The Madness Continues

Last week the Russians were absolutely definitely going to maybe invade Ukraine on Wednesday. It was official.

Unfortunately, Vlad ‘The Bad’ Putin failed in his duty to follow the script. But never fear, our dear leaders have chosen to give him a second chance. This time, they sent out Joe Biden to proclaim ‘war within days’.

To help with the war effort, Justin ‘Great Hair’ Trudeau has ordered his troops to put down the peasant revolt that has invaded Ottawa. Truck drivers and their bouncy castles defiled the honor of Canada and that could not be allowed.

Oh, and over 20% of Gen-Z consider themselves, LGBTQ.


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The Madness Continues

I have spent way too much of my life studying war. Stories of heroism and the defeat of evil on the battlefield are inspiring to many young men, and I was one of those. I even toyed with the idea of joining the army, but since I was never very good at following orders, I gave that up as a bad idea. My younger brother was not so fortunate – even though his career commanding OPFOR units in Germany and an infantry company on the DMZ would seem to indicate otherwise.

Now, after spending 15 years in Jerusalem and 11 in Taiwan, I have a different perspective than my brash younger self. In fact, I find myself unable to enjoy war games that I would not have hesitated to play not that long ago.

Of course, the story of ‘good vs evil’ is still compelling. And, my time in Israel was an opportunity to live that struggle vicariously through the lives of friends and neighbors. (In addition to be shot at by the Tanzim.) But, I also saw the toll of pain and suffering that war brought upon everyone.

It was madness that caused the Arabs to attack Israel. It was madness that dragged America into Iraq. It was madness that launched World War 1 and World War 2. And, it is madness that is drawing the US into war with Russia.

I have been describing this madness for years – long before I launched this website. And, I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to stop – partly because I still find it so hard to believe that we are so capable of such insanity.

How is it possible for seemingly rational people to make such demented decisions?

This question is probably why there are so many conspiracy theories running around. It’s easier to see vested self interest than irrational incompetence. Having said that, there are conspiracies – just not as many as some theorists think.

The US Picks A Fight

So, as I watch the United States picking a fight with Russia, over Ukraine, I wonder about how much of this is sheer insanity and how much is ‘strategic self interest’. Since no one has provided a rational reason for why Russia would attack Kiev or how the US would benefit from a war with Russia, I am forced to assume utter madness.

The point was driven home this week with the speech at the UN Security Council by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. It was an astonishing work of pure fiction. And, it sounded a lot like another work of fiction that launched the invasion of Iraq – Saddam’s supposed ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’.

Historians will one day show that the invasion of Iraq was a big reason for the fall of the American Imperium. And, Colin Powell’s speech at the UN Security Council was how that war was launched. And, it was pure madness (and pure fiction).

Then, yesterday, Joe Biden stood up before the world and said that he was convinced that Vlad ‘The Bad’ Putin has decided to invade Ukraine and that his target is Kyiv (aka, Kiev). And, there isn’t a shred of proof that any of that is true.

In fact, I have yet to see one rational reason for why Putin would decide to start a war in Ukraine. He doesn’t want Ukraine. Ukraine doesn’t have anything that he would want. He already has enough corruption in Russia. He doesn’t need more.

Victoria Nuland (With Some Hillary Clinton)

So, we are left with the age old question, ‘cui bono’ – who benefits. And, I don’t see very much benefit, anywhere in this insanity. At least, not rational, strategic benefit. However, there are some irrational – but personal – benefit going around.

Does anyone remember Hillary Clinton’s infamous cackle over the murder of Muammar Gaddafi?

Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died

That was probably what caused her loss to Donald Trump. It was proof that she was an utter psychopath.

Well, there are other psychopaths in the US Department of State, and my ‘favorite’ is US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland. She orchestrated the fall of Victor Yanukovych, and here is a snippet of her part in the vile machinations that has killed so many in Ukraine:

Nuland-Pyatt leaked phone conversation _COMPLETE with SUBTITLES

Listen to how clearly she was calling the shots over every move in Ukraine. And now, she’s been promoted within the US State Department, by the Biden Administration.

She loves the game, and doesn’t care about how much suffering and death she causes.

Is she the only one at the heart of the madness consuming Washington?

Probably not. In fact, I’m pretty certain that there are plenty of psychopaths in Washington who are willing and able to do her job. The point is the madness at the heart of all this.

It’s pure evil and completely mad.

Justin ‘Great Hair’ Trudeau Strikes Again

But wait… there’s more.

As we watch the madness unfold in Washington, there’s quite a bit of insanity to the north. Canadian Prime Minister Justin ‘Great Hair’ Trudeau just escalated his war on truckers. The ones with the bouncy castles and the hot tub.

They were having too much fun, and there were too many people supporting them. So, he sent in his storm troopers to break up the protest.

It was an insane move by a politician who should know that it was a very bad idea. Instead of picking a fight, he could ‘met with the protesters’. Once he had a few photo ops of ‘hearing their grievances’, he could have ‘appointed a committee’. Appointing committees always sound great, without ever actually doing anything.

But, instead of making the smart move, he chose violence.

The question now is whether his obscene and draconian measures will succeed. In a more rational world, they would fail. But, our world is far less rational than ever before. And, this might mark a permanent loss of freedom for Canadians.

A Generational Madness

Part of the reason why all of this madness might succeed is the insanity of our society. I was shocked at how far America had fallen, when I returned to the US for a couple years, in 2006. And now, it’s worse.

Just look at this headline that hit my news feed today:

One in Five Gen Z Adults Now Say They Are LGBTQ

What utter madness. And, you don’t need to be a Christian to see it (although, it helps). Just a little knowledge of basic biology would be more than enough to prove how insane this is. And, there is no way that this will end well. In fact, it will end with judgment.

When Gog Comes

My book, When Gog Comes, is part of my own effort to push back against the madness – to get sleepy Christians to wake up to the judgment that is coming for all of us. We started down this road two hundred years ago, and we need to stop.

Gog is coming, and it is utter madness to ignore what the Bible says about that. If we ignore what the Bible says, we are condemning ourselves to the suffering and death that will arrive…

When Gog Comes

I’m still working on the audio version, but you don’t need to wait for me to finish that. Start reading now. If it makes sense, share it with others. If it doesn’t, let me know why. I will happily burn every copy, if you can prove me wrong.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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18 thoughts on “The Madness Continues”

  1. Hello Brother john, Thank you for your STAND!! I don’t agree with you on the rapture, I believe in a pretrib Rapture. Why would we have to go through a terrible WRATH? Our Lord already went through it for us. Anyway I pray for you and your wife.

        • So far, so good. We still hear Taiwan’s response to China’s incursions roar overhead several times a week. It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between training flights and interception missions. Lord willing, the CCP will collapse before anything serious happens. Thank you for your prayers, Bob. May God defend this island. – JL

    • Which wrath? God’s or Satan’s? And if God doesn’t allow for such things, I guess He should apologize to the Chinese, North Korean, Syrian, Nigerian and all the other Christians that are or have been through absolutely awful tribulations this far.

      • Okay, I can only speak to how God responds to sin among His people. Although, it is clear that He will judge those who persecute the righteous. As for the rage of Satan, the prince of darkness seems to be all over the place. Why he would hate God so much has always been a mystery. Thanks for the reminder, Dan. – JL

  2. You say there are psychopaths in our government, I say that our, not only the U.S. but virtually every government in the world has been hijacked by a criminal organization, the head of which is Satan himself. Read Luke 4:6, especially the last half of that verse and then tell me that all of this madness is just random sin. It is not. It is organized and the objective is to take the world on to the next baby step towards satan’s ultimate goal, the events described in Revelation chapter 13.

  3. Hi John,
    I listened to the people you linked, and barely avoided brain damage.
    We are doomed – they don’t only want us to believe that Vlad Putin is another incarnation of Saddam, who wants to grab Kuwait, and “he must be stopped”. They probably believe that themselves. Which leads to tragic situation, because West side is hardly aware that, looking from Moscow, there is no such thing as “Ukraine conflict”. What they see is global conflict with the “combined West” (how they call it, with the USA being the top of it), Ukraine is just its small aspect. And their threat level assessment is “existential”.
    It was hardly noticed, when, like 3 weeks ago, Lavrov warned that “any type” of attack on Russia will be answered with swift response, directed not only at the point/country of its origin, but also at the places where decisions were made. And, they do not perceive Kiev, Warsaw etc. as subjects making any important decisions. Days later Shoigu (Russia’s defence minister) declared that any missile attack on Russian territory will be considered nuclear, even before it hits. Which implies nuclear response. Nobody cares, not to say what we get when we take those two statements together…
    As a child I was told “you cannot win nuclear war”. Sounds logical. But 40+ years passed. Not an expert, but I’m trying to follow the changes in technology and weapon systems, and I wonder if it is still true. I suspect it is, in general, but not 100% anymore. Which is enough for disaster.
    So, you are right. “Madness”.
    Your in Christ

    • This inability to understand how Russia views the world is disheartening. Russia doesn’t see itself as having very many choices. And, they don’t, which gives opportunity to those who seek war. I would love to believe that nukes are out of the question, but the madness runs so deep… You have a deeply valued perspective, Chris. Thank you. – JL

  4. When people are given over to fleshly desires and the demonic realm that moves through them the judgement is already in full outpouring.
    Because they did not receive a love for the truth God Himself gives them over to a carnal, depraved mind. When God withdraws and allows the realm of darkness to move in you are already in chains, in a slippery pit, you are snared by the fowler. You have been invaded in heart and mind by an enemy stronger, smarter, craftier than any can imagine. You WILL be convinced that darkness is light and that bitter is sweet. It is the mystery of iniquity.

  5. Good morning Brother.

    How right you are, the world has gone insane… well more insane than usual for sure.

    But should we really be surprised?

    We know from history that those who rule over the people always use division to keep the people turned against one another, while they maintain control. They have used war, gender, climate, immigration, etc to keep us angry and aggressive towards each other. It is a plan that has worked well time and time again….

    Except this time.

    I picture it like this….

    Imagine a family in the supermarket. Mum (previously married), Dad, 3 kids.
    Mum and Dad always exercise control over both the narrative and the circumstances, and they do so by setting the kids against each other.
    You have little Timmy, 3yrs old, prone to tantrums.
    Susan, 7, middle child and currently heavily into funny cat videos and the latest music star.
    Edward, 13, awkward child, into girls, moody and self absorbed.

    Mid market Timmy points to the shelf. “WANT!” Mum says softly “no sweetie.” “WANT!!!!” Dad says firmly “Behave, you were told no.” “WANT!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAA!!!!” “NO!”
    Now instead of going into a raging tantrum as usual, Timmy just sits down in the middle of the isle and refuses to move.

    The parents try everything, from name calling ‘stop being a stupid baby’, to ignoring him in the hopes that he just gives up. The other 2 kids are moaning and whining about Timmy being such a baby and they want to go home! The parents are getting more frustrated, everyone is looking at them. If he was screaming and kicking they could get away with using force even though they might get in trouble for it. The parents are at a loss, they don’t know what to do….. They have lost control, Timmy now has control.

    Timmy represents the people, some are lefties, some libertarians, some conservatives. They have different perspectives, different aims, different voices…. but they all have one goal. “We want freedom!” Susan is the majority of the public, silent, just want to get on with their lives and not have to deal with this nonsense. Edward is the vocal minority that is all about them, who expect society do do what they believe is right and everyone else should just accept it.

    You know Susan and Edward are watching, angry that they aren’t getting attention, angry their lives are disrupted, angry…. and jealous. Watching to see what Mum and Dad are going to do… and how they might be able to use this situation to their advantage.

    Our Prime Minister here in NZ said it well “We have never had a protest like this in NZ before.” She’s right, all previous protests have been people on the sidelines waving placards – and achieving nothing. Or violent angry mobs desperate to make a point, they achieve something every now and then, but at great cost. Government achieved this by keeping people to their extremes, or in the silent majority.

    But now people have come together, from all perspectives, and loudly said “NO!”.
    Government has had its control firmly challenged by a peaceful broad spectrum of the populace, and they don’t know what to do. So they have resorted to type, name calling “right wing, misogynist, extremists…”, they’ve accused them of being a ‘fringe minority’… or did until thousands turned up, they have resorted to the threat of force… then the exercise of force… only the protesters refused to be violent, and their numbers grew in response. They’ve tried to ignore them “We won’t negotiate or discuss until they go away.” Well the protesters have grown, become more organised and established.

    Now even our Police Commissioner has said they will not take any enforcement action against them, they don’t want violence and blood in the streets…. and he has said why – he has said they can’t cope. Now the Government rules with the consent of the people, with the caveat threat of arrest, imprisonment and violence if you break the laws. So I have to question, who is the actual Government in this situation when the civil enforcement arm of the Government stands on the sidelines and refuses to do its job.

    The people have said NO!, and now the Police have said NO!.
    The Government is left with 2 options, call in the Army… or seek a way to surrender to the peoples demands in such a way that they appear to retain control, and hope no-one else realises the people won.

    Canada sadly, decided to try and resolve this with violence…. there will be blood in the streets. But I do not think this will give the Canadian Government the control it seeks, in fact I suspect it will galvanise support for the truckers and turn more against their government.

    In some respects I see the Russia Ukraine issue as similar. Albeit with nuclear weapons….
    Russia said NO! The West said war! violence! Russia is going to throw a tantrum!!!
    Meanwhile Russia just sits there, smirking. Watching the Western narrative destroy itself as they do nothing. If they don’t invade, clearly their not interested in war. If they don’t pull back from the threat of invasion, the threat of sanctions clearly isn’t working. So what has the West got left? How does the US maintain control of the situation and the narrative when they increasingly look desperate and led by an old man who can’t even remember where he left his big stick, or even if he has a big stick.

    They have lost control, and are desperate to do anything to regain it.
    The reality is they never had control, that has always been in our Gods hands.
    Pride goes before a fall, and it seems for now at least that those in control are going to learn some humility.

    Blessed be our Lord Jesus Christ to whom all power has been given both in Heaven and in Earth.
    Bless you too brother.

    • Interesting analogy. Who knew that any of us would side with Timmy?! And, the ending of your excellent comment is what we all need to remember – Blessed bed the Lord! Thank you Peter. It’s good to know that all it not lost in New Zealand. – JL

  6. Stay strong in your Christian walk and writings John! Hooyah!

    Many if not all of the Prophets were outliers, who were ignored, disbelieved, scoffed at, and many were arrested , beaten and even killed. A very lonely but nevertheless righteous path indeed.

    Godspeede protection and blessing to you and your wife ( not sure if you’ve got children) in multiples !


  7. John,
    Praying for Taiwan’s safety.
    John may you and Mrs Little be surrounded by Angel’s of protection. May the Lord give you strength and peace.

    The Lord keep you,
    In Jesus

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