ

        • Hi Chris,

          This is the kind of thing that I value most. Someone on the ground – or close enough – who can see both sides and understand what’s happening. And, that can translate it for us.

          I had that opportunity in Israel, and have a little bit of it here in Taiwan. But, that isn’t the focus. Ukraine is, and the spirit of violence that can only grow from the conflict there.

          If Putin had not miscalculated – or if the Russian army had been as good as he thought – this would not be happening. Either he would have avoided such a direct conflict, or he would have won so quickly that the ‘spirit of violence’ would not have taken hold in the hearts and minds of Russia and Europe. The slow, grinding nature of this war is what will cause the most death and destruction. And, the propaganda that fuels the rage will only grow more and more potent until there is no room left for peace.

          Someone else that I’ve been paying attention to grew up in Moscow and has a perspective that rings true:

          That is a long thread. And, I believe that you’ll understand it better than most.

          The self-fulfilling nature of the insanity we are caught in will not burn itself out until a billion die. I wanted to say millions, until I remembered how many died in World War II, and that our population is many times greater and our vulnerability even worse.

          Your point about Yamamoto reminds me of how and why Japan chose to attack Pearl Harbor – and their miscalculation. Also, Hitler’s choices and miscalculations. There were points in time in which they could have chosen to go either way – the proverbial ‘knife edge’. But, they ultimately chose violence.

          I believe that these ‘knife edge’ choices were all a part of bringing us to the fulfillment of prophecy. These are the ‘hooks in the jaws’ of Gog and Magog. The bridle that causes error (Isaiah 30:28). But, even though I know that this is a part of God’s Plan (because of our sin), I still grieve. How terrible all of this is.

          I pray that Poland doesn’t see war, and that you will be okay, Chris. God knows how to protect those who are His.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

    • Russia doesn’t need to use Nukes. It has weapons far worse than nuclear weapons. Nor does it need to attack the US, 1 missile with a super EMP over Western Europe and you have the complete collapse of civilisation over 6-700 million people. No water, no food, no power, no communications…. Not a building levelled, no radiation, no attack on the US.
      Then there is the vulnerability of national assets to cyber attacks.

      But NATO! Article 5! There is a lot of talk about article 5 and how it requires NATO members to go to war in the defence of a state under attack. It does not… It requires NATO members to discuss a response to the attack on a NATO state and provide aid to said state, that aid may be in the form of military intervention or it could be financial etc.

      Do you really think the US would retaliate with nuclear weapons, against a non nuclear attack, on non US territory? I don’t. Especially under the scenario of a super EMP causing the majority of NATO (Western Europe) to instantly collapse, the US still has the threat of China from the Pacific and the impact on the US economy from the collapse of Europe.

      Indeed some of the interviews I have heard recently with people like Dr Peter Vincent Pry – ex CIA, Col Doug MacGregor – US military, Scott Ritter – UN weapons inspector, suggest there is no way the US can win, they know it and their terrified. If their opinion is correct, the US figured Putin and Russia would back down from the threat of MAD over Ukraine, be embarrassed and possibly cause the Chinese to think twice about growing closer to Russia. They never considered Russia would do anything different…

      • Hi Peter Makin,

        You are still talking about the use of nuclear weapons. Even though it’s a nuclear EMP, it would require a retaliatory response. Russia would not be able to hide the fact that they launched such an attack, so it would only do so if they felt that they were sitting in ‘death ground’.

        This ‘in death ground’ is the whole point. Both Russia and NATO understand each other in this and will be maneuvering to avoid that situation. But, the situation itself is vulnerable to terrible miscalculation – which is, in one sense, why we have this war in the first place.

        The term ‘launch on warning’ should concern all of us, and Russia has indicated that they have put their nuclear forces on that status. We almost had a nuclear war because both sides were on that status, where any evidence of missiles inbound would cause commanders to launch a retaliation.

        This may be God’s plan. It would certainly be justice for all the evil that we have committed. There is a reason why Gog and Magog are unopposed by US and Europe. This might be why.

        Putin’s gamble backfired – in the same way that Hitler and Japan’s generals miscalculated. Putin is now caught, and there is no way that he gets out of this alive, unless he wins completely.

