A Major Release For The Most Hated Book On Eschatology

Today, I just completed a major revision of When Gog Comes, and I don’t know of any pastor, Bible teacher, theologian or writer on the Last Days that would like what is in this book. In fact, they’ll hate it.


They don’t have a choice, if they want to keep their jobs – since this book knocks down all of their theories. Pre-trib, Post-trib, Amill, PostMill… they all get wrecked by what I’ve shown – from the Bible itself.

So, this book may turn out to be the most hated book on eschatology in… well …ever.

And, it needs to be.


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A Major Release For The Most Hated Book On Eschatology

Wow. What a rough ride.

If I had known that it would take this long, with this much effort, to get to this point for When Gog Comes, I would have had second thoughts about doing this. I would have done it anyway, but with more realistic expectations. Maybe a little less… intensity. Yeah. Intensity.

Of course, it’s hard not to be a little intense when the world rushes down the path towards the conclusion of what you are writing about. I was just a little worried (but only a little) that the book would be old news by the time it was done. And yes, we really are racing towards a rendezvous with a calamity that will kill billions of people. 

The only question is whether most of those billions will die When Gog Comes and during Ezekiel’s Fire, or a bit earlier – when the four horsemen of the Apocalypse begin their ride. For those of you who are watching the petroleum and natural gas industry, you know that the Black Horse is saddled up and ready to ride.

I’m currently hearing multiple reports that the cost of fertilizer has quadrupled in Europe and North America. And, the culprit is the rise in the cost of natural gas, which plays a key role in the manufacture of fertilizer. If this continues, there will be less food planted and harvested this year.

For most of you, that just means a somewhat larger grocery bill. For those living in food-insecure countries, it means starvation and massive unrest. And, the situation will only get worse from this year on.

If governments stop their insane policies in time, maybe we’ll have some extra breathing room. But, I’m not optimistic.

Again, please remember something very, very important:

If the world continues on its current course,

…five billion people will die terribly.

And no, I’m not some Malthusian moron who wants to reduce global population. I don’t. Nor do I claim that the world can only hold three billion people. For all I know, it could hold ten or twelve or twenty billion, but not if we keep doing things the way that we are doing them now.

If we change the way that we grow corn, wheat, rice and soybeans, maybe… just maybe …we could stave off disaster and support our current population. I’m not a botanist, horticulturalist or any kind of expert on farming. The only thing that I know is that modern fertilizer production is going to crash. And, it doesn’t look like we are even trying to find good alternatives to how we currently produce food.

Worse, all of this – and more – fits exactly with the opening of the Third Seal of Revelation 6, and the ride of the Black Horse of the Apocalypse. Hopefully, governments will take steps to head off this calamity by reversing some of their insanity, but that will only delay the inevitable.

Fossil fuel reserves are declining both in quantity and quality. OPEC is struggling to meet production targets. Russia has been reported as having trouble meeting both international and domestic demand. China is in the middle of a crash program to build nuclear reactors, because their access to coal has become more limited.

Again, there are things that governments and industry can do to delay the inevitable, if they are willing. So far, they don’t seem to be, which makes me wonder if I will have time to write my next book on what I see coming.

Just a couple years ago, I thought that Ezekiel’s Fire would be the worst that we would see. Now, I’m not so sure.

My hope is that this recent draft of When Gog Comes will act as a wake up call. Our Bible teachers need to realize that they have been leading their followers down the wrong path. They need to stop that.

But first, they need to hate this book.

I would love to believe that we could avoid the ‘hate’ part, but that never happens. Truth is always hated before it is accepted. So, I’m really hoping that When Gog Comes will be the most hated book ever written on eschatology. It needs to be, if there is to be any hope that our churches will wake up to what’s coming.

The current draft is pretty good, and big thanks go to Kris S. for helping make that happen. It was beyond the call of duty, and I appreciate it. And, I thank all who helped me pay the bills while I was writing. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Lord willing, an audio version will be out soon.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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18 thoughts on “A Major Release For The Most Hated Book On Eschatology”

  1. Good morning brother.

    Well done on your revisions. Somehow I don’t think you care about the ol popularity contest. But given popular bible teachings over the centuries have proven wrong so often perhaps it’s time for a little blunt reality. I would like to believe people will listen…. but our role is to serve and obey our Lord, not do what is popular.

    “If governments stop their insane policies in time, maybe we’ll have some extra breathing room. But, I’m not optimistic.”

    Well said, can’t say I am at all optimistic when it comes to governments given they are effectively self serving elite puppets. My own Prime Minister here in New Zealand has just proven herself a hypocrite once again. ‘If your a close contact of a case you must self isolate for 10 days’… Except for her, she’s apparently different. She’s on a plane… considered a close contact because of an infected person on the plane…. ‘The PM will be isolating till Tuesday’ (3 days post flight) ‘if she gets a negative test on Sunday’. Really??? Yet you expect people to obey the rules… Oh yeah… just like ol Boris in the UK.

