This is Insane

So, the Russians are going to invade Ukraine on Tuesday. Or, Monday. Definitely no later than Wednesday. And, our mainstream media repeats these proclamations with the breathless excitement of those who never saw a war and think that it would be marvelous fun.

And Russia will invade because… you know …reasons.

The problem is that this bizarre rhetoric is being treated seriously by a significant portion of America. This mind-numbing insanity is proof that some people will believe anything they are told, especially if it comes from someone wearing a suit.


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This is Insane

Last week, we had Ned Price of the US State Department confidently claim – with total seriousness – that the Russians were gonna do a false flag thingy at any moment. Yesterday, it was US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan telling us that Russia was definitely going to maybe invade and that all five Americans in Ukraine need to run for their lives.

At the same time, the Prime Minister of Canada – who was elected because he had good hair – is still hiding from truckers and their bouncy castles. And, the word on the street is that if you are 78 and under five feet tall, Canadian police will throw you to the ground and arrest you – if you honk in Ottawa.

Oh, and I almost forgot. On Tuesday, Alejandro Mayorkas – the head of DHS – called me a terrorist:

So, I have a question for my fellow Americans:

Does ANY of that sound like sanity?

Granted, I’m writing this in southern Taiwan, off the coast of a country whose sanity is always in doubt. And, some of my neighbors are half a sandwich short of a picnic at the best of times. So, maybe I missed the parts that were reasonable.

What are the reasons why Russia is going to invade Ukraine?

Yes, I heard the mumble-mumble-something-about-NATO-mumble. It was really convincing – except for the parts that weren’t. And, it’s something of a surprise, since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has been pretty quiet about the subject of Ukraine.

I have Ukrainian friends. There are lots of wonderful people in Ukraine. But, NATO doesn’t want them in their alliance, and are too polite to say it out loud. It’s doubtful that even Russia wants Ukraine.

So, why is the Biden administration calling for war with Russia?

No one has yet to provide a good reason for why the US wants a war. I know that the chicken hawks of the US Military Industrial Complex think that war is good for business. And, Wall Street bankers might want one to distract us all from inflation and the economy. But, none of those seem to be big enough reasons for this insanity.

The default explanation for anything that the US government does, is plain old incompetence. These aren’t the sharpest people to ever hold government office, and the Pentagon is run by people of uncertain parentage. But, I’m betting that they’ll all have another great story for us next week, when Russia yet again fails in its obligation to invade Ukraine.

It kinda makes me embarrassed to be an American.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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28 thoughts on “This is Insane”

  1. Last week, I saw WION News reporting from Chernobyl; … Ukraine in the midst of ground drills for war… Using abandoned areas…
    Same week, John Haller’s Prophecy Update… he says, “can’t go thru Chernobyl; too much radioactivity” …

    Either John Haller needs to check with WION News, or WION News needs to check the Prophecy Update… 😕

    • Yeah, I heard John Haller say that. A lot of the Chernobyl area is okay to pass through, as long as you don’t stay there for any length of time. Having said that, no one can get everything right. I make far too many of my own mistakes. Thanks for that update, Tina! – JL

  2. I think that the deep state is losing the covid narrative. Covid was a disappointment, it didn’t kill in the numbers hoped, and too few people received the vaccine which is meant to kill and to sterilize the people. The deep state has a few options, release a more virulent virus like ebolapox, of to provoke nuclear war. The goal of the deep state is to reduce the human population to around 500 million people with 1% of those being elite living in luxury with high technology and the other 99% being slaves living as people lived 150 years ago.

    • Hi David Anderson,

      I understand why people believe this to be true. It makes sense, if globalists and the Deep State factions around the world were actually intelligent and efficient at what they are trying to do. Praise God they are not. (And please, do not let these theories distract you from the fact that God is in control.)

      And, I’m telling you this from my personal experience in government and from watching these players act out their intentions for 25 years in Asia. These people are not nearly as intelligent as they want you to believe.

      Furthermore, if this was an organized attempt to depopulate our planet, they would have handled it differently. Their propaganda efforts would have been more targeted. Their virus distribution efforts would have been more focused. They also would have used a virus that would have been more deadly, but burning out over a shorter period of time.

      I think that our time would be more profitably spent, talking about the dangers that lie ahead for all of us. Billions of us will die of violence, starvation and famine-induced plagues. THAT is far more serious than this virus.

