Scarcity and Famine

Having already proven unable to meet even the smallest threat, our civilization now faces something that will destroy our way of life:

Scarcity and Famine

Few governments and civilizations ever survive such calamity, and our turn has come. You might not feel the effect of this disaster right now. It might take months or even years to see it for yourself, but I hear the hoof beat of the black horse in our streets.

Natural gas supplies are tight, and China is already banning phosphate exports to ensure domestic fertilizer supply. This and more will ultimately mean starvation and unrest in the Third World – and eventually, violence and mayhem at your doorstep.


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Scarcity and Famine

In 1909, Fritz Haber changed the world. In Europe and North America, population growth had reached the point where crop yields needed to increase, or food scarcity would become a serious problem. And, the one thing that everyone needed the most was the nitrogen component of fertilizer – more specifically, ammonia. Most of our air is nitrogen, but getting it into a form that we could use to grow food was a problem. And, this is where Fritz came in.

Because he was an expert in catalysts and the equipment for putting gasses under high pressure, he was in a unique position to mix air and hydrogen, under intense pressure and high heat to create the ammonia that we needed to create fertilizer. The German company Badische Anilin- und SodaFabrik (BASF) bought his process and assigned Carl Bosch to scale it up and make it efficient. By 1914, they were making 20 tons of ammonia per day – just in time to use it for German bombs instead of food in World War 1.

The irony is that Germany could never have done so much damage during WW1 without the Haber-Bosch Process for creating the nitrogen compounds that their bombs and bullets needed. The British Royal Navy was blocking Germany’s access to Chilean saltpeter, so this new process was all that the Kaiser needed to make a world war happen – which is proof that just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean that you SHOULD.


However, for all the death and destruction that came from both world wars, billions of people owe their existence to Haber and Bosch. Without the ability to produce 235 million tons of ammonia every year (as of 2019), there is literally no way that we could feed our current population – or have an obesity epidemic. Without the Haber-Bosch Process, crop yields would collapse, food would get horribly expensive and the poor would go hungry.

Yes, I know that there are all these wonderful notions of how great it would be if we all went back to fertilizing our crops with cow poop. Cow poop is great, and I’m all for it. But, there isn’t enough of it, and we wouldn’t be able to put enough cows on enough land to generate enough of the bovine smelly stuff to grow your daily bread. It. Just. Isn’t. Going. To. Happen. (Don’t make me run the data. You’ll regret it.)

So, we can’t live without this Haber-Bosch thing.

With me so far?

When The Poor Go Hungry

The problem is that Haber-Bosch requires natural gas. Lots of natural gas. In fact, it takes as much as five percent of the world’s natural gas production to make the nitrogen part of our fertilizer. And, we’re starting to have trouble finding enough natural gas to keep our fertilizer plants going. And, if we have a cold enough winter, we might one day find ourselves having to choose between heating our homes and having enough food to eat.

That probably won’t happen this year. Or the next. Lord willing, it might be years before any of us feel the bite of falling natural gas production.

But, what about the poor?

People have short memories, so most don’t remember the food crisis of 2007 and 2008. The cost of food rose dramatically, and it had everything to do with the oil crisis that began in 2006. Rising fuel cost pushed up the price of food, and the Third World starved.

Do you remember the Arab Spring?

That was about food. And, governments fell because fathers and mothers could no longer feed their kids. And since then, we’ve added almost a billion people.

What happens when we can’t get enough fertilizer to help feed all 7.9 billion people?


What happens when we can’t transport the fertilizer or run the tractors that harvest our food?

Doomberg put out a great article about a little problem that few people know about:

How to Brick an Entire Economy

Diesel trucks and tractors are now required to use DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). Without it, they literally stop working. And, I’m all for this DEF requirement, since diesel exhaust is terrible without it. But, you’ll never guess what a key component to DEF is:


There’s that Haber and Bosch thing again.