        Russian culture is violent. That is their ‘besetting sin’. American and European culture is adulterous. As Christians, we stand against both sins.

        But, I’m getting away from your point.

        The main thing is that the US and NATO must respond in kind, if there is a Super-EMP attack. There literally isn’t any choice in this. The people running our nuclear and strategic policy might be evil persons of uncertain parentage, but they aren’t stupid. They are willing to do this, and have communicated that willingness to Russia.

        We’ll see what happens.

        Thanks for the input, Peter.

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

        • With respect brother I don’t think you understand.

          [EDIT BY JL]

          …We can debate who is more evil till the cows come home but in the end both sides are no different to the other and it is innocent people that have suffered for the power games of the powerful.

          [EDIT BY JL]

  4. The world is going mad. The USA and NATO seem determined to pressure Russia until nuclear war is the result. I hope that this does not happen, we have will have already lost anyway. Most of the rest of the world can forget that the USA exists and and begin to trade with each other while the USA descends into 3rd world poverty. The world could make silver and gold and other valuable things money and forget the worthless dollar. Rather than have nuclear war the world could allow us to whither on the vine. We are in the wrong, America is now a red light beacon on the hill of perversity and insanity.
    Russia will not surrender, they will not lose, they are now morally superior to us, this is part of why they are hated so much. We should have been best friends with Russia, brothers in fact, but we have allowed evil to take control.
    Nuclear war could begin as early as this week, I have doubt that Biden would even order a retaliatory strike, as the goal may only be to kill the American people to kill the people who have freedom in their genes.
    Something radical will have to happen to save America, and if the world triumphs over us without the use of nuclear weapons our future is destroyed through corruption.
    Everyone prepare, get food, firearms, ammunition, fuel, silver and gold, garden seeds, radio communications,… Make a plan, if near a target or in a likely fallout zone choose now a safe place to go if you have no shelter, perhaps go to federal land. Agree to meetup locations with family and friends, set up message drop locations should you become separated. Keep your gasoline tanks full, be first to leave. If you hear about clashes between Russia and NATO ships or clashes between fighters it is time to relocate immediately. Clock out, go home, load up the car, and leave.
    America deserves this, we foolishly allowed an election to be stolen and a senile idiot to be installed. This was the plan, the destruction of America by any and all means possible, and we have sat by and allowed it to happen.
    America will return one day, perhaps in a generation after 90% of the present generation has died. We will wander through the wilderness for 40 years waiting for the corruption to die out. Plan to survive to help restore us to the nation we were intended to be.

    • Yes, it is a very good idea to prepare for nuclear war, David, especially since those preps are useful for other disasters. Just be careful about believing that Russia is morally okay. I like Russians. I worked with lots of them. But, they have lots and lots of their own moral failures. – JL

    • It’s a good thing that those Azov thugs are such a tiny group. Unfortunately, Russia’s invasion might make them popular. That would be bad. And, it doesn’t surprise me that they would act like this. Thanks, DRG. – JL

        • That doesn’t change the fact that they are tiny group. Every society has their share of neo-Nazis. I even found a few here in Taiwan. (Yes, seriously). But, they do not run the Ukrainian government. Not even close. – JL

          • John, the point that I was responding to was that Russia’s invasion might make “those Azov thugs” popular. I completely agree that that would be bad. We want them to stay a tiny group.

    • Okay, there are wheels within wheels here. Even Martin knows that. Sending that jet was a form of communication to Putin that the US has also escalated its nuclear posture. Furthermore, Putin chose the people around himself. That wasn’t an accident, and would also be a form of communication with the West. – JL

  5. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/corruption/hunter-bidens-laptop-funding-bioweapons-in-ukraine/

    More wisdom from Armstrong. Note that he calls the neocon propaganda that Putin is losing BS. In another post, I forget which one because he’s said it so many times, he said that Putin has been in power for 20 years and never showed an interest in expanding Russia’s borders or taking over Ukraine. He is not behaving like someone who wants to destroy in the manner of the US. Armstrong says his actions look more like how (Alexander the Great?) defeated an army twice the size of his own by letting them think he was losing and then surrounding them. Some famous battle I don’t recall because I’m not a military history buff. Interesting.