      Thank you, David.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. According to Armstrong, all this nonsense is because they desperately need to deflect attention from the crumbling narrative that you-know-what is going to kill us all and the you-know-what-else is 100% safe and effective. He says the politicians participated in this to get more control, and agrees that they are stupid, and may not even have understood at the time how dangerous the health risks were. And of course they can never admit a mistake, most definitely not one of this magnitude or that devastates the population to this degree. (not all of them want a 90% reduction in population. They need more people to tax.) And, also very embarrassing and not to be admitted is the fact that all the things the scientists (who’ve been cancelled, silenced, intimidated and in some cases murdered) have been warning about – and dismissed as crazies and conspiracy theorists – are happening. Idiots. All of them. I have noted for decades how stupid and destructive various policies have been and wondered, how on earth can society and the world continue to function with all this going on? How is it possible? Well, it isn’t, and perhaps we are getting close to hitting the wall on that.

    • Yeah. I think that we might be hitting ‘Peak Stupidity’. It seems that people are waking up to the insanity of it all. And, I find it amusing that governments seem unable to understand what’s happening. The bewildered look on their faces is refreshing. Lord willing, the mandate tyranny will collapse this summer. Thanks, DRG! – JL

  4. Good… evening brother. A little late commenting today, the joys of a tropical cyclone hitting NZ.

    Interesting times indeed.
    The Ukraine is, to quote Churchill “A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”.
    The propaganda though is insane, especially given they can’t maintain a single narrative.

    I can’t help but think the elites have gotten themselves into a hole, and are desperate to get themselves out one way or another.

    Does Russia want war? No. It makes zero sense for Russia to invade Ukraine. They gain little to no benefit, and all the excuses from the propaganda media are just laughable. ‘Putin needs to boost his popularity’ ‘Putin is trying to resurrect the USSR’ ‘Putin is trying to distract from Russia’s economic woes’.

    Really? That’s the best you can come up with? 2 seconds on the internet looking at independent media shows you how rubbish all that is.

    I think this is far more complex however, and is rapidly escalating out of control.

    First, Biden and Johnson are in far deeper political trouble for various reasons and their popularity has plunged as a result. With the Afghanistan fiasco, economic woes, the pandemic, etc; a distraction for the populace that can be blamed for rising energy prices would be very convenient.

    I think they planned something similar to the Georgian invasion of 2008, where the West made promises to Georgia. If they attacked and suppressed their breakaway provinces it would remove the block to NATO membership. Russia wouldn’t be able to react quick enough to stop it because they were still embroiled in Chechnya and when the rebels were suppressed UN (NATO) peacekeepers could be brought in to solidify the situation on the ground and enforce ‘peace’ over the breakaway regions.

    Problem was Georgia though that meant NATO would come to their aid if Russia retaliated.

    Except Russia totally surprised everyone and kicked Georgia’s backside. Note the Georgian military was Western trained and equipped at the time – just like the Iraqi’s and Afghans…. To Georgia’s shock when they appealed for NATO intervention and troops they got a flat – no way.

    I can’t help but think that Ukraine was being pushed in a similar direction in October last year regarding the Donbass, and with similar promises. But Russia made it clear from the beginning they wouldn’t stand for it. But it was a great distraction for the West to hype the Russian ‘threat’. But I imagine Ukraine was assured Russia would do nothing in the face of NATO.

    But then Germany and France brought some sanity back into the mix as they baulked at the potential disruption to their economies. However the Ukraine appeared to get over confident in the promises made to it and its rhetoric increased over Christmas.

    But then I noticed something changed in the propaganda and the tone.

    Into the new year we saw numerous countries start to pull back their pandemic restrictions (to the horror of the experts) and more people started to question the global authorities. At the same time the media increased the panic over Ukraine because Russia was going to sweep over it in days to weeks and threaten the West… Invasion was ‘imminent!’ But the Ukraine changed its tone… going from belligerent to cautious, as Germany, Croatia and other NATO nations refused to aid them. I suspect the Ukrainian authorities began to realise that NATO and American promises weren’t so reliable after all. Ukraine comes out and calls for the fear and rhetoric to tone down, there is no evidence an invasion is coming anytime soon, please stop the panic your destroying our economy.

    Then comes the Freedom convoys…. Suddenly the Western Authorities are faced with a different domestic challenge. I can’t help but wonder that as the protests have grown (despite being called small fringe movements) it has caused some panic among certain circles. The media has intently focused on Ukraine, barely covering the protests, and the claims around Russia have become laughable.