Chinese Phosphates

Then there’s China. You should never forget China. I live in Taiwan, so I can’t. But, there’s something that the insane leaders of China are doing:

Banning the export of phosphates

Without phosphates, you can’t have fertilizer. And China says that you can’t have any theirs. To be fair, they’re just trying to make sure that their own people have enough food to eat, but ‘being fair’ isn’t going to feed people if there isn’t enough fertilizer. And, the article where I saw that is also from Doomberg, and they had an excellent summary of the problem we all face:

To keep the chemistry lesson as simple as possible, you need natural gas to produce ammonia and energy from fossil fuels to mine for phosphate. You need ammonia and phosphate to make fertilizer. You need fertilizer to grow food at scale. You need food to keep the peace.

 – Starvation Diet

Yeah. Those Doomberg people. Always fun to have around. Especially that green chicken.

World Population

Okay, one more thing. And yes, there’s always ‘one more thing’. Let’s put all this in perspective by looking at a graph:

That graph comes from here:

World Population Growth

None of us like where that data comes from, or the values that these people have. But, the data represented by that graph is still correct. And, it’s not an accident that our population has exploded right about the time when our ability to grow food did the same. But, maybe you would like an easier to read graph:

It took a little while for the Haber-Bosch Process to have a population effect. After all, we had two world wars to get through. But, look what happened after World War II ended in 1945. And no, that wasn’t just a ‘baby boom’. That’s the result of people eating well.

That’s fertilizer, kids. Lots and lots of fertilizer.

The bottom line is that our civilization is beginning to unravel. It might be hard to see it from where you sit, but it’s happening. And as key elements of our existence fail, like the ability to make inexpensive fertilizer, people will go hungry. And that means unrest and violence will rule our streets.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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24 thoughts on “Scarcity and Famine”

  1. 7.7 billion is why the elite, like Bill Gates, Al Gore, etc. are pushing for world population reduction.
    The insidious Covic Vaccination(?) is the key to reducing the population. It may take up to three-years for the Jab to do its dirty work, but the world governments are working to get it done.

      • I believe if you do a little research, you will find that Bill Gates grew up in a home where he sat around a dinner table listening to his father speak of the genocide at Planned Parenthood, since he was an Executive in the organization. (Short Version)

  2. John,

    I think we probably have about 20-30 years left, max. There’s still a lot of death, destruction and evil schemes to be loosed on the Earth.

    I have been pondering the introduction of Metaverse and wonder if it will just sputter out, or tie in with the vax passport/chip of the future linked in with Musk’s NeuraLink brain chip coming out for use in 2022.

    With all of the elite’s underground bunkers and a hackable brain chip, the verse Revelation 9:6 comes to mind. On another note, I hope you are feeling better. And you and your wife’s safety is often on my mind in regards to current events with China.

    God bless,

    Dan B.

    • Hi Dan,

      I understand that feeling. The only question is about how long Revelation 6 and 7 take.

      Are we there yet?

      How long will all those seals take?

      Then, after civilization is knocked flat – literally – how long after seal six will it take for the system to revive?

      Can it all happen within 30 years?

      I don’t know. Once upon a time, I thought that I did.

      Thank you for your prayers, Dan. May God grant repentance to the CCP.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  3. Thank you for the history lesson brother.

    Sadly the average attention span of the typical man/woman or seriously deluded over their gender identity is approximately the same time it takes to click on the next Youtube, Facebook or Tiktok post. They have absolutely no idea what is coming.

    It’s almost as if the elite’s in power were using bread and circuses to keep us distracted rather than reveal the truth about the world we live in…. hmmm. I’m such a cynic. Mind you, we don’t really need them; we seem to do enough to deliberately distract ourselves half the time.

    Remember the days when we actually had gardens? When we grew our own fruit and vege’s… when people actually had time to spend being out in the sun doing something productive. I don’t know what it is like in the rest of the world, but here in New Zealand… a country bigger than the UK but less than 10% of its population. Yet somehow we have a land shortage…. and need to intensify urbanisation by building more smaller homes on smaller sections of land, which are little more than concrete with a tiny strip of grass.