    Interesting how economic and political pressure is causing Governments around the world to pull back their restrictions on the people as elections loom…. Suddenly Covid isn’t all that much of an issue. Go figure.

    Meanwhile it seems the power and influence of the USA is collapsing as the world watches in horror. ‘Russian invasion!’ ‘Imminent!’ ‘Threat to Europe!’…. WAR!!!!!! Screams Biden and Boris. ‘Putin is flexing his muscles to distract from a weak economy and low popularity in Russia’ cry the experts…

    Well, maybe… though I see no evidence of a weak economy in Russia. It seems to be ticking along quite nicely, as for low popularity… who knows. The West certainly has a weak economy and both Biden and Boris have low popularity. I wonder just who it is needs a distraction. But what is clear is that Europe seems to have told America to ‘bugger off thanks, we don’t need another major war destroying Europe! Two was quite enough.’
    Sanctions! (US) No (Germany). Cut Russia from SWIFT! (US) NO! (Germany). WAR! (US) No Thanks, we’re sitting this one out (Croatia). United Plan! (US) Go bad to your room America, we will talk to Russia and inform you of the plan. (France). Troops in Europe! (US) How many times do we have to tell you to go back to your corner and SIT DOWN! (France, Germany, Hungary). FINE!!!! Have it your way! China! You will help us against Russia right…. (US) *Fits of laughter* (China).

    Meanwhile poor Ukraine…. ‘Invasion!’ Screams Ukraine, ‘We need help’ then opens its doors expecting this flood of aid and upon realising no-one RSVP’d ‘Um you guys really need to tone down the panic, no invasion to see here…… gulp.’

    Do you get the impression that Europe knows it can’t survive without Russian gas given the state of European economies, artificial supply shortages from lock down’s and rising costs from inflation. Oh we can’t forget ol climate change as the coming nova approaches.

    The question is what does this weakening of America’s soft power mean for the world. Previously if America put the call to arms out the West marched in lockstep… Even the perception of weakness in the Wests unity must be causing nations to tremble as they look toward neighbours eyeing strategic or resource advantages. Taiwan has relied on US power projection to survive. For the US to turn to China seeking support against Russia does not bode well for you. I can imagine the Chinese, ‘Back of Taiwan and you get our support’. Such a move would destroy America’s global influence in one fell swoop.

    It is the same reason why political narratives around Covid are failing.
    To quote Oogway from Kung Fu Panda ‘let go of the illusion of control’.
    It is true that we have a limit of control over our lives and our destinies, but ultimately it is God the Father, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit that direct and control all around us.
    The more we seek to grasp and be in control, the less control we inevitably have. It is no different for corrupt and weak governments, and their control is slowly oozing through their grasp and they are becoming desperate.

    Stay safe brother.
    The Lords blessings and Grace upon you and Mrs Little.

      • Thank you John.

        As a Christian we should have integrity, and the decency to own our errors and mistakes. So i admit i made an error in my previous comments with regards to my Prime Minister. She is obeying the rules, as it turned out her contact was with someone infectious 7 days prior to them being identified on a flight. The rules are 10 days isolation from contact so 7 days prior + 3 is correct. I apologise for my rush to judgement without fully understanding the facts.

        On other matters, interesting things seem to be happening with Turkey.
        If this gentlemans reports are correct and Turkeys finances and economy are in serious trouble, could we see Russia step in to help…. influence over a NATO member? Ceasing support for the terrorists/rebels in Idlib? Tacit support for a conflict with the Kurds to weaken US power in the region…. interesting times indeed.

        • Well done, Peter. Proof of integrity is always celebrated. And that link, ouch. I’d heard about the Iranian natural gas problem, but this adds a lot of context. Turkey is desperate. Not good. The realignment of western Asia continues. Thank you, brother. – JL

  2. Hi John,

    thank you, the new edition of your book is excellent, and I’m reading it just now. This very minute I’ve read:
    “Watch Iran. When you see the Iranian army training with the Russian army – or any other really big army – then, you know that the time is getting close.”
    You are probably aware that Iranian president just returned from Moscow. Just look, how a Russian think tank, closely associated with the government, comments on it (you may also want to look at the other content of this site – it’s really interesting to look into Kremlin corridors:) :
    “In general, of course, a fully-fledged alliance between Russia and Iran opens up unique political and geopolitical opportunities for the two countries.”
    Yup, what’s “opening up” is really, truly “unique”…
    Yours in Christ

    • Wait. He spoke to the DUMA? Ouch. That’s not good. And no, I had not seen that. I’ve been hyper-focused on energy – EROEI, to be exact. How ironic that they are allied over Armenia. Excellent comment, Chris. That was valuable input. – JL

  3. Thank you Mr Little for uptaking the massive task of this writing and hopefully audio version of the distinct, elaborate and qualified information bomb you have created. It’s not just eye opening, but necessary. Praise Jesus.