    BOOM! Terrorist leader taken out! … Oh he blew himself up…. Trust us! Don’t question the narrative. Notice that went quiet very quickly.

    Um…. Russia is planning a false flag with actors! Don’t question the narrative! No you can’t have evidence!

    Mr President! Under what conditions are you prepared to send troops into Ukraine if Russia invades. “No way, Americans and Russians fighting is WW3”. Oh by the way, Russia invades Wednesday! Trust us!

    Now imagine your the Ukraine leadership…. “He said what!” Sure enough Ukraine has come out saying ‘Where’s the evidence of a Russian invasion?!? Stop the hype!”.

    So, to my point after that rather long winded diatribe.

    As I said, I suspect the elites have dug themselves into a hole and are desperate to get out. This isn’t about the Ukraine anymore.

    It’s about US power projection and authority.
    The defeat in Afghanistan was a major embarrassment for both America, and Biden personally after he assured the world the Afghan Government would not fall.
    You can guarantee Russia…. and more importantly China… were watching. If Ukraine had invaded its breakaway regions, and Russia retaliated, it would have been the perfect excuse for Biden to step forward as a world leader. Slamming Russia with more sanctions, the perfect excuse to kill Nordstream 2 over European objections and potentially crush the European moves towards breaking away from US foreign policy. More energy sales from the US to Europe, more arms sales to confront Russian aggression. Its a win win!

    But something went wrong, Ukraine didn’t attack as Russia made it clear they were ready and willing to retaliate. Russia clearly has no desire to be embroiled in a war.

    Suddenly the unthinkable, US power projection and authority is being challenged by Russia. France and Germany are pushing independent Eurocentric foreign policy and popular uprisings in the West demanding more freedom force politicians to focus on domestic affairs rather than foreign. Shock even elements of the media begin to question the Authorities narratives.

    America has backed itself into a corner, it has 2 choices:
    1) Back down and watch in horror as the world really questions its leadership. The Baltic nations, Taiwan and others will question US commitment to their integrity, as Russia and China are emboldened. It would be the greatest shift in geopolitics since the fall of the Soviet Union…. indeed it could initiate the collapse of the USA.

    2) Force the issue in Ukraine and hope that Russia has no stomach for war, winning a swift victory, distracting from domestic problems, allowing a crackdown on media, free speech and freedom protests under the guise of war.

    I have zero trust in our authorities and the elites that believe they rule over us.
    I do trust in our Father in Heaven, and I see nothing that suggests war is in his plan.
    Which suggests to me we may be on the threshold of a major change in the geopolitical spectrum.

    God bless

    • Excellent comment, Peter!

      Very few would see the parallels between the country of Georgia and Ukraine. Just like with Georgia, the US has made all kinds of promises for support for Ukraine – if they attack Donbas. And, it doesn’t look like Ukraine believes the promises, so they seem to have backed off from any ‘Spring Offensive’ to capture Luhansk and Donetsk.

      How ironic that the US tried to install Saakashvili in Ukraine. The same guy who launched the Georgia debacle.

      Furthermore, Ukraine apparently has incentive to deescalate the situation – which would make their relationship with the EU much stronger. The EU is not NATO, and the EU wants things to calm down.

      The whole concept of sovereign political borders is at risk, if Victoria Nuland and her merry band of State Department cutthroats have their way.

      And yes, God really is in control.

      Again, an excellent and well thought out comment, Peter.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • A further thought brother.

        If this was truly a 2008 re-run, then what was supposed to have captured Russia’s attention? 2008 saw them embroiled in Chechnya. There’s nothing similar happening at the moment to divert Russia’s attention…. Oh wait


        I can’t help but wonder if the new years turmoil (attempted coup) was intended as a distraction for Russia by creating chaos/a potential civil war on its Southern border and force it to intervene to stabilise the situation at which time Ukraine was supposed to strike the Donbass. Except that situation was shut down very quickly as we know with minimal Russian intervention.

        Is this the reason why we have seen so much backpedalling by the West and Ukraine over the last month? So many ‘peace’ initiatives calling on Russia to not invade. I note the Ukrainian ambassador to London suggested NATO membership was off the table (granted he ‘clarified’ his comments shortly after) and the Ukrainian President publicly demanding evidence of Russian invasion plans.