    • Hi DRG,

      Cutting through the BS is our biggest challenge, right now. And, it is normal to not know who is winning or losing until the battle is almost over. And, Putin could certainly still defeat the West in Ukraine. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something.

      One thing that we do know is that Putin has made mistakes. The only question is whether he can recover from them, change strategy fast enough and pull a win out of this mess. Everything rides upon Russian logistics, and so far… those logistics don’t look good.

      The core battle will be in the area where the Ukrainian JFO (Joint Forces Operation) is active in southeastern Ukraine. If they continue to hold out (again, logistics), Russia loses, and Putin’s attempt at a ‘short victorious war’ fails. Russian history shows that the result of such a loss will be a bloody ‘Palace Coup’ that will see him replaced by someone just as bad, or probably worse.

      The other possible way that Putin can win, is if Belarus massively invades from the north. Lukashenko is ten times worse than Putin, but he’s probably waiting to see who will be more victorious so that he can jump in on the winning side.

      As a reminder to all of us, we should not forget that Putin’s decision was evil. Other people made evil decisions also, and I hope that justice will come for them too. But, Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine was cold-blooded murder.

      I respect Armstrong for his ability to track the flow of financial capital and for his economic confidence model. I also like his views on American corruption and his bird’s eye view of history. He is a vital and valuable resource that I recommend to everyone.

      However, the one thing that he seems to miss is the fundamental moral issue of the decision to invade Ukraine. That decision was evil. The fact that there are those in Washington who lured Putin into doing that is a separate point.

      Lord willing, we will survive what is coming and be able to see all the reasons for the decisions that have been made. Although, I’m not real confident.

      Thank you for sharing Martin’s viewpoint with us, DRG.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. Hi John,
    exactly, I see it in the same way. This is how the “hooks in jaws” are being forged, in front of our eyes. I’ve also seen Scott Ritter’s interpretation (you mentioned it on Twitter), and I agree that he totally neglected all the blunders we are aware of. It’s obvious, but… Let me put it in this way: there is a Russian word “bardak”. If you put it in translator, it will just say its meaning is “mess”. However, it is not accurate (and, there is phonetically similar word in Polish). Its real meaning is 50% “house of prostitutes”, and 50% “total mess, FUBAR situation”. That’s how we, in Eastern Europe understand it. It originates from XIXth century, Russian Empire. And reflects its “management culture”, so to speak, preserved up to now. So, Ritter is partially right, but what we see is the effect of “operational art of war” and “bardak” overlapping. What that exotic word represents is responsible for Russian defeat at Tannenberg in 1914, the 1941, and we are seeing, again, what it means right now. The problem is, that, as history shows, “bardak” does not guarantee the final result of an armed conflict, especially if Russia is involved. It implies high human life cost (feeling sick to think about it), a lot of equipment wasted, but the final result may well be 1945 in Berlin. I want to say, we are playing Russian roulette, and I just wouldn’t place my bets, and I have no idea what comes next (50/50).
    Let me add one more observation. Industrial one:
    This is an undisputed “pearl in the crown” of Soviet, now Ukrainian, defense industry. In its own league within Ukraine, even Europe. Guess what, we are seeing Ukrainian military factories, repair workshops, fuel storage facilities bombed every day. But that factory complex is somehow immune. Not being attacked. Not a single one out of ~200-300 sorties flied by Russian air force every night took time to visit this location. What does it mean? I guess you know. Now, check its location (compared to the current frontline):
    It spells there is a lot of news and things to come, we are far from the end…
    Yours in Christ
    Russian deliveries of natural gas to Europe through the pipelines in Poland were halted today.

    • Hi Chris,

      How interesting and ironic. You would have to wonder at what kind of orders these pilots are getting. For those interested in seeing what Chris is talking about, here’s yesterday’s map of ‘assessed control’ for Ukraine:

      To the right of Dnipro and Zaporizhia is the area that Russia claims to be interested in. It’s where Ukraine’s JFO (Joint Forces Operation) is located. If Russia can encircle, reduce and then destroy the JFO, Putin will be able to claim victory. And, you can bet that he and his inner circle will throw as many Russian boys on that bonfire as they need to claim that victory.