  4. People think I’m crazy when I tell them that I believe the 1st Seal may have been opened in 2019/2020 when the entire world was qonquered without a single shot being fired. Because of fear, everyone was wearing a gag. I think the rider on the white horse went out…

    The second seal is peace being taken from the earth… Where was there any peace? People were still stupid and afraid to be without a mask.

    2022: I am a clerk at a grocery store.
    I see 1st hand the cost, condition and shortages of food. The cost is outrageous! Everything has a short expiration date. It’s probably been rotated out of a bunker…

    2023: this seal is death. Maybe war? Looks like it could be… Most likely a combination of food shortage and war. Since those go hand in hand.

    2024: Persecution and death to Followers of The Way.

    2025: Ezekiel’S Fire?…

    It’s about to be February… 2022
    If a Seal is a litteral year… That gives us right at 3 years to seek the grace of God and the face of our Creator.

    It actually just hit me this moment how the world is calling it a Great Reset. Lol
    God’s about to reset things. They are so ignorant.

    I’m reading this new one as quickly as I can. I’m not sure how far I’m in already. I just started reading last night. I pray for God’s hand of protection upon you and yours my brother in Christ Jesus! 🙏🙌❤️

    • Well if you are crazy, we’re all crazy with you. And, it wouldn’t surprise me if that indeed was the rider of the White Horse. I have become less surprised at these things, as time goes on. I’m glad that you are paying attention, Tina! – JL

  5. I’m so sorry…
    I left out in the 2020:

    I was 1 of hundreds of thousands of people who were laid off from their jobs. I thank God that everything I had was paid for or I would have lost it all. There was no peace.

    I now make less than 1/3 of the money I was making. There is still no peace.

    NOW I am a cashier at a grocery store.
    Twice now, in 2022 they have told us that we must take the world’s solution to keep our job. I have told them that I can not.
    God’s great mercy and covering has shielded me & a few coworkers, but the world would like to take even that peace.

  6. Hi John,
    finished reading and it’s fantastic job.
    And, I love the last part of it.
    You are right.
    At least two times of the year I have a possibility to explain to a group of young people, how our civilization works, and how it will end. They are scared, utterly scared, but, maybe, they will remember once it happens.
    John, THANK YOU.
    Yours in Christ

    • That means a lot, Chris. Thank you. I wish that we didn’t have to be so pessimistic, but if we love our kids, we need to be. Lord willing, they will be ready to take up where we left off, and reflect the Light of Christ in the midst of darkness. – JL

  7. Hi again,
    Europe fights “climate change”, and wants to shut down coal, gas and oil. In the coming years. So – another example, that we are governed by idiots, and that confrontation between idiots and professionals ends with…
    It’s in Russian (you can translate it), but I can read it and deliver a short translation: Russia bans export of agricultural fertilizers, for at least two months. As you may recall, the price of natural gas in Russia is order of magnitude lower than in Europe. Which translates to the price of fertilizers.
    This is a chess game, and it is already lost (for us). For years I loved history, and I noticed that in order to win any kind of conflict, you have to: have resources, be prepared, be competent. “Our” side partially fulfills first condition. Opponent fulfills all three. What will happen?
    We already know, I suppose.
    “May you live in interesting times” – someone told me it’s a curse. Probably it’s true.
    Yours in Christ

    • Ouch. And, right at planting season. My question is whether this was political or practical. Russia produces close to 2/3 of the world’s ammonium nitrate via the Haber-Bosch process. And, some have been wondering if they’re running low on natgas. I’m wondering if this means much, much higher energy prices. Excellent link, Chris! – JL

      • It has here in the UK. The revised ‘energy cap’ now means that the average household gas and electric bill will increase from £1300 to £2000 per year.

        The government is ‘trying’ to offset this via a £200 discount per household on energy, but this is effectively a loan you have to pay back via spreading it over future bills.

        They are also giving a £150 rebate on council tax for 80% of households (not sure what the US equivalent to council tax is), but this still means that households will be on average, £350 worse off and that is before other tax rises due from April (the government has just written off £4.5 billion of pandemic related fraud – guess who’s paying for it).

        A lot of this is self-inflicted. Failure of energy policy, especially surrounding gas storage and the drive to net zero is helping to fuel this (pun intended!). Throw in global issues and you have the perfect storm.

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