        With cries of a potential invasion over the next 24 to 48 hours we shall soon see what unfolds.


  5. Hi John
    Not that I’m looking forward to persecution but reading this article made me want to shout Hallelujah!! Blessed are you when peope insult you persecute you andfalsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad……The joy of the Lord is my strength, God grant us your children the strength to endure until the end. May God bless you and Mrs Little. Thank you for loving people and Jesus. Btw you prayed for my son in the fall of last year. I wrote you here about him back in the fall of 2021. You had sent some videos out about the streets of Kensington Pa, so very sad. Well Hallelujah he is doing much better, staying away from Kensington and the drugs!! Still not saved or maybe he is but angry with God so please pray for that. Have been praying for him for 20+ years so people never give up on God. He knows all about our troubles and weeps with us. He uses all things for our good. He is a good God and is with us and for us. Praise His name forever!

  6. I like your books explaining Bible Prophesy. But I truly wish you would keep your political opinions to yourself. Your using your website to cause division, hate, and discourse in the United States is appalling. Take that stick out of your eye!

    • Hi Judy,

      Telling people that the government is corrupt and inefficient is political? That Republicans AND Democrats are corrupt? That King Herod is a vile and unclean animal? (Sorry, Jesus was the one who said that. My bad.) My job is to open eyes and slay sacred cows. I don’t enjoy doing that, but you cannot survive what is coming if you are blinded by ideology.

      I actually sympathize with your position. I don’t enjoy pointing out the evil that surrounds us. I would gladly hang up this website and go back to writing computer manuals. My living conditions would improve, and I would be happier.

      In fact, the last ten years have done terrible damage to my health. The stress has literally – yes, literally – been killing me. I came down with two autoimmune diseases. I spent nine days in the hospital. And, I believe that all of this caused my CLL.

      So, I would love to back off from speaking about things that are ‘political’. But, I can’t talk about the events that are leading us through the Last Days, and avoid discussing the decisions and motivations of governments and their supporters. It’s just not possible. After all, THEY are the ones fulfilling prophecy.

      But, just because I can’t see any other way to do this, doesn’t mean that I’m right. I get that, and I would love for someone to go out there and prove me wrong. I love it when people do that.

      I sympathize with your position, Judy. But, I can’t stop slaying sacred cows.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • The bible is constantly talking about kings and princes of all kinds and how they relate to each other, to the people, and to God. Especially prophecy.

  7. Yes it’s contagious too. We still haven’t come up with a viral specimen, the PCR test has been declared inaccurate, yet we still blame China and Wuhan for its creation. A tiny few Republican politicians don’t seem to be complicit yet leftist dummerncraps are solely for the world’s mess. Now Putin wanders in a suit and it is now full military dress. (Saber included). Recently one MSM hero claims war has begun. (Facepalm). We can still hear bragging of DT raising huge crowds for election campaigns, and false election numbers just keep rolling in. Being patient just to watch it all crumble is just more insanity. How many times have we seen this very dance as an excuse, now turdrow blames Americans for his convoy insurrection. Is it every day’s madness or every day madness.

  8. Granted you can’t believe anything you hear. If Russia doesn’t want to regain Ukraine why the build up of troops?

    • Russia regularly participates in large scale military exercises with Belarus. So, always ask ‘cui bono’ (who benefits) in such cases. In this case, ask HOW Russia would benefit by occupying Ukraine. What does Ukraine have that Russia wants? In this age of deception, always look below the surface. Thanks, Buttercup. – JL

    • Point of order.

      Has Russia ‘built up its troops’ as advertised by the media and Western Governments?

      Russia has approximately 1 million in its armed forces spread across the 4 branches of service. About 280,000 in its army.

      Now consider the geographic/geo political situation of Russia.
      Russia is a huge landmass with long borders on all sides.
      To the North – the arctic. Russia has no need to maintain large forces here due to its harsh terrain.
      East – The Pacific ocean and the harsh terrain mean Russia has largely focused on naval and air assets to protect this border.
      South East – China represents a threat for sure, but the mutual threat of the US means that Russia and China don’t need to maintain anything more than a token force in this region to keep an eye on each other.
      South West – Traditionally Russia’s petrochemical region it has a moderate number of assets here due to the instability of the region and the threat of Islamic extremism. The Crimea and the Black Sea have traditionally seen large numbers of Russian military due to the strategic importance of this area to Russia’s economy.
      West – Russia has faced invasion from the West a number of times, and this region has long been its greatest threat. As such Russia has maintained the bulk of its forces on this border for centuries.