      Tolstoy wrote about Russia’s willingness to murder the Japanese for no identifiable reason – on the eve of the Russo-Japanese war of 1904. The Japanese were outnumbered and outgunned, but they still were able to repel the Russian invasion. The average Russian soldier did not want to kill the Japanese and also knew that they would never see their families again, as they were marched off to die in the east.

      For those interested, here are a couple links:



      Putin isn’t just murdering Ukrainians. He’s murdering Russians, too. I doubt that very many of those Russian kids dying in Ukraine were happy to be there in the first place.

      This is vile at so many levels.

      Add to this the fact that we have ‘christians’ claiming that Putin had good reasons to launch this war. That his intentions were good.

      Excellent update, Chris. There’s a lot that we wouldn’t see without your input.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  7. Another great article! I hope you don’t mind if I put a few points below that we should be asking ourselves or at the very least, file it away in the back of our minds ( just my opinion).
    1. Putin didn’t deploy all of surrounding forces into Ukraine. About 25% from what I gathered. If true, he has less Russian troops in Ukraine than there are Ukrainian troops.
    2. How can Russia hit all the main runways and military installations in the beginning but can’t hit the few working airfields now?
    3. The Russian aircraft being used are not the newest version currently being fielded, why?
    4. Why attack in early Spring when it would require more dependency on paved roads and cause a bottle neck?
    5. Why did he leave so much of the infrastructure intact? This is the only war I have seen where the invaders leave much of the water and power.
    6. Did Russia actually enter Ukraine in a haphazard fashion, or did they just seperate, dived and isolate major Ukrainian battle groups?

    My current working hypothesis(s):
    1. He originally was going to use a page out of the Georgia playback and strike deep but stay in the Donbas region. But something triggered him to change his plans. He knew there are Javelin missiles and MANPADS in Ukraine, he knew the fields and country side would be a muddy mess. Putin is many things, stupid isn’t one them. I really think we are missing something.

    • Hi Arlan (John Smith),

      Putin isn’t fielding his latest aircraft because he only has 11 of them. Russia has had trouble producing the SU-57 in large numbers. The same goes for their latest main battle tank, the T-14 Armata – which has also suffered technical issues.

      Furthermore, we are seeing massive numbers of their next-to-latest generation tanks and armored transports being destroyed or captured. Many billions of dollars of equipment lost. And, they have currently lost about as many soldiers in one month as their entire nine year war in Afghanistan in the ’80s.

      Also, you are underestimating Russia’s commitment of combat-ready Brigade Tactical Groups (BTGs). About 75% of those BTGs were moved towards Ukraine in December, from all over Russia. And, we are seeing that in the Russian officers that have been killed, some of which came from the Russian far east.

      Russia might be able to achieve a Pyrrhic victory in Ukraine, but history will probably show that this was a terrible military disaster.

      All of that is even less important than the terrible suffering and death of Ukrainians. This is a vile and terrible evil that Putin committed against Ukraine, and even against his own people. So, I’m hoping that you do not miss that moral dimension.

      The evil done in Ukraine will cause suffering around the globe, and that’s only if Putin is stopped at Ukraine. If he is willing to descend to this level of villainy, then you have to wonder what else he’s willing to do.

      I hope that helps Arlan.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • John, thank you for the reply. I do understand the status of the Russian equipment but their deployment didn’t/doesn’t make sense. I still think we are missing something.
        As far as understanding the morality of the situation or the lack there of, one of the Ukrainian patrol boats sunk, was the boat I spent two years on. I also hosted the Ukrainian Border Guards a few years ago (State side), trying to help them establish a modern training program for their maritime assets. My heart aches for them, especially the orphanages that are often forgotten about in Eastern Europe. I just really think we are missing something and not in a good way.
        Please forgive my typing. I can only use my phone right now and cannot see most of my post when I write.

        • Hi Arlan,

          I agree that we are probably missing something.

          Take myself as an example. If you look at my posts just before the invasion of Ukraine, it is clear that I was missing some very important information. I was not alone in this and have had to take a hard look at my own misconceptions.

          1. We thought that the fall of the Soviet Union would begin a new wave of modernization of Russian society. We were wrong. Their society did not change, and we were slow to realize that.

          2. We thought that Russia had completely modernized their military, making is a better equipped, better trained and more nimble force. We were wrong. Their small unit combat success in Syria was not a good barometer for a more conventional war.

          3. We thought that Putin was a pragmatic leader who would make rational decisions for the long term benefit of Russia and himself. We were wrong – but, only because we did not realize that Putin was getting inaccurate intelligence. He was being told what he wanted to hear, and we did not realize that.

          My experience in conflict zones is that people tell each other stories that they want to hear, that give them comfort and portray themselves as ‘the good guys’. I have watched both sides of the Arab Israeli conflict do this to an astonishing degree. The amount of cognitive dissonance among Jews and Arabs is amazing. And, I see many of the same factors at work in this Russo-Ukrainian war.

          For background, read what Tolstoy said about the Russian decision to attack the Japanese in 1904:



          Russia was the aggressor in that war, just as they are now in Ukraine. But, there is another, more recent conflict that might shed some light on why Putin invaded Ukraine in the way that he did:

          Why Russia is losing this war?First I'll discuss why Russia *is* losing. Then I'll give my version of how it could happen. The key to understanding lies in the Soviet/Russian military doctrine. It gives context for current events and helps to predict further Russian actions🧵 pic.twitter.com/uQqYVLENwe— Kamil Galeev (@kamilkazani) April 6, 2022

          Read that thread all the way through. It’s incredibly perceptive, as many of Kamil Galeev’s tweets are.

          The key difference between now and Czechoslovakia in 1968 is size, organization and morale. The Russians invaded Czechoslovakia with a many times larger army in 1968, than now. In 1968, they invaded in two echelons and had superior logistics. Most important of all, Ukraine had been given years of experience and training to prepare for this invasion.

          Then, to ‘top it off’, Russia telegraphed their plans weeks in advance, giving the Ukrainian military the ability to prepare the battlefield to their own advantage. This has been a disaster for Russia and the Russians. Putin isn’t just murdering Ukrainians, he’s also killing his own people.

          The only question is this:

          How does it end?

          One analysis indicates that if Russia loses this war, they will invade again – just as they did in the Second Chechen War that Russia launched in 1999. Russia lost the first war in 1996, made peace and then launched the the second one in 1999. Many expect a repeat in Ukraine.

          Another analysis gives the possibility of political collapse of Russia. Major revolutions follow battlefield defeat in Russia, and there might be a repeat.

          The most dire analysis of all is nuclear war.

          I’m glad that you have not lost sight of the moral dimension. It upsets me that so many have. What Putin did was evil. We just don’t know all the reasons for why he did it.

          And, those orphanages. My heart breaks at the thought of them. I’m so sorry. It’s good that you remind us.

          Thank you for adding those points, Arlan. We truly live in perilous times.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  8. I didn’t realize that I am not getting notifications of new comments on this week’s posting, so I thought that everyone was exhausted and tired of talking about Ukraine. Alas . . .

    Two things caught my eye today that pertain to both alliances and evil in the world.

    First, the alliances. Pepe Escobar has a very interesting update on where a (postwar) Mariupal fits in to the interconnected alliances of China, Russia, Iran, India and other countries. Basically, it is a world-class steel production center that will come in handy for building the network of railroads that will bring harmony and connection to those countries. https://thecradle.co/Article/columns/8480

    Whitney Webb just published a nice essay by Matthew Ehret about the Rhodes Scholar network and its 150 year battle against nations linking together by rail for trade and connectivity. He also points out that the Biden Administration is full of these people and draws a connection to the 1400 “global young leaders” trained by the World Economic Forum. In my opinion, here and elsewhere, Ehret makes a pretty good case for the modus operandi of the King of This World. https://unlimitedhangout.com/2022/03/investigative-reports/the-rhodes-scholars-guiding-bidens-presidency/

    And on Ukraine, I gotta say that I find this pretty convincing that the “less bad guys” are winning in Ukraine.