    I even remember the days of community gardens for those living in apartments, where they could grow their own food…. No more.

    But as if that wasn’t bad enough, our nations food security and ability to produce is even further affected. By the Covid border being closed….

    We can’t crew our deep sea fishing vessels without crew from Russia and its environs.

    We can’t harvest our fruit/crops without pickers from the Pacific islands.

    We can’t even operate complex farm machinery without specialised operators from overseas…

    Our only refinery is closing down and we are going to be reliant on fuel from China….

    Our distribution system is almost entirely reliant on trucks… oh and diesel fueled trains.

    Kinda makes you wonder if the lock downs were a dry run to mitigate the coming chaos…

    Bless you brother.

  4. Hi John and wife.
    Thank You 4 ur Hard Work.
    I haven’t commented 4 a few years. Born in Spokane, Wa 1951, live in Western Wa, home of nondoers. Women & children, the whole FAMILY structure was successfully brought to our knees. Scheming Manmade *Hydrogen*ated oils margarine-shortening crisco fluffo Was *praised* and Reciped Abundantly. My brother was fried, raw skin on feet & hands still, a drunk at age 18. He broke off from me 2 yrs ago after my 6 yr. Trek support to get him up working. He Partly recovered, then was spooky brained again from OWN eating version / taught in Nazarene church, faltering Bad work decisions. I Am stressed living off grid, recurring Chronic Fatigue –& kept injuring right foot after ladder fall 2013..spoke up fervently loud about his problems, so brother said never contact me. God does blame the ‘non’ shepherds who Purport to be Godly. ( I know you wrote about Cognitive Dissonance)
    Dr. Daniel Amen (Calif.)wrote in 2002 ‘Healing the hardware of the Soul’- lists Unhealthy symptoms and Healthy ways. Dr. Amen pg 110 or 112- chpt. on Leadership in churches. > with brain Imaging Dr. Amen Discerns key factors BECAUSE we see The disruptive Behaviors AND He describes a pastor can be a real messy problem.
    People are literally mentally stuck in the serpent seed steal-kill-destroy, eat your selves crazy. Yep, the nonfood industry has made a nation of crippled, suffering, blast your cells out, can’t think & remember scripture. Made in Elohim’s image and Mind of Christ Has been warfare against. Ephesians chpt 6!! Carefully read…Genesis 1-3. *created all things, said good 5x, 6th x Very good. *> plants Are your FOOD.< Have dominion & Subdue all things ON EARTH.
    Chpt 3…*enmity* of serpent seed for the woman's seed.

  5. Thank you for the history lesson brother.

    Our Heavenly Father is an amazing being. He always seems to introduce some new aspect to His will that we never imagined.

    Consider, for much of my Christian walk I was told the end times were coming. I was taught the Bible spelled out clearly in the Book of Revelation how things would come to pass. I was told movies like ‘Left Behind’ were a biblically accurate representation of the last days.

    Because everyone had this idea the end times was going to be this mega disaster that took place over a matter of weeks or months at most. Oh and everyone was going to whisked away to Heaven, and the falling stars were a metaphor for Russia nuking everyone and …….

    It appears God had a very different idea of the end times. I mean, a Urea shortage… who in their right mind would have suggested a Urea shortage could contribute to the famine and shortage of the 7 seals. Who could have conceived the idea governments would use a pandemic to shut down the global economy. Who would have thought that the end times could take up to a decade or more to even really get started….

    Ezekiel’s fire a micronova…. The great earthquake of the 7th Seal the entire earth tilting 90*….

    It makes one wonder in awe just what other pre-conceived idea’s we have about God, His Word and His plans, that will blow our minds. Just think of all the people who are running around now screaming ‘this is the mark of the beast!’, ‘No that is the mark of the beast!’ all of whom have absolutely no biblical justification for their claims. Are these the wolves in sheep’s clothing we were warned about, deceiving the believers, causing them to question their faith when these claims fail to come to pass?

    Will we ever learn to Trust in the Lord, and stop seeking our own understanding of the age we live in. (paraphrasing proverbs 3:5). How many of our brothers and sisters are so desperate to preserve their own lives they have ignored or forgotten what the Lord Jesus taught in Luke 17. Verse 33 in particular “Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.”

    As a young Christian I was taught to pray many things, to pray for many things. But over my 20 years I have learned the greatest prayer in the Bible is not the Lords prayer, or making requests to God for this, that or the other; or for healing, wisdom and anything else you can think of. I discovered the most powerful prayer in the Bible, is one simple sentence, spoken by the Lord Himself. One that exemplifies humility before the Father above all else.

    “Yet not my will, but yours be done.” Luke 22:42

    What greater prayer is there for a servant of the Lord, what greater desire is there of a Son or Daughter who loves the Father in Heaven.

    Climate change, pandemic, energy crisis… Urea shortage.
    Oh blessed Father, I would that this world had yet more time to see souls saved. Yet not my will, but yours be done.

    The Lord our God, His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit preserve you this day brother.
    Thank you, for your thoughts and insights.

  6. Yup. And don’t forget, Armstrong has been following the efforts of the climate change extremists, who think the weather is warming because of fossil fuels instead of the natural cycles and in fact the sun is going into a cooling phase now, not warming; but nonetheless, they are trying to shut down gas pipelines anywhere they can, not caring that in the short term people will freeze, and in the long term, starve. Because they want to do this NOW before any viable alternative exists. And THAT is because corporate greed has stifled efforts to find alternatives.

    The PTB are fine with all that because they want to reduce the population by 90% anyway, since of course none of them will be among that 90%. And looking at those graphs, you have to face the reality that in a world with finite resources this simply can’t continue. I am reminded of the natural cycles of animal and insect populations, how in years with an abundant food supply the population of certain species surges, then dies off when that unusual supply is no more. This will be no different, we can’t live on no food any more than they can. I do see the black horse here, and all the others – war and disease and lots of death. Interesting that lack of fertilizer, lack of the ingredients for it and the natural gas to produce it ….. along with the lack of fossil fuels to run the tractors and other equipment absolutely REQUIRED to “grow food at scale”, are so interrelated. When one reaches a critical shortage level, the rest will follow like a train wreck. Within one or at most two growing seasons, I really think.

    • Yeah. Train wreck. Our shortsightedness made it possible. Our Elites made it worse. The only issue right now is timing. When will these calamities fall upon us? I don’t know, but a year is possible. May the Lord grant us more time. Excellent comment, DRG. – JL

  7. I have thought of you and your family as well since I don’t know anyone else in Taiwan and watching the global things unfolding the Bear & CCP and our foolish Amerika. I really enjoyed your article & the above comments. Be blessed all, thank you, good to know there are many Christian soldiers all connected by the Holy Spirit. We were made for these times.

  8. For such times as these, AMEN. Not my will but thine is about the greatest verse for acceptance there is. I cannot guarantee health or safety, but I know who can, and pray his will falls in with my desires along the way. 160 countries signed us all up for this great culling almost 30 years ago. How this or that shortage falls in line with divine will, well we just wait and see. China and Viet Nam took a big hit on pork production. We had piglet, Turkey and Calf shortages just before that. Letters are being sent out to farmers scaling back crop production 20,% so a carbon sucking machine can be built in the middle of the corn belt. Weather is manipulated, insects are almost gone rivers and estuaries are being poisoned and destroyed. News is one fear to the next. There are so many ways and angles to each small piece to the puzzle it boggles the mind. If we look at each small piece any one of these things spell disaster. Peak oil, Natural gas, Coal, weather warfare, one little EMP will wipe out all electrical components. No outflow of US money and agriculture products will send some countries into starvation and war to hoard what remains. Destroying the private enterprise in 160 countries remains to be seen while gov. pays the bills? Now, they are coming for the children with deluded parents volunteering.

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