The Madness Pivot of History

History pivots. Pressures build, pulling civilization in one direction until someone makes a decision that forces us onto a different path. Our path to where we are now, is made up of these pivot points. And, we are going through one right now.

We knew that a pivot was coming. Something was bound to happen that would change our path into the future, and we knew that it was going to be bad. We just didn’t know that it would be this.

This is all a part of our rendezvous with prophecy. God said that it would happen. And, it will. But, there’s madness involved.


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The Madness Pivot of History

On June 28, 1914, Serbian madness murdered Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian Empire. Austrian madness, followed by German madness launched World War I. Millions died, and madness was ultimately the cause.

German and Japanese madness launched World War II. The madness of Russia and China launched the Cold War. American madness killed millions in the (un)Civil War, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. And yes, those regions had their own share of madness that killed millions.

I illustrated some of that madness here:

The Stories That Send Us To War

I would love to stop the madness. In one sense, that’s why I write these articles. But, I’m afraid that our insanity will not be cured until there’s a new heaven and a new earth. So, I hope that you are ready for even more madness.

Can there be anything more insane that rebellion against our Creator?

In a very real sense, our madness is how prophecy will be fulfilled. The madness of Muhammad kept the rest of Europe and Asia out of the Land of Israel. And, when the madness of World War I destroyed the Ottoman Empire, the stage was set for the Children of Jacob to return to their land. European and Arab madness demonstrated the need for a Jewish State, and here we are.

Each turning point in our history seems to be governed by these fits of madness. Of course, our insanity would have little effect, without resources, wealth and technology. As our ability to kill each other grows, so does the cost of madness.

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

This brings us to Putin’s War in Ukraine. Russians and Ukrainians normally don’t want to kill each other, and it took someone named Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to make it happen. Yes, I’m sure that there were others who convinced him that it was a good idea. At least, I hope so.

The idea that someone could start a war all by himself is worse than if it was a group decision. We often tell stories about ‘that one guy’ who caused it all, but usually it ‘takes a village’ to make it happen. This time it was that mad little ‘village’ inside the Kremlin that started this war.

Oh, I’m sure that there was some pragmatism and maybe even a little of those ‘good intentions’ that everyone talks about. But, it was still an insane thing to do. And, it was just as insane for the United States to lure him into doing it. There’s a lot of blame for everyone.

It’s even a little insane for the Ukrainians to resist so strongly against this Russian invasion. I identify better with that kind of madness, so you won’t hear me complain about it very much. I have a soft spot for self-defense, and I admit to not being very rational about it.

So, here’s the question:

Where is this pivot in history taking us?

And, there’s another question that weighs heavily on my heart:

How many will suffer and die because of this?

Even if this war ended right now, and even if the world was immediately able to resume ‘normal’ life, the suffering will be immense. The rise in food cost will condemn many to famine and starvation in the most vulnerable countries. And, we have yet to understand the cost that we will all pay in terms of lost jobs, inflation and misery.

Of course, the war won’t end today. Putin cannot back down. He and his Kremlin are stuck in a situation of winning, or death. Every time Russia lost a war, there was a bloody revolution.

So, what happens if Ukraine loses?

What happens if Russia fails to win?

Well, if Russia loses this war, it will ultimately be Sergei Shoigu‘s fault. He’s a corrupt politician without any military experience, and it looks like he bungled the whole operation:

The Failed Logistics of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

“Infantry wins battles, but logistics wins wars” – General John Pershing.

Russia made a serious mistake in how they started this war. In fact, if they understood what they were facing, they would not have launched it in the first place. Either they really thought that Ukraine would welcome them with open arms, or they thought that the Ukrainian military was weak and unprepared. Or, both.

To bring it back to the terms of this article:

It was madness to launch this war in the way that they did.

Here’s another look at the mistakes that they’ve made:

Russia’s war in Ukraine is not going to plan

Putin’s Motivation

However, that doesn’t tell us Putin’s motivation for this invasion. For that, we need to look at Aleksandr Dugin, who has often been referred to as Putin’s Brain.

Investigating Aleksandr Dugin and the “soul of Russia”

Dugin’s ideology is sick, twisted and violent. It’s also pretty much the ideology of everyone in the 19th century. Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, America… again, everyone …believed in their own version of ‘manifest destiny’ and were willing to kill people to make it happen. And, if you think that I’m unfair to include the US in this, you need to read what Major General Smedley Butler had to say about his time serving in the US Marine Corps.

Smedley’s book, War Is A Racket is required reading for anyone who thinks that American foreign policy is anything but vile. And, as an American, I share in some of the blame for letting Washington and Big Business lead us into one obscene war after another. I wasn’t thinking and let the masters of propaganda fill me full of their talking points.

When Paul said that the love of money was the root of all evil, he wasn’t kidding.

Russian Culture

However, there is something distinctly Russian about the evil that we’re talking about here. Just as a point of reference, in 2014, Russians bought 500,000 baseball bats, and only one baseball. You get them at auto parts stores to help solve traffic conflicts. That ‘Russian Spirit’ is reflected in this article that popped up recently:

What the West gets wrong about PutinWhen we first met, he already knew the power of terrifying adversaries

That article by Harald Malmgren reflects the two decades of rumors that I’ve heard about politics in Russia. In fact, the investment company that I worked for back in the ’90s was approached by Russian ‘businessmen’ about investments. When one of the partners in the company asked them about what happens if their portfolio loses money, they responded:

“We break your legs.”

And, if they lost too much money, it would escalate from there.

Back To Ukraine

Here’s another view of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

There’s another problem with our view of Russia and the Russians. Many think that the Russians could not possibly support Putin in this war, but they’re wrong:

The Russians think that this war is America’s fault, and that ANY suffering they undergo will be our fault as well. I hope that you let that sink in, ‘cuz it’s madness.

The Four Horsemen And Gog

So, you understand that all of this is madness. You get it. You probably ‘got it’ three articles ago. But, there are more serious questions behind all of this:

Which of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is riding?

What does this say about who Gog is?

I can hear the hoof beats of the Black Horse already, even though his ‘ride’ won’t be visible for a little while longer. Hopefully much longer. But, that begs the question about whether it is the White Horse riding, or if this kicks off the ride of the Red Horse. For more on what I mean, read Revelation 6.

I dread the ride of those horses because I understand how many must die before Revelation Six is finished. We’re talking about the suffering and death of billions of people. And, I was hoping that it wouldn’t start so soon. But, the unrest from high food prices has already started. And, it will only get worse from here. And then there’s the question about Gog.

If Russia captures Ukraine and emerges from this conflict unscathed…

…does this point to Russia as the Land of Magog?


Will some other country take this opportunity to mount their own plans for conquest?

Two articles popped up this week that point either way:

Turkey Using Ukraine War as Excuse to Claim Greek Islands

Putin says Russia to use Middle East volunteer fighters against Ukraine

Those ‘Middle East volunteer fighters’ would come from Syria and Iran and could offer us a picture of something that could grow much larger.

Oh, and here’s one more thing. And while I don’t believe this to be truly significant, I still can’t stop thinking about it:

Look at the guy on the white horse. He has a spear instead of a bow, so that might disqualify Russia from being the ‘White Horseman of the Apocalypse’. And, it’s also true that a white horse has always been a symbol of conquest. So, I don’t know if the imagery on the Russian Coat of Arms is relevant.

Here’s the Wikipedia list of “Coats of arms with horses”:

I’m sure that there are more, but it’s a start for those interested in digging into this. Just don’t take this too far.

When Gog Comes

Again, I think that we should be considering which horse of the Apocalypse is about to ride, and then… how this points to the coming of Gog and Magog. I have proven that they will happen long before the Antichrist rises, and you can see that proof, here:

When Gog Comes


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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31 thoughts on “The Madness Pivot of History”

  1. Posting a comment so as to be notified of new comments. The discussion last week was excellent. (This time with the box checked.)

      • Thanks, John. I feel like a junior high school kid taking a high school class. You guys are so much wiser than me.

        • Well, we have information. Information is good. And, a lot of what we have comes from standing on the shoulders of others. So, feel free stand on any shoulders that you see here. As for wisdom… well …I get plenty of things wrong. Just don’t feel like you can’t contribute. Even a good question is a big help, Jeff. – JL

  2. Hi John,
    great article, you are so right. Madness. It was also so thought-provoking that… Ok, a few points (I’ll just share it, I hope it makes no sense, I really do):
    What we see in the central part of Russian coat-of-arms is this:
    I cannot determine how it relates to the White Horse of Revelation, but I can say this: I listened to Dugin speeches and interviews many times, 50% of this in Russian. You just wouldn’t believe how often he is using the phrase “American Dragon”. I don’t (and even don’t want to) have a key to his mind, but there must be some reason for that. Second: the legend says the story happened in Turkey and/or Libya. Since I consider your advise (“Just don’t take this too far”) to be wise, I’ll stop there.
    Disclaimer: I’m going to be extremely speculative. Apologies. Four Horses. In Revelation they come in a sequence (obviously: the Seals are numbered). Search “four horses”, click “images”. You will see all of them together. What if temporal patterns of the horses are overlapping? Like this:
    -Forget the paper, picture description etc. My point is just the picture: overlapping phenomena, which peak at different times. What if all that “epidemic Great Reset” mentioned by M.Armstrong was in fact the White Horse, which, apparently, had a “peak” in late 2021? In the meantime we heard of “rumors of wars”, 2022 begun, and we have first hot war (Ukraine), with significant escalation potential. Red Horse rising. In the background (sanctions, counter sanctions, economic isolation), some of us (ok, like <1% of the population) already see extreme scarcity and famine coming next (amplified by wars). Which is Black Horse. Is the "time distribution of a single horse" equaling to about 2-3 years (I hardly believe I'm writing this)? So, all of the above is about to happen from now to 2023-26?
    2023-26 is very interesting:
    Click the picture on the right and compare red line (prediction) with actual observations (black line). I don't like this. There will be big X-class solar flares, guaranteed, and magnetic field of Earth is failing fast.
    Pale Horse. Logical consequence of what happened before. Massive death toll. But… "to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth". Wild beasts mentioned along sword, famine and plagues? What kind of environment is this? Is there no modern civilization (even crippled) in Seal 4? What if Carrington-class solar flare switching-off our technology comes at Seal 4, and it is also Ezekiel 38? before 2026? Ben Davidson postulated, that "our technology will die years before the micronova" (no/minimal magnetic protection, increased solar activity). Which implies the Gog war is 4 years away, at most.
    Ok, I'll stop this "sum of all fears" comment.
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      I’m prepared to agree with anyone who uses the word ‘Gaussian’. Extra agreement if it makes sense.

      1. Symbols are like stories. They drive how we think and the decisions that we make. Sometimes they are subtle. Sometimes not. Since Dugin is making this about the ‘American Dragon’, that’s unsettling. And, when you see Iranian-backed Shiites chomping at the bit to help Putin in Ukraine…

      2. I don’t see the four (five?) horsemen of the Apocalypse stop their ride until… well …Seal Six? I don’t have a strong position, except that they appear to be a kind of a ‘state of affairs’. They happen in order, but there’s no reason for them to stop. And the Black Horse leads to starvation and starvation leads to plague. And plagues (among other things) seem to be part of the Pale Horse – and Hades, which might be the fifth horse. And, since I believe that the rise of Gog in the Land of Magog appears to be very White Horse-ish, I’m willing to bet that these horses ride all the way through. Although, they might peak and decline – just like a Gaussian Distribution.

      Again, for anyone seeing this, here is what we’re talking about:

      I was expecting these horses to take their time. But, now… I’m not so sure.

      3. So, we hit the peak of Solar Cycle 25, in 2025. I really, really hope that we don’t get Ezekiel’s Fire so soon. On the other hand, having events happen in quick succession like that might be less painful over all. (Like ripping the band aid off in one go.) God is the one making this happen, and His timing never fails. May the Lord see us through this.

      4. Yeah. That Pale Horse. It also mentions ‘beasts of the earth’. I noticed when people were ‘locked down’ for Covid, we got more wild animals in the streets. So, when people retreat from open spaces, animals move in. And, since they might be hungry for other reasons, they might lose their fear of (and develop a taste for) humans.

      And yes, this is a ‘sum of all fears’ discussion. But, I’m afraid that it’s highly warranted. This is completely uncharted territory. We’ve literally never been in a situation like this with such dire consequences.

      I hope that things die down and our worst fears aren’t realized. But, I don’t think that we can afford to be too optimistic.

      Great points, Chris. I’m glad that we have your perspective.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. John
    If you look back the west installed a puppet government in the Ukraine back in 14. I’m sure we have nothing but good intentions for all the countries we dominate??? Who is the biggest empire to ever cover the earth. We will stop at nothing but a one world order.

  4. Thank you brother

    Indeed the world may have just got even more insane, for as I write this I read reports of ballistic missiles striking the US consulate in northern Iraq… and it appears they came from Northern Iran.

    Venezuela says ‘”Venezuelan Foreign Minister Felix Plasencia said Caracas would be ready to sell oil back to the United States, while remaining “faithful” in Moscow.’
    All you have to do is recognise our government…

    But for now everyone is raptly focused on Ukraine.

    Numerous Psuedo Christian channels are calling this the rise of Gog and Magog and the rapture is imminent! …. Ezekiel is being fulfilled before our eyes! Well, we know how that will turn out. Hope they don’t mind waiting.

    Everyone is trying to second guess the who, where, what, how and why as events unfold before our eyes. When has God ever been so open and transparent with his motives and will? Never! Nor is He this time.

    We know the world is being prepared for the return of Christ.
    We know that Magog will lead Gog to attack Israel.
    But for that to happen, America must either fall, or be neutralised.
    We know the 4 horsemen will ride across the world, and roughly 2 billion will die to war, famine, disease and the beasts of the earth.

    I would appreciate your opinion regarding translation of that last part referencing the beasts of the earth. I find that a curious inclusion given the age we live in. We hardly fear the beasts of the earth, it’s not like people fear get eaten by lions or bears unlike the early days of Israel. A reference to biblical plagues? Massive refugee camps riven with rats/mosquito’s and diseases like the plague or malaria? Large groups of refugees moving across wild lands seeking safety? Does this suggest a breakdown of civilisation on a scale we haven’t considered. The entire population of Africa is only 1.2 Billion….

    The loss of life prophesied in Revelations 6 is unimaginable and almost seems surreal. You can comprehend such loss in a nuclear exchange, yet Revelations is specific. Yet through all this Israel survives the chaos as a nation as the Jews return home and becomes strong enough to repel Gog’s first attack.

    I remain unconvinced Russia is losing in Ukraine, or that things are not going to Russia’s plan. There are just too many voices shouting this reason and that reason. Too much reliance on social media footage that has no context. Too much rhetoric and emotive language in the media. Almost everything I am seeing and hearing from the mainstream and social media is screaming how Russia is losing, and losing badly. Yet there is almost no objectivity, no context. We are shutting off all dissent, any voice that might offer a different opinion. We are drowning in a sea of propaganda.

    All the while Russia is effectively remaining silent regards Ukraine.

    My heart remains unchanged, and my spirit whispers to trust in the Lord and lean not to my own understanding. I have no evidence, I cannot prove why. Everything I see and hear tells me Russia is losing, but I cannot shake this sense that my eyes are blind to a hidden truth and when the Lord removes His hand the world will be stunned and changed forever.

    Which brings me back to Gog and Magog, America must fall or be neutralised for Gog to attack Israel. Regardless of whether Russia is Gog or not; if they fall from sanctions or lose in Ukraine then the America’s power over the world both economically and militarily becomes more secured. I don’t see how Gog arises to attack Israel under those conditions.

    But what of a world where Ukraine has fallen. Russia has forced a peace amidst a global food and energy crisis. A world where the US dollar has collapsed and nation is set against nation in an effort to survive. Europe has fractured and fallen upon itself as old rivalries ignite. A world where China has effectively taken control of Southern Asia and the Pacific. A world where America has fractured and fallen upon itself in civil war. We have become so proud of Civilization as we know it; it is so intertwined politically, socially, technologically across borders I would argue it is our Tower of Babel awaiting the breath of God to give it that little push.

    Judgement time.
    I suspect from the ashes will arise the antichrist.
    The Lord our God keep you all safe.

    • Hi Peter Makin,

      Yeah. Judgment. I believe that this is what’s happening.

      And, I completely agree that we cannot trust what we are seeing on social media. The best that I think anyone can do is combine reason with as much anecdotal evidence as we can. I have Ukrainian friends who are Christian with family in the war zone who are able to honestly report on what they see. And, there are those who can read Russian sources, like Chris in Poland. There are people like Konstantin Kisin with family and friends on both sides. And, anyone else who can offer a rational look at what is happening.

      I also don’t think that Russia is losing as badly as many claim. They might not even be losing. Although, I’m not sure that they’re actually winning. Furthermore, there’s talk of a ceasefire, which would allow Russia to extract their military from the mess that they’ve made. A lot depends upon their logistics, and I don’t think that we have a clear understanding of that.

      I’m still shocked at Russia’s miscalculation. Aside from the whole moral issue of launching a war and killing lots of people, they really screwed up badly. Whatever happens over the coming days, weeks and months, it should be clear that Russia has been damaged. And, it makes me sick to think that Victoria Nuland is going to be doing her ‘happy dance’ in Washington. What the US did was evil, and God will judge America’s evil – especially those of us who have corrupted our walk with Christ.

      Judgment comes first in the House of the Lord.

      The interesting thing about the US is that this war in Ukraine might precipitate a commodity-fueled reset of the global financial system. America’s hegemony might crash just from that alone, making it impossible for Washington to continue military spending. In fact, a massive financial implosion might explain why Gog and Magog can happen without nuclear war destroying America and Europe. Although, that’s probably me being way too optimistic.

      Look for what Zoltan Pozsar is saying about our financial future. It looks grim.

      Thank you for that input, Peter. May God see us through all of this. I fear the most for those who are vulnerable to what’s coming.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • So its confirmed Iran fired up to a dozen ballistic missiles into Iraq, targeting what appears to be an Israeli ‘strategic centre’. The media barely blinks at this.

        Meanwhile the Ukrainian sitcom continues. I don’t mean to be flippant about the tragic human cost, but the media are literally orgasmic over the social media and video footage coming out of that country.

        Something about this conflict is very very wrong. In the first 2 weeks of the conflict Russia made huge gains, then effectively stopped. Every man and his dog is trying to explain this, logistics, inexperience, over confidence, weather, Ukrainian resistance, sanctions… whatever the reason Russia has gone in and is now just content to hold the lines. As i heard one person describe the situation – all the footage from Ukraine is of Russian ‘reconnaissance in force’ maneuvers. Typically using older model tanks and vehicles. Where is the Russian air force, their best forces, their drones?

        It is becoming clear that something unseen pushed Russia into a position where it felt forced to invade here and now. I do think there is some merit to logistical issues etc. But the reality is Russia has used only as much force as necessary in Ukraine and appears content to hold the line. Russia has a long history of sacrificing blood to gain an advantage.

        Which makes me wonder if Russia has been forced to move and is now using Ukraine is a very bloody distraction from something else.

        Consider, in 2021 the Saudis signed a military co-operation agreement with Russia,and the UAE are allies with the Saudi’s. America has appealed to them to pump more oil and cut ties with Russia. They have refused…
        The US has appealed to, and warned, China about its relationship with Russia. Going as far as to threaten sanctions on China. China has refused…
        India is looking to grow its relationship with Russia, and the US has threatened sanctions on India. India has refused….

        The Wests strength has always been the dependence on the US dollar as world reserve currency. It is also our achilles heel. We know the long game has always been to destroy dollar dependence, and I wonder if that plan has been activated to counter Russia being pushed into invading. Various sources have suggested that the Wests move to freeze assets and cut Russia from Swift is pushing nations to dump dollars and move to other currencies. Buying up commodities and food as the energy and food crisis grow.

        Is this the event Russia and China have been building up their gold reserves for? And Ukraine ended up being a catalyst for its initiation?

        Plans within plans, wheels within wheels. It would be just like our Heavenly Father to use the enemies ‘great reset’ to trigger a Great Reset of His own. The Egyptians making slaves of Israel, only to have Israel walk off with their wealth… the enslavement of Israel by Babylon, to see Israel return home and rebuilt as Babylon falls… Is this how the Lord has His people finally return to the land of Israel?

        One thing is for sure, Russia seems in no hurry to bring to bear the great weight of its military might on Ukraine for now. But neither is it backing off as it suffers economic pain as the West walks away from it.

        • Hi Peter Makin,

          I just listened to this rather interesting discussion about the petrodollar, and the collapse of our current financial system:

          At the same time, it appears that Russia’s technical ability is collapsing. There has been a severe under-investment in their educational system and a ferocious brain drain. And, the highest yearly abortion rate in the world (53.7/1000 women) has literally been killing Russia.

          In addition, Russia watchers note that Moscow keeps their military under the control of the intelligence services. The generals are always seen as a threat, so they are kept on a tight leash. This might be why Russia is performing badly in this ‘short, victorious war’

          Here is another thread from Kamil Galeev:

          Kamil might be focusing too much on one part of this, but what he says has the ring of truth to it – in addition to my own experience working with Russians.

          The thing that we haven’t seen yet is the big artillery that Russia is infamous for. Are they bringing in those ‘big guns’?

          But, back to that convoy. Here is someone who went and crunched the numbers on what Russia needs to do, to resupply its forces in the north (7-8 divisions?):

          That’s in the north of Ukraine. In the south, Russian forces appear to be well-supplied and able to maintain a high tempo in combat. But, even they don’t seem to be moving very quickly.

          This isn’t over yet, and I doubt that our information is all that good. We might find out later that we got some stuff really wrong.

          Unfortunately, it is clear that a lot of people are going to suffer, going forward. Food scarcity and unrest will quickly become a huge problem this year and the next.

          And, if the financial system collapses in the midst of all this trouble… it will be bad for all of us. Very bad.

          Great observations, Peter.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • I agree with the premise of gentleman’s take on the convoy.
            Except for 1 thing. His entire analysis predicates on the Western idea that Russia’s intent was a ‘blitzkrieg’ attack on Kiev. That is utterly wrong. He is also clearly biased in his analysis, and as such he looking at things emotionally, not objectively.

            His assessment of the logistics requirements of the Russian forces is as near as I can determine accurate. But, as I said, his analysis is based on a rapid capture of Kiev. There is no logic to this idea.

            Russia’s enemies have attempted to use that tactic twice. Napoleon and Hitler both sought to quickly capture Moscow to force the Russians to peace. Napoleon captured Moscow, the Russian’s burnt it around him. It is widely acknowledged that had Hitler taken Moscow the Russians would have continued to retreat and trade territory like they did with Napoleon, bleeding Germany dry. Taking the enemies capital is a Western idea, and one that has repeatedly failed to produce results. Taking Kiev won’t stop the Ukrainians fighting back, indeed it would be a potential death trap for Russia.

            Classic blitzkrieg tactics demand swift control of the air and overwhelming air support to destroy enemy communications. Your armoured formations smash infantry and surround large enemy formations, bypassing cities. Then the infantry moves in and secures the territory seized to allow logistics to be established and a front line to be established. The trapped enemy formations are paralysed, run out of supplies and quickly surrender. This is the exact opposite of what Russia has done invading Ukraine.

            Third, Blitzkrieg tactics rely on surprise and an enemy who is not well prepared. Ukraine was neither of those; they knew what was coming even if they hoped Russia would refrain from invading.

            Russia knows all too well the dangers of fighting in an urban environment against a well fortified enemy. The 1st Chechen war taught them all too well as they drove tanks into urban area’s, down narrow streets and realised that guerrilla fighters high up in buildings with RPG’s are deadly. NZ discovered similar issues in Afghanistan where out IFV’s were out on patrol in valleys. The Taliban would engage from high on the valley slopes, problem was the guns on the IFV’s wouldn’t elevate high enough to engage. The Russians discovered the same thing in Grozny. Thus far they have surrounded large cities and engaged in hit and run battles/forced recons to drain the Ukrainians of supplies and ammunition until they surrender.

            Russia has invaded, surrounded cities and has them under siege. They have slowly engaged the Ukrainians, encircling formations where they can and tightening the noose. Dictating the front lines and holding the Ukrainians in place preventing them from repositioning and reinforcing other parts of the country. Thus far the Russian forces in the North and East have barely penetrated Ukrainian territory, this keeps Ukraine’s supply lines long, and Russia’s short while their air force and missile forces make surgical strikes destroying Ukraine’s command and communications. It also means their Southern forces have had a relatively free reign to move across Southern Ukraine and secure the coastline, further reducing the ability for Ukraine to bring in supplies. But you can only advance so far, so fast before you need to consolidate your control over the territory taken and secure supply lines. As I understand it you need 4 weeks of consolidation for every week of advance as you stabilise the front line, re-organise and resupply your forces and prepare for the next phase of the advance based on how your enemies forces are positioned.

            This is also one of the reasons why the media have got it wrong when it comes to Russia attacking Kiev’s airport in the early days of the war. Russia landed paratroopers at the airport and captured it… only to be ‘quickly repelled’. Sure, they were…. but they smashed the airport and rendered it useless for Ukraine to use for resupplying Kiev.

            History 101 has been an objective examiner of the conflict thus far.

            Russia has certainly encountered difficulties and made mistakes, as all military adventures do. Whether this is from corruption and incompetence; or because they were forced to move before they were ready time will tell. But the idea they are ‘bogged down and their offensive is stalled’ is based on the Western idea of Soviet doctrine that involved massed tank formations racing across the European theatre. I could be completely wrong, but I don’t see that at all. I see a slow methodical advance in the North and East to pin down Ukraine’s military as Russia’s Southern forces secure the coastline, cutting of Ukraine’s main import/export routes and taking out Ukraine’s industrial and communications infrastructure piece by piece. Russia will pay a high price in blood to achieve their goals, but it’s a price they are willing to pay. Eventually Ukraine will be forced to capitulate or end up collapsing from being starved of resources and infrastructure.

            But that’s just the way I see it.

          • Hi Peter Makin,

            Those are good points, and that YouTube link is a good one. I will pay attention to that channel and their reports.

            Yes, there could be a far more sophisticated strategy at play here, and we’ll only find out what it was, long after it’s over. Russians aren’t stupid, so they will attempt to exploit Ukrainian military weaknesses. For instance, knocking out the bridges across the Dnieper and trapping Ukrainian units in the east as they blow them to pieces, could be one of them. Or not.

            The problem is that Putin has done terrible damage to how the world functions. Trade has been disrupted. International markets horribly damaged. And, people will suffer and starve. We are already seeing food riots in the Middle East, and it will only get worse from here.

            Putin and his advisors know this. So the decision to invade and throw the world into chaos was deliberate and evil. And if he succeeds, it will only get worse.

            Furthermore, Putin’s actions were exactly what the chicken hawks in Washington wanted. He played right into the hands of people like Victoria Nuland, Robert Kagan, John Boltan and Dick Cheney. And that’s a disaster all by itself. The Military Industrial Complex cackles with glee.

            Ultimately, this is all a part of God’s plan to bring Gog and Magog against Israel and judgment upon the world. The Seals will be opened, and none of us will get out of this unscathed.

            Pray for all of our brothers and sisters caught in the crossfire. I know some who are, and it weighs heavily.

            Thanks for those points Peter, and that YouTube link. I appreciate it.

            Yours in Christ,

            John Little

    • I agree Russia probably isn’t struggling, I don’t trust anything the media puts out. Remember they created George Floyd, BLM, Trump hate, no election fraud, Biden campaigning from his basement and wins, Convid19, and now the poor Ukrainians? Why tell the truth now?

    • Sometimes He does reveal his plan to faithfull prayers of a group or individual with fasting
      Derek Prince bibleteacher was once on a conference in Kenia with lot of young christians they were praying for their country suddenly one had a vision of communist attackers heading to Kenia to overtake the country
      they prayed against it some months later a communist group was on their way but the bravery of the kenian president caused them to change direction to Mozambique which was then to become a communist country which devastaded the people his economy till this day
      Or Daniel in the bible or …

      Or this extraordinary testimony God rescued families in oekraine from the Holodomor
      Wow what a story !!!

      Love from sister nadine

    • I don’t think that COVID was a direct method of conquest – taking territory and holding it, which is what the wording of Revelation 6 seems to indicate. However, it might play a role. I hope that Steve Cioccolanti keeps an open mind on all this. Thanks, Tore. – JL

  5. Normally i do not share prophetic outting from others but i follow her some months now she is genuine and has wisdom of the Lord
    She has a blog YouTube and other forum
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    under her name Elisabeth Marie

    Urgent warning to be ready to be with the Lord do testimony of him when you have to chose live or death
    Dont deny Him !!!
    Possible attack with boms outside oekraine many will die in the streets

    Prepare to leave this earth !!—-the-time-of-testing-has-come?utm_campaign=f2ec2bc1-9e47-425f-8c39-7a578770b163&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&cid=1575cfee-ea11-4d85-891e-d6744a9fe7f2

  6. Hi John, hi Peter,
    (purely technical comment)
    “Something about this conflict is very very wrong.”
    -Absolutely. I can only add few details, completely ignored by the media, and, possibly, offering some explanation. Estimated Russian manpower engaged in this operation, until now, is 150.000. In February reported size of Ukrainian military was 205.000. Plus around 60.000 in their National Guard. Russians do not have superiority in local terms, at least in manpower. Also note, Ukraine is 3x larger than the Great Britain. Yet, two weeks later, March 12th, we’ve seen this (it’s obsolete by 4 days, all arrows would be longer now):
    Map from Russian part of internet, as far as I know, quite accurate (in Russian, and military style, but it’s enough to have a close look). And, there will no more maps like this – its author announced that he was “kindly asked” by the authorities to stop drawing them.
    What I see here: Ukrainian forces are basing on a number of stronghold areas around the cities. The Russians are just isolating them, waiting for resource depletion, and direct attack takes place when they need a “breakthrough space”. Yes, there was a spectacular organization and logistics blunder from the Russian side at the beginning, but now the situation is much less dynamic, and, interestingly, no one rises the question of Ukrainian logistics. Media tell us that the Russian “offensive” is stalled, but I doubt it. We also did not see any significant Ukrainian maneuver. Why? It may be no longer possible. Eastern Ukraine is flat, open terrain, and Russian MRLS have a range of up to 120km (and there is the airforce). At the beginning around 70% of Ukrainian forces were located by the borders of Lugansk and Doneck (apparently preparing attack), and they are still there. I’m afraid that moving a single brigade 200km west (or elsewhere) is now not possible for them. There will be a cauldron, in fact Russians already are talking about it (using a word “Stalingrad”). I’m aware that everything can happen now, but no, Russians are not “defeated”. And the media completely fail to inform us what happens on the ground. The result is our perception of “strange war”.
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      Interesting points. So, it looks like Russia could have been taking this time to identify defensive positions and any concentrations of Ukrainian units, while bringing forward artillery – that would maneuver into position to destroy fixed positions and bombard areas of retreat.

      Russian armor and infantry would then push forward to take cleared positions and attempt to interdict and capture units fleeing westward. Bridges across the Dnieper River could be destroyed, keeping the bulk of the Ukrainian military on the Eastern side of the River, where it could be blocked from resupply and broken up and reduced, one unit at a time. Ukrainian units that surrender would be used as ‘bargaining chips’.

      Once the area of Ukraine west of the Dnieper was captured, Russia could then bargain for a neutral Ukraine, autonomy for Donbass, formalization of their hold on Crimea and the elimination of sanctions – in return for a withdrawal of Russian forces.

      It’s nauseating to think that Russia could get away with this. The only upside would be the elimination of those ‘Azov Battalion’ vermin.

      Of course, this is me playing ‘armchair general’. As you say, anything could happen.

      Thanks, Chris!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi John,
        yes, we’ll see what happens. As for Azov, 2 days ago I saw short movie (in Russian), some guy in Mariupol recorded a message from his car radio. The message was: “Ukrainian soldiers, upon surrender you’ll be given safe passage home. You can also join Donetsk militia. Attention: members of Azov, this message is not for you. We do not care if you surrender or not. Whatever you do, you are dead.”
        War in the East is… specific, it always was. And I have no words to describe how much I despise all who were actively pushing for this conflict. And how many innocent people will inevitably be killed in the process.
        Yours in Christ

    • Thanks Chris

      For a little context.
      During Iraq war 1, a nation 2/3 size of Ukraine. The allies took 3 months, to build up a force of approx 900,000. It took them a month to force Iraq to surrender, despite an army of equal size, total air superiority and a huge technological advantage. Around 250,000 Iraqi’s are estimated to have been killed, the majority civilians.

      During the 2nd Gulf war the allies took about 4 months to build up their force of approx 200,000 soldiers, facing Iraq with close to 400,000. Again enjoying total air superiority and a huge technological advantage. It took them 6 weeks to completely conquer Iraq. Estimates of Iraqi dead wildly vary depending on sources, but most agree up too 1 million civilian Iraqi’s died due to the war.

      Russia has invaded with approx 150,000 men, in terms of technology it is roughly on par but does have relative air superiority having destroyed much of Ukraine’s air force on the ground in the first days of the war. That said however, it is questionable how much of Ukraine’s air force was even operational after 2 decades of under investment and reports that much of it was being scavenged for spare parts to keep planes flyable. It seems that they were able to get some planes in the air in the first few days of the war, which were subsequently shot down and attributed to ‘Russian losses’.

      So why hasn’t Russia committed a larger force? Why does it seem to be holding back? Why seek foreign fighters? I do wonder if, at least in part, this is to preserve the majority of its best forces. God forbid; if for whatever reason war broke out with NATO and Russia had the bulk of its forces committed in Ukraine it would have limited ability to fight off on other fronts. As it stands at the moment such a war would see NATO forces flood into Ukraine and potentially attack Belarus as well, while trying to quickly eliminate the Kaliningrad pocket. Article 5 only requires NATO nations to provide aid, not necessarily go to war, but I imagine Russia would face attacks on at least 2 fronts. West and South. However, I imagine Sweden and Finland would also join in given the threat to them and open up a Northern front too. Georgia would join in on the Southern front.

      However, Russia’s best could potentially try to quickly over run The Baltics to secure Kaliningrad. Force Finland and Sweden to remain neutral, seeking to force NATO to the negotiating table and avoid the use of nuclear weapons. Such a nightmare scenario is not beyond imagination. The question would be whether China would come to their aid by starting up a Pacific front by attacking Taiwan and possibly even Japan/South Korea with North Korea from a pure survival perspective.

      One thing is certain, Russia does not have the force to conquer and hold Ukraine as a nation. It would face a nightmare insurgency supported by Western interests that would bleed it financially and militarily dry. The end game is anyone’s guess, but Zelensky’s appeals are growing louder and falling increasingly on deaf ears. Does the leader of a nation, a nation we are repeatedly told is winning against Russia, say “Can you imagine when you called your friends, your friendly nation, and you ask, ‘Please close the sky, close the airspace, please stop the bombing.’ How many more missiles have to fall on our cities until you make this happen? And they … express their deep concerns about the situation. When we talked with our partners, they said, ‘Please, hold on, hold on a little longer,'” he said….. it also allowed us to see who our real friends are over the last 20 days and as well, eight previous years.”

      We can only pray peace comes soon.

      • Hi Peter (and Chris)

        There is an interesting Twitter account that has been collecting and analyzing data, pictures and videos coming out of this conflict.

        Rob Lee

        If you want to see billions of dollars of wrecked military equipment, go there. And, it demonstrates a lack of training and organization on the part of the Russian military. Tanks and APCs abandoned. Convoys ambushed. No infantry screen for armored units. Ukrainian drones operating with near impunity. T-72s, T-80s, T-90s, mobile artillery, Pantsir AA units, supply trucks, command trucks and on and on – some mangled, many abandoned.

        This reminds me of a story from more than twenty years ago, when my brother commanded an OPFOR training company in Germany, at a place called ‘The Box’. He was supposed to emulate Russian tactics. A Russian officer visiting my brother to observe, pointed to an APC taking independent action and moving off.

        “What is he doing?”

        My brother replied, “Dunno, probably taking advantage of an opportunity.”

        The Russian said, “We don’t do that.”

        Russia had years to fix what was broken, and didn’t. No solid core of NCOs. Political generals. Brigade commanders forced to lead from the front, because their units are bad at following battle plans. Armor units unsupported by dismounted infantry. No recon units to flush out ATGM teams. Running away from an ambush, instead of assaulting the point of fire. Imprecise artillery fire.

        Russia’s battle plan seemed to be ‘go on a thunder run’ through Ukraine, and be back in time for dinner. It didn’t work out that way, so they’ll go back to their traditional methods of bombing cities apart, like Grozny and Aleppo.

        I’m hoping that Ukraine can stop Russia, but I’m not sure that they can. And, the soil of Ukraine will be drenched in even more blood.

        Putin was mad to do this. Or, his staff told him what he wanted to hear for so long that he lost touch with reality and thought that a ‘short, victorious war’ would be just the thing to fix a fading public image.

        As I write this, it looks like 67% of global fertilizer exports are going to be disrupted this year.

        How much famine will be the result?

        Thanks for that insight on the Iraq wars, Peter. They were also obscene and horrifying.

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

  7. Great discussion, as always.

    Former British diplomat Alistair Crooke wrote a powerful piece over the weekend about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,

    “That’s where we are: Three realities that are so severed from each other that they do not touch at any point. There is the reality of PsyOps that bears almost no resemblance to the reality of the military situation on the ground. Indeed, they manifest as polar inversions of each other: A heroic resistance versus a failing, demoralised and hobbled Russian army. Whereas the reality is that ‘Putin is NOT crazy and the Russian invasion is NOT failing’ [links in the article support this last supposition].

    “Then there is the clashing realities of a Europe and U.S. conjoined in ‘an economic, moral enterprise of social power and fighting morale’ (albeit at certain self-sacrifice/self-flagellation to themselves) to punish Russia. And the other reality that a ‘world at war’ – whether kinetic or financial – will be a disaster for Europe (and America).

    “War is inflationary. War is contractionary (and inflationary too). Everything – oil, gas, metals – the lot – are going up vertically, and the whole production chain for food is under pressure from every side. But this situation clearly is less disastrous for a super food and commodity supplier like Russia.

    “The third set of severed realities are, on the one hand, the contextless, exclusive focus on the Ukraine events, which effaces this moment of global political and economic inflection, and – on the other – the elephant-in-the room which is the Russia-China mega project to force a withdrawal and containment of the entire ‘rules-based’ hegemonic order.

    “There are other severed realities out there (such as the one about Russia isolated and shunned versus the reality that much of the planet does not support U.S. and European punitive sanctions) – but never mind that.

    “The point here is not just what happens when these realities collide, but what happens when one or other ‘reality’ that already holds a hyper emotional, moralising charge is forced into full consciousness as having been WRONG?”

    John, you can’t engage with Physics, or the Bible, without wrestling with powerful paradoxes. These are some major ones playing out in real time.

    • Hi Jeff C-C,

      Yes, those ‘three realities’. Take a closer look and we’ll probably see even more. Everyone has their own ‘movie’ running in their head that defines for them what reality is. And, it is rare for any of those ‘movies’ to be very close to what is real.

      I grew up thinking that my ‘movie’ was the real one. It took years – even decades – to see that it wasn’t very close to reality.

      To paraphrase Tip O’Neill, all politics are local, and that’s Putin’s reality. We didn’t believe that Putin would invade Ukraine because he was ‘pragmatic’. We were wrong because we used the wrong metric for pragmatism.

      The war in Ukraine was launched for pragmatic reasons – local ones. Putin wishes to keep the gravy train going, as he leaches wealth and power from Russian territories. He’s the archetype of the traditional Medieval ruler who uses war to maintain control.

      Unfortunately, our leaders do the same thing – but with more subtlety.

      Putin has turned the world upside down, and it will never be the same again.

      Thanks Jeff. Hopefully, some of these paradoxes will be resolved soon.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  8. “Do not be decieved”! What a hard act to follow. I still think of Putin and little GW in their wizard robes, and cannot forget, they are all in it together. Back when Zelensky was installed the peaceful protesters had thick NY accents in Ukraine? This Rna business changing DNA, and all the research money somebody besides GOD knows the outcome. Changing the genetics of sugars, fats, and now protein, what about a generation or two away? (what will this do to animal behaviors after scavenging on a human or two?) Corona now fades as cures for vax illnesses should keep the funds coming. Farmers being forced to reduce planting, avian flu killing poultry again. (It never has a place of origin anymore). Nuclear war will make way too many assets unreachable, wouldn’t it? Civil war is looming as good versus evil, and Good is watching and waiting because evil metes out the justice. Lot of irons in the fire. Watch and Pray!! GODSPEED. Keep your powder dry, and hug Mrs .Little from all of us.

    • Mrs. Little shall get an extra hug! One side benefit to all of this is watching the some of the players mete out justice upon each other. I just wish that the average person wasn’t going to suffer so badly. It’s good to see your comment, MM! – JL

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