    “The Russian forces will probably take another four weeks to destroy the Ukrainian units at the Donetsk front. The Russian command will then have to decide which parts of the Ukraine it will want to keep under control. Next to Donetsk and Luhansk the region north of Crimea is a likely candidate. Odessa and Dnipro may also be still on the menu. The regions can be kept as statelets under local control or form a confederation that may well institutionalize a new country.

    “Anything beyond that depends on the willingness of the U.S. proxy government in Kiev to submit to Russia’s demands. Russia can leave it at that or it can continue to mow the grass until none is left.”


    • Hi Jeff C-C,

      Remember that first and foremost, this is a moral issue. This is about right and wrong. Good and evil.

      What Russia did by invading Ukraine was evil. The purest kind.

      It was done for economic and political reasons. Not military or defense. You will notice that they are destroying manufacturing facilities that they do not want, and preserving those that they do.

      This is NOT a conflict between the bad vs the less bad. Those sources who make that claim are morally reprehensible. Pepe Escobar is an example. I’ve tangled with him before, and his geopolitical views are amoral. Do not trust ANYTHING that he says.

      As Christians, we are called to be discerning. If we cannot tell the difference between good and evil, then we have a problem.

      I say again, and there is overwhelming evidence backing my point:

      What Russia has done is pure evil.

      Unfortunately, I’m an experienced observer of these things. This isn’t my first rodeo. But, you don’t need to believe me to know what the truth of this matter is. However, you might need to stop reading and listening to the persons of uncertain parentage that lack any kind moral discernment.

      Here are examples of Russia is doing, if you need them:





      That’s all in Russian, so you’ll need to read the subtitles. It also shows what the Russians are, and how much evil they are prepared to do to get what they want.

      Then, there is this eyewitness of the neo-Nazis in Ukraine:


      They are a tiny minority that number in the thousands, in a country of 41 million.

      ‘Unlimited Hangout’ and ‘Moon of Alabama’ are not good sources of information. Whatever information they might have is poisoned.

      Again, I spent 15 years in the middle of what some of these people have reported on in the past – Jerusalem. I am an eye-witness to the lies that these ‘conspiracy theorists’ tell. Do not get mixed up with those who love to tell stories that have no basis in truth.

      Truth matters. We’re Christians.

      I hope that helps, Jeff.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  9. John,

    Thanks for posting the videos. We are seeing different things if you find these to be evidence of Russia and its evil intentions and actions.

    The first is an anthem sacred to the godless Communist Soviets (not Russians) from 80 years ago. So what? Modern Americans could take a Christian hymn from 80 years ago and find it appalling, because the culture has changed. I absolutely do not see this as evidence of modern Russia as evil.

    The second one may seem appalling to you having lived in Jerusalem for 15 years, under threats of violence. I see this as a Russian trying to get the West to take their intentions seriously. He understands that today’s West is a time and place where “anything goes and nothing matters.” He understands very well the catastrophic ends to which that leads. The Russians are not f’ing around here. They see multiple, existential threats to their culture and existence. I think they are looking at things more clearly than the liberal West is.

    The third video expands on these threats. Look, I hear you about the need for Christians to be discerning. But I hear what she is saying and find her country more attractive than (North) America in 2022. She is answering more difficult questions than anyone in Western media is posing today. And Zelensky would absolutely agree with her about the need for unity when a country is at war. That is why he abolished opposition political parties and has very tight control over the media. I would much rather live in a biblically-aligned Orthodox nation than Godless America. “Disney executive who is the mother of a transgender and a pansexual child says she wants at least half of ALL future characters to be LGBTQIA or racial minorities: Theme parks are now banned from saying ‘hello boys and girls.'” The Russians are pushing back. North American Christians are not.

    On the fourth video, I could not agree with Dugin more that their fight is against the global elites who are trying to take over the world. That’s what the Matthew Ehret column is about that you are ostensibly responding to (did you read it?). I found it important enough to post. Bottom line: I agree with Dugin that they are fighting true evil. The end of the interview is unsettling, to be sure: if NATO intervenes, that will be the end of them. Russia’s right to exist as a sovereign, non-Woke nation is that important to them.

    Once Biden was elected, I thought seriously about emigrating because I knew that Biden (and Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland, etc.) would not take seriously how important this all is to the Russians; and America’s “leaders” would lead us into a nuclear exchange. The Russians have been taking this possibility seriously for years. In America, it is, as I said before, “anything goes and nothing matters.” Well, nuclear war would matter.

    I could have posted those very same videos to make the opposite point that you were making. We are in agreement that they are important. I see the speakers as NOT the godless communist Soviets. This is Orthodox Christianity making its move to keep from being a fringe sect and elbowing its existence alongside the godless Western, liberal order. I see it as, absolutely, a defensive more (albeit an aggressive one).

    Finally, hats off to MEMRI (and Al-Jazeera) for posting extended interviews with Russians. There is NOTHING on this level of thoughtfulness, and trying to understand someone different from yourself, happening in the US right now.

    Your brother in Christ,


    P.S. Pepe Escobar’s godlessness has me in an on again / off again state of reading his essays. As the Bible says in so many words, “we are to be in the world but not of the world.” His perspective is consistent and an important one to hear. I think that he does a great job of spelling out what is motivating and driving the BRICS/SCO nations. I would love to hear your story of tangling with him.

    • Hi Jeff C-C,

      That ‘godless anthem’ wasn’t just written 80 years ago. It’s popular now. Chris from Poland shared that with us because he understands Russian and watches what they are saying. Chris gets it, because he sees the evil behind what Russia is doing.

      Do we understand that killing someone for political reasons is murder?

      Putin ordered the murder of Ukrainians for political reasons. The Russians themselves have acknowledged that those reasons were political. Not self defense.

      I see plenty of Christians consuming corrupted and distorted news and analysis. Such sources do not care about the moral dimension. They are just as godless as any communist. And yes, I have experience with such ‘anti-establishment’ news sources.

      You can oppose the NWO and still see what Putin has done as murder. You can oppose the WEF and still see that the Russians support something evil and Satanic. You can oppose the Left and still see that Russia invaded a country for cynical reasons and should be condemned in the strongest words possible.

      We are Christians.

      Discernment matters.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      PS. Have you seen what the Ukrainians have uncovered as they push the Russians back? We got reports weeks ago that we did not believe, but now are being authenticated as true.

      • Hi John,

        Thanks for the additional info on the Soviet anthem. I agree that it is disturbing if (that) it is coming back into fashion in Russia. As Christians, and human beings, Communists are bad news. Putin is, in my opinion, the “best case” ruler of Russia.

        You ask, “Do we understand that killing someone for political reasons is murder?” The answer is, yes, absolutely. A couple of weeks ago, I sent a table of “killing someone for political reasons.” As an update, Ukranian civilians are dying at a rate of less than one civilian per day per million people of population (you could make a case that the Ukranian civilian population has dropped dramatically; I haven’t revised the number based on the lower population). Americans “killed someone for political reasons” in Grenada, Panama, and Belgrade at rates of 7 to 25 people per day, per million of population. We are in agreement that ALL of these are tragic.

        The rate of blacks being murdered in Chicago is 3.6 people (mostly young men) being killed per day, per million of population. So, blacks in Chicago are being killed at more than 4 times of Ukranians (including those killed by other Ukranians). And there is horrible news from Chicago that these murders are being abetted for political reasons; last year, only 209 people were charged out of 797 murders. The Attorney General in Chicago is one a Soros-supported monster.

        The political nature of the killings in Chicago are not a new development, though. According to the FBI, the leading gang in Chicago, the Gangster Disciples “business” changed in the mid-1980s from robberies, burglaries and car thefts to drug trafficking. Why is this significant? Because this is exactly when the US started importing drugs into inner cities as a fundraising mechanism for its politically-motivated killings and societal disruptions across Central America. “We” started killing Americans in our inner cities to fund the killing of Central Americans in countries whose leadership was sympathetic to the Soviets.

        Is Putin’s invasion of Ukraine blood-boiling? Yes. Am I apologizing for it? No. Has the US been conducting worse “politically motivated killings,” both internationally and domestically for your and my adult lives? Yes. Does that make my blood boil, more? Yes. I am not letting anyone off easy here.

        Your brother in Christ,


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