      Now it is true that some of its Eastern and Southern assets were moved to the Western border to conduct exercises as John notes. Western media has put that figure anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 depending on sources, does that count as a build up? Well that’s a matter of opinion. But given most of those forces ‘on the border’ have been sitting in the bases 3-400km away I find it hard to justify the epithet myself. I would argue 100,000 is close to the normal for the region given its location and threat level.

      Just my opnion.

  9. Hallo brother John
    Happy you still fight the good fight
    Now i am much into the solar flares poles shift the weakening of the magnetic shield which gives the earth max 20 years that will be the end but civilisations wil crumble to almost nothing 10 years before that
    if the process accelerate the power off can already happen in 2023
    So i try to not much worry anymore about future things and because of lack of money the physical preparations is almost nothing but i remember God promised to save one jew of a whole family and He did during the second ww but those jews could not prepare had to flee with nothing because of persecution of neighbours was enough or Fleeing from internment camp with almost no clothes or fleeing with train with minimal goods so it looked not like fleeing God saved those Jews in a mighty way have read some unique books in the past about it
    And with preparations we have to rely on our supernatural God
    And if we die in the process we win the greatest thing eternal live with Jesus when we overkomen and hold on to the end
    Jesus will use his chosen ones to bring the gospel and be lights in the dark and there will be some safe havens supernaturally like Gosen near Egypte which God spared from judgements in Exodus or like Portugal Sweden and USA and other countries in WW two
    At last only the outpouring of the Spirit of God will change the hearts of people because the Hearts are so cold now and just telling doesnt work anymore (at least with me)
    We must look on God and his prophecies and not to much all this political drama only what fullfills prophecy and what or who is misleading the believers
    We do have to know the power of our God and his plan and will because lots of people put to much attention on the works of the devil and not on what Gods wants He want our praise our attention our focus on Him alone and to try to save peoples souls but this is hard for me with coronameasures
    And what power and authority we received from Him the battle is in our mind foremost
    Some battles in the bible were won by sending first a praise team instead of soldiers

    SISTER nadine

    • It’s good to see that you are still out there, doing your best. It’s all that God asks for. As for the ‘pole shift’ and ‘weakening magnetic field’, yes these things appear to be happening. But, some of the people talking about this are not using the best data or models. Keep up the good work, Nadine. – JL

  10. Hi John,
    forgive me, I have an awful habit to check what the “other side” thinks and writes. Sometimes it gives a perspective, completely ignored in the “Western” part of the world. So:
    Our “old friend” (pardon my French), just look, and we know who he is:
    Summary: “Turkey and Russia are allies.”
    Another site with a lot of awful content, but, some arguments in this article are valid, I think:
    (Consider the CV of the author):
    For the reasons I’d prefer not to disclose, I had a random chance to quickly look inside one of the European NATO armies. Nothing confidential, but enough for me, by far. My subjective opinion is that Ritter is right.

    Now, considering that the people on the top on “our side” are imbeciles drowning in hubris, and that the opposite side is aware of all of the above, and much, much more… What to expect? There is no way it ends well. For me. For Europe. And, especially (!), for America.
    I love chess, and it happens that in the middle of the play you already know what will happen. Unless the opposite player is an idiot. But this time he is not, by far.
    Yours in Christ

    • Hi Chris,

      You and your ‘awful habits’.


      I guess that we must continue to forgive you, since you keep offering up such great comments.

      The issue that ties all three of those posts together is motivation.

      What keeps Turkey within the NATO alliance, vs the Russian led CSTO?

      What would keep Germany from supporting Russia, when they can’t live without Russian natural gas?

      Why would American troops be willing to die for an obscure foreign policy goal, when fighting Russia on foreign soil?

      The greatest failing of the Left is that they don’t understand how humans are motivated. Soldiers will fight for their family, their homes and their friends. They might fight to rescue the oppressed. They won’t fight for extra cheese on their cheeseburger.

      The ground is shifting underneath our feet. And, I’m wondering if our politicians understand all that. The Russians get it. But, I don’t know if the Americans do.

      To your point on chess. If we are mid-game, our side is toast. And, it looks like the strategy is to convince the cat to knock the board over.

      As always, a great comment, Chris. May the Lord preserve us all